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(continuation, beginning in N1/98 )

The future is capable to influence the past in peculiar time - OVERTIME. Exists 4-dimension space - time and OVERTIME (4,1). In 5-dimension space of time the waves of interaction - T1, T2, (see fig.) are propagated. Our World is gone on a crest by one from set of waves, or in any phase determined in OVERTIME (a point of interception of the three-dimensional plane Tn and "World line " of the body m).

Our DENSE bodies in space (3,1) have similarity of the form of THREADS - COLUMN ("World line" bodies m), extended along coordinate of time - T.

Near to massive, gravitating of bodies M flow rate of time is slowed down. Thus, probably, the waves of time Tn are bent how, it is shown in figure. The front of a wave, near to "World line" M, has a vector of speed directed to a line M, in result the moment of a material body m of a relatively three-dimensional plane of a wave of time Tn varies. Probably, it is the basic reason gravitational of attraction of mass, and the gradient, changes of vector of speed of waves of time Tn, it is a gravitational field. Thus, similar, the force of interaction between a wave of time Tn and "World line" bodies m has very large size. So the curvature of front of a wave of time on 10-8 degrees is equivalent to gravity on a surface of the Earth (see article " What is it a dualism?" in N5/95).

In such case, we can easily calculate speed of motion of waves of time Tn in OVERTIME, in space remote from gravitational of mass. This speed appears is equal to speed of light C.

Then, is received, the energy of weight of rest E=m*c2 is its kinetic energy in OVERTIME.

If we are sure that the kinetic energy of mass should be equalled Ek=m*c2/2, it is possible to assume that the three-dimensional waves of time Tn simultaneously are distributed on two orthogonal directions in five-dimensional space ((3,2), 1). Or it is possible to assume that, our World "is gone" on interception of crests of two type of waves of time extending on two orthogonal directions in five-dimensional space. And at the expense of addition kinetic energy of motion on two orthogonal directions we can receive - E=m*c2.

In any case, our Universe is received much more interesting rather than we it represented earlier.

All known mover and the accelerators increase speed of moving of material bodies along a plane of a wave of time. Apparently, at approach of speed of moving of bodies to speed of light there is an increase of a curvature of front of a wave of time in a vicinity of relativist body, there is a local deceleration of flow rate of time and increase of effective mass of this body.

But, scarcely, thus is possible jump on other plane of waves of time. It probably is possible to achieve for relativist of a body in strong gravitational fields in a vicinity of massive body. Or in a vicinity of superdense substance. For example, in a vicinity of a nucleus atom of silt in a vicinity of a THREAD of axion field (see "Physical properties of axion (spin) fields" in N1/98).

To boost substance up to relativist of speeds likely not the best way for transition in other planes of time. But how will learn to move along coordinate T? It can it possible achieve changing the internal characteristics of substance? Can be, axion generators translate substance in the changed condition of interaction with waves of time?

Anyway, if it will be possible to find superlight ways of moving and transmission of the information that, by selection of the addressee and point of arrival, it will be necessary to set four-dimensional (or five-dimensional) of coordinate. (If, certainly, the offered hypothesis is correct.) Thus, probably it will be possible to communicate with the REFLECTIONS in present future and past, changing properties and trajectorny "World line" in necessary to us. But for this purpose it will be necessary to study properties "World lines" in four-dimensional (five-dimensional) space - time and OVERTIME.

The interesting effects are possible at fall of fast rotated bodies on gravitating a body, when there is partial "replacement" by one from a spatial component on time and on the contrary.


In our reasoning, we have accepted that, the waves of time exist in space in themselves, and the substance is subject to their influence. But it is possible to assume a converse - Conductor of waves of time are "World lines" of material bodies, and wave of time in ambient space it only consequence. And, a source of waves of time can be as substance, and their certain generator in origin "World lines" matters (if "physical vacuum" by it is possible to not consider). In such case the earlier adduced reasoning will look a little differently.


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