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The "Axion (Spin) Field" and the Weapons

The man is capable of converting every achievement into the weapon. "Axion fields" will be used as a weapon some day, it seems obvious.

Will it be the weapon that brings the destruction to the life?

"Axion field" - is modified matter. There is a life, in the world of this matter, in the "thin World", and, if "axion field" weapon bearing the destruction to all alive in the "thin World" developed then the reaction of this alive "thin World" is inevitable. The illnesses, accidents and death of developers and testers of such a weapon will follow as a response from "thin World". We are not able to protect ourself from such a response, not today, not in the foreseeable future.

However, it might be possible to develop the "weapon" that will not put any life in danger.
For example:
1) The "weapon" transforming all metals on the fight field to the liquid states without even temperature increase, transforming flying machines into aluminium-titanic dust or the "weapon" that destroys only radio and electronic equipment. The "weapon" that does all of this with minimal harm to alive matter.
2) The "weapon" that would put the man into sleepy state with the feeling of great comfort around. The "weapon" that would switch on man's conscience and self-analysis. The "weapon" that clears up man's consciousness, suppresses strong emotions.
(May be this is what we need to fight terrorism.)

I wonder what would be objections against the development of such a "weapon"?


Translation by Sergei Gouskov


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