Feedback in Generators and Detectors

Axion (spin) Field

In the described generators (see N3/95 , N5/95 , N2/96 , N3/96 , N2/97), round their active area are formed toroids of a axion field, as it is shown on Fig.1,2 for the generator described in N2/97.




Due to this, the threads of axion field repeatedly pass active area, that results in repeated increase of their energy. At increase of energy, toroid of axion field is increased in the sizes and leaves active area of the generator, that reduces an effectiveness performance of the generator.


The effectiveness can be increased, by stabilizing toroids of axion field, by introducing in areas P1 and P2 toroidal coils 6 and 2 with the ferromagnetic core, as it is shown on Fig.3.

The additional, external toroidal coil 1 compresses external toroid of axion field from sides, thus concentrating it on an axis of the device.

Additional toroids increase quantity of orbits of threads of axion field A and B in active area of the generator (wall of a ferrite tube 7), being some kind of amplifiers of positive feedback.

The opinion can be created, that in this design the energy of axion field can be increased ad infinitum. But it not so. At increase of energy the orbits of threads A and B of axion field are increased in diameter, and, at certain energy, overcome "barrier" of a magnetic field in toroids 1,2 and 6, escaping an active zone 7 and device. The problem of keeping of orbits in an active zone becomes complicated by necessity of a focussing of axion beam leaving the generator on its axis. This beam, as a matter of fact, is extended internal toroid.


In the shown design of the generator the toroidal coils 6 and 2 appear are closely located to ferrite tube 7, therefore internal electrode 3 is increased on altitude, and the external electrode 4 is made as a cylindrical coil, reeling on external diameter tube 7. The ends of a cylindrical coil are closed through an orbit of a conductor passing through tube 7. Thus, the equalization of a difference of voltage between electrodes 3 and 4 on altitude is achieved.

The adduced scheme is the simplified scheme of the generator.

The effectiveness of the generator can considerably be increased, using multilayer ferrite-magnetic a design.

The detector of axion field

Apparently, the generator described in N2/97, is convertible, i.e. supply variable voltage on electrodes 3, 4 (see Fig.4), it is possible to fix appearance of voltage on contact 1, 2 electrical toroidal coils, if tube will dive through axion field as well as in the generator.


If to draw an analogy (see Physical properties of axion (spin) fields) between by axion field and conductor with a current passing through tube (one orbit in a primary winding of the transformer), that, naturally, this current will be rather small (~10-12ampere), and its internal resistance rather large (~1014 ohm). At such parameters to fix on contact 1,2 a useful signal rather not simple.

But, if to add additional toroidal coils, as on Fig.3 that, the effective current passing through tube will be increased on some orders (increase of orbits in a primary winding) and the size of a useful signal accordingly will increase.

The experiment with effect of axion field from an external source on a design represented on Fig.3 (without a coil 6) has shown, that the required effect is achieved. Remained small It is necessary to find out a useful signal on contact 1,2

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Figures S.A.Shpilman

(see N3/95 , N5/95 , N2/96 , N3/96 , N2/97 , N2/98 , N1/99 , N2/99)


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