Thematic Contents
Axion (Spin) field

Generators of Axion (Spin) Field

The Simple "M-state" Elements Concentrators
The Generator of "Axion (Spin) Feld" - "COMFORT-M" (N1/00)
"M-state" Elements Concentrators
The optical generator of "Axion (Spin) Field" with cross by EM-fields (N5/99)
The Generator of "Axion (Spin) Feld" - "COMFORT" (N5/99)
Excitation of "Axion (Spin) Field" in Water
The optical generator of "Axion (Spin) Field" with cross by EM-fields (N4/99)
Modulation of "Axion (Spin) Field"
The Electrodynamic Generator of "Axion (Spin) Field"
The EM-Mechanical Generator of Axion (Spin) field
The Optical Generator Axion (Spin) of a Field (N2/99)
The optical generator Axion (Spin) of a field (N2/98)
Measurement axion (spin) fields
Feedback in Generators and Detectors Axion (spin) Field
The Linear Accelerator - Generator Axion (Spin) Field
Chromium-Silver-Tin Source Axion (Spin) of a Field
The Generator Axion (Spin) of Field With Use of Vectorial Potential of a Spiral Structure
Passive Resonators Axion (Spin) fields
Ferrite-magnetic the Reflector Axion (Spin) of Radiation
Spin-field Generator


Some Effects (N2/00)
Experiments with a torsion generator
Some Effects (N1/00)
On Buhar-zhirau music played
Some Effects (N5/99)
Some Effects (N4/99)
Intoxicated water or spirituous homoeopathy
Separation Axion (Spin) Field
Observation Over Work of the Device "STORM GLASS"
Outcomes of experiment on study of influence of effect of Axion radiation on hardness of metal
Influence of the generator "spin field"


The "Axion (Spin) Field" and the Weapons
Focal Points of "Geo-field" (Vortex Points) and "Resonators of Axion Field"
Cold nuclear fusion?
Spin of Nucleus
Time - Overtime (N2/98)
Multiphase Physical Vacuum
The Earth and Light
Physical properties of axion (spin) fields
Solar spin (axion) a field
The Accident Prevention of Work With Generators Axion (Spin) Field
Decay spontaneous?
What is it "a dualism"?
Model of Structure Electron and Muon

Some ideas

"The Plastic Dream"
Focusing of Wave Function?