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The Simple "M-state" Elements Concentrators

( A beginning of a theme look in N1/00)


For concentration m-state of elements in points of the Earth with the large intensity of "geofield" it is possible to use a simple design shown on figure in a section. It can easily and quickly be assembled from improvised materials.

The m-state concentrator is cored a cone with a angle between an axis and forming equal 30 degrees. The top of a cone is cut off on 1/6 heights. The iron wall of a cone with thickness of 0.3-1 mm, outside is covered of a copper foil by thickness of 0.7-1 mm. Outside, the cone becomes covered by a celluloid film by thickness not less than 0.05 mm.

Such design focuses "geofield" at the centre of a cone thus locally increasing its density, that causes concentration m-state of elements at the centre of a cone.

At the centre of a cone the object K in which is located will concentrate m-state elements. Volume of object K should not exceed 1/3 volumes of a cone. The object can be fixed inside a cone on a cardboard little table.

(The idea of a design of a cone belongs O.V.Pankova)

Very well m-state elements concentrate in object K consisting from the colophony (rosin). Besides, the colophony translates m-state elements in a condition more acceptable for the man.

If object saturated m-state elements to hold in hands or if it will be long term is in limits a aura of the man, the man can feel burning pain and pain in different parts of a body. There can be a deterioration functioning of the patients of bodies and aggravation of psychological pathologies.

Similar, situation a little bit another if m-state elements to concentrate in the colophony. About influence of such object on the man read in the article "Some effects".

It is possible to reduce negative consequences of contact with object sated m-state by elements, similar, if physically to load all muscles of a body (all all muscles) and it is especially necessary to work to those muscles in which there is a sensation of a pain.



There are problems with a storage of objects sated m-state by elements. It is possible to try to storage its in an iron box, but such "shielding" is very poorly effective.

For a storage of the sticks colophony sated m-state by elements the cylindrical case shown on a Fig.2 in cross section is more effective. Where: 1 - stick from colophony, 2 and 4 - celluloid film, 3 - "camomile" from an aluminium foil by thickness of 0.2-0.5 mm, 5 - the iron case with thickness of a wall is not less 0.2 mm.

This design (without an iron environment) can be used for concentration m-state of elements, in points of the Earth with the large intensity of "geofield". And is similar, the effect of concentration is not worse than at a cone.


Usually, "geofield" in points with the large intensity on a surface of the Earth looks how is shown in a Fig.3 (see N5/99). But in points where there is a large concentration m-state of elements, "geofield" twists and around of a field pole 2 how it is shown in a Fig.4. And around of this S-figurative structure some geometrically regular structures with weaker "geofield" are observed.

Usually, in a place with the large concentration m-state of elements vegetation unusually violent. And in it the S-figurative structure shrivel or completely absent vegetation is clearly allocated.



The concentration m-state of elements is maximal in field poles 1 and 2. Only, if the object charged m-state by elements in one pole give sensation of energy, of heat and force (we shall name this point - R). That the subjects charged in the other pole, give more thin sensations (we shall name this point - L). Probably, field poles is pseudo-positive and pseudo-negative components of a "axion field" of a proton (see N1/98 and N1/99) separated in space by an electrical field (between a surface of ground and ionosphere) in an atmosphere and radiation from the Sun.

Attention! Even the well train people cannot long time be in points with the large intensity of "geofield". It is dangerous to health and life of the man. It is necessary to the majority of the people completely to avoid hit in these points.

(The article will be continued)

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