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Multiphase Physical Vacuum

Exist set of models of physical vacuum (aether). Some models you can find in the given almanac, for example in article "What is it "a dualism"?". Two models of representation of physical vacuum are most typical is hydrodynamical (gas-dynamic) in representation V.A.Acukovcky (" General aether-dynamic", Moscow, Energoatomipdat, 1990. Look also http://www.volga.ru/tlt/nef/ether/veter.htm ), in which our matter as a matter of fact vortical movement of vacuum. And the vacuum consisting from two component crystal lattices, defects of which structure also is our matter in representation - B.F.Shipicin, A.A.Zhivoderov, L.G.Gorbich " Structure of space " - http://gipotesa.csp.mplik.ru .


Common fault of both representations is that the wave processes in them are secondary. In too time, modern physics of the microworld without operation by wave processes to do without can not. It is possible to try to go from opposite, by assuming what the hydrodynamical phenomena, in the first model, and occurrence of defects of crystal structure, in the second model, are caused by the nonlinear wave phenomena?

Interestingly, what model is pleasant to the reader and why more?

It is possible to assume improbable

The all this three variants are realized in our Universe! The physical vacuum can be in various phase condition!

For example:
In the central part of Galaxies, where large density of a matter and energy, basically is realized hydrodynamical model (nonlinear World "of the Chaos", the World in which thin and dense matter strongly cooperates among themselves, world "magics").

In extensive space between Galaxies basically the model of multicomponent crystal structure is realized (World "of the Order", World of a statics).

(And all can on the contrary?)

On border of these two phases there is a third phase - liquid crystal (amorphous) a phase, in which the nonlinear wave processes dominate (our World?).


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