Solar spin (axion) a field

"Based on the results of a series of experiments related to the properties of the spin field, and interactivities of matter and the spin field, it has been determined that the spin field of the proton is oriented in the direction in opposition to the Poynting vector of all forms of electromagnetic radiation.
Spin Field Effects in the Sun
The sun is a high-power source of electromagnetic radiation. Because of this, the spin fields of the nuclei of atoms at the surface of the Sun will be (mainly) guided by spin field energy arising radially to the center of the Sun. Because of this, to the core of the Sun will arise a spin field of large density. The presence of this high density spin field in the solar core causes transformation of the normal solar plasma into a plasma "jelly" which has the properties of an electrical superconductor.
Due to the superconducting nature of this solar plasma "jelly", nuclear processes within the "jelly" will exhibit considerable variance relative to the normal solar plasma. In particular, the atomic nuclei of radioactive elements within the solar "jelly" will be stabilized by the presence of the high density spin field and the superconducting environment, so that the rate of fission of the radioactives may be expected to be well below the fission probability of the radioactive elements in free space.
As the Sun rotates, it generates two spin field "beams" of opposite polarity radiating outward along the line of the rotation axis of the Sun. This in turn, causes the appearance of large vectorial potentials directed along the rotation axis of the Sun toward the center. These oppositely directed vector potentials encounter each other near the solar equator, and diverge radially along the equatorial plane. As a result, from the solar core in central latitudes, there arise strong magnetic fields in the form of a closed ring surrounding the Sun in planes parallel to the equator.
In addition, these dual polarized solar spin fields cause changes in the speed of the propagation of light of differing polarizations as it is emitted from the solar corona. (This fact is has been detected. Other explanations for this phenomenon have not been discovered.)
Spin Field Interactions Between the Planets and the Sun
Through the solar spin field, the direct transmission of the thermal energy of the Sun to the superdense cores of the planets is possible. Together with the solar wind, solar spin field emanations are capable of broadcasting modified atoms from the Sun to the planets (or from the planets to the Sun). As this occurs, it means that the chemical structures of planetary cores and planetary atmospheres are maintained in thermodynamic balance with the Sun. Essentially then, planetary conditions occur as stipulated by the Sun.
Effects of Optical Spin Field Radiation on the Human Body
Much is now known regarding treatment of health conditions of the human being through the biologically active acupuncture points. Acupuncture techniques utilize needles, electric currents, microwave radiation, optical, and laser radiation to effect changes in the body functions when applied to biologically active points. In conventional representations, the mechanism describing the effect of optical or laser irradiation of biologically active points is not clear. The used power of optical stimulation of the acupuncture points is so small, that it can not cause thermal effects or noticeable changes in the sequences of biological chemical responses. Our view is that optical, and particularly, laser radiation is capable of inducing and orienting spin fields in biologically active points of the Man.
The following experiment was carried out to check this supposition: The output end face of the optical waveguide of a laser was covered with a lamina of a paraffin in such a way as not to distort any of the optical characteristics of the output laser radiation. When radiation from this trivially modified laser was applied to biologically active points of a subjectů was obtain result rather unexpected in this medical application.

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