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Some Effects

(continuation, beginning in N5/99)

Gennadiy Baranov's (Latvia, acacia@latnet.lv ) observation:

The experiment was carried out in a room sated with electronics, i.e. there were working computer and other devices on a workplace.

1. 14:30 (local time)
I was in the standing position and was holding the generator (type the "
COMFORT-M") in front of myself (as candle). I have directed the generator by its beam upwards.
Right after turning-on of the generator the small repulse wave and easy discomfort were felt. Less than in one minute these sensations were gone away.
I moved the generator from one side to another in front of myself within 5 minutes and I didn't get any sensations, but for some reason I didn't want to switch off the device.
After a session I have returned to work on the computer as I did before.
Approximately in 2-3 hours the usual feeling of tiredness after work disappeared.

2. Next day 14:15
The similar application of the generator, but feeling of the first wave has considerably decreased and almost has disappeared after several seconds. During processing any sensations did not arise except for very easy nausea but it was possible to not pay attention for it. I don't want to switch off the device in 5 minutes of its work. A bit later my common vitality has increased, but not capacity for work, I also got easiness to communicate with the good people and absolute calmness. Attention! In some hours after processing it is not recommended to drive a car (for people with the small experience of driving) because the calmness reduces attention on a road.

3. Next day 7:47

I have turned on the generator. I carried out the standard operations ('candle' type) within less than 1 minute.
I got the small sensation of anxiety. I have closed eyes and... Somewhere in a fog it seemed a beam in my hand, but it was very diffusing. It was necessary to sit in order to check it up. (If you would be standing after operation with the closed eyes - you can get the unbalance of equipoise.) The Beam did not disappeared.
I had the postoperative scar on my forehead. It was painful to move by the skin of the forehead. I have processed this place by the beam - pain has ceased.
On approaching to head I got an amazing effect of the sun.
The head clarified and it seemed that there was a field filled with light ahead, the light was yellow colour for some reason. In several seconds I have moved the device.
Then I have tried it on humeral joints (they are always paining because of being chill or sediment of salts). The pain got weaker.
I didn't work more because I was limited by time within 5 minutes.
I have finished the operation by the 'candle' and switched off the device, I didn't want to do it again.

4. Friday, at home 22:30
I have turned on the generator, and right then I felt a warm beam. I have been working only with my head.
I felt an obvious effect of the sun in eyes directing the device to the forehead.
Working along the surface of the postoperative seam I felt complete comfort, sensation of moving of the beam in my hand, it was like a work of windscreen wiper in the car.
I have tested the large astonishment and even pleasure.
I worked 7 minutes, then my organism itself has feel that it would be enough.

5. After a monthly interruption (01.06.00)

Has tried the device on most actual (for me) theme.

The beam is directed under a angle (30 degrees) to a head. 4 sessions for 7 minutes by an interval per 4 days.

Worked self-maintainedly. The device is really sensitive to thought of the functional.

Result: At last fully has grown thin for 1 month. Costumes 54.. 56 sizes has hung up in a case. Has dressed in which could not climb in earlier. It was necessary to make 3 additional holes on a belt by an interval in 4 centimeter.

Despite of the padding rates of flux on clothes - Completely other man, magnificent analyses and is perfect itself I feel.

Effect of a blanket rejuvenascence of an organism. The employees it is prime be stunned from such effect and the feeble sex has changed to me the attitude sharply.

Shaping of thought: the good mood, poor leaves, with each day it becomes better, I dream to save of a superfluous weight and again to be nice as before.


Correctly! The generator - helps, but most important are personal efforts. Self-maintained working on by itself!

At work with materials sated by m-state elements (see ""M-state" Elements Concentrators") are observed the following effects:
The young, healthy people usually feel rise of vitality. At elderly and patients the reversing effect is observed - there are spontaneously sensations of pricking, burning or pains occur in different parts of a body; it looks like a embolism of blood-vessels takes place. The pains in sore organs especially amplify. The common sensation of a discomfort amplifies too.
Probably, the unpleasant sensations arise in the area of damage of human's thin bodies.
The unpleasant sensations weaken and completely disappear if materials sated by m-state elements are covered (or impregnated) with a thin layer colophony (rosin).
The reason is unknown.

Observation by Gendiy P.Ivanov's:

On a body the generator such as "COMFORT - M" relatively ground was feed alternating sinusoidal voltage by amplitude by 10 volts.

1) In range 3.5-4 kilohertz, were observation appearance of white beams, which will form a spiral rotated around of a main beam. Thus the sensation of comfort and calmness was magnified.

2) In range 50-60 kilohertz, were observation sensations similar to appearance "ringing in the ears" or sensation of perception of sound oscillations by frequency 800-1200 hertz varied at a frequency change (for the different people - different sensations).


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