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The optical generator Axion (Spin) of a field

Using a method "of feedback in generators axion field", and also, taking into account property axion field to be formed and to be guided towards to vector Poyting of electromagnetic radiation, the generator axion field with optical excitation is possible to make. As it is shown in figure.



On a toroidal winding with ferrite cores 1 and with the iron core 2 the electric current moves, as it is shown in figure. The ratio of currents in a wind is necessary for choosing so that, outside of the device vectorial potential was minimum.

On toroid 1 is reeled up the lightguide 3 through which the heavily light flow from a light source 4.

Axion field is formed along an axis of the device as extended toroid, which form in many respects depends on sizes of currents in a wind.

Two beams axion field directed in the opposite party are not always convenient in application. For formation of an unidirectional beam it is possible to take advantage of a reflecting cone (see. N5/95). But it is possible to make and more compact design by applying reflecting toroidal coils with the iron core 5, 6 and 7 as it is shown on Fig.2.


The toroidal coils 6 and 7 prohibit output axion field downwards on an axis of the device, and the coil 5 promotes increase of density axion field in an active zone (inside the device and in lightguide) and promotes formation of a narrow beam axion field upwards on an axis of the device.

The lower reflector is made from two coils 6 and 7 for equalization of intensity of a magnetic field along radius of their iron cores. Certainly, would be ideal replace external toroidal coils given device, cocoon winding by a magnetic wire magnetized along its length.

The intensity axion field in many respects depends on density of a light flow in lightguide, therefore, in many cases, it is rational to use a high-power pulse light source (4).

At cutoff of a light source 4, occurs monotonous exponential recession of intensity generated axion field to periodic bursts of increase of its intensity. It is possible to explain it by a periodic output (breaking up) of threads axion field from threads lightguide.

Proceeding from this, in the given generator axion field, the electronic circuit of periodic short-term change of a direction of a magnetic field (current) in an internal toroidal coil 1 was applied, that should artificial periodically to break axion a field from threads lightguide. It has resulted in sharp increase of intensity generated lightguide field. The mechanics of this phenomenon while is not clear.

If it is enough fast magnetic reversal the core 1 that it is possible still in addition to increase energy axion field for the account EMF of a self-induction, as well as it occurs in the generator axion field described in N2/97 and N1/98.

What material to choose for the lightguide and what spectrum of optical radiation optimum to use is still it is necessary to investigate, but already it is possible to make conclusions. The efficiency of generation axion field is received less, than in the device described in N1/98. But the received quality is more pleasant and, similar, it is more safe. Probably, the given method of generation axion field will find broad application in medicine. However, at cutoff of a light source 4, perceived (human body) the quality residual axion field in many respects is determined by materials of a design of the generator and can be not so pleasant. Therefore, it is desirable instead of a copper wire to use aluminium (if there is a capability and requirement - gold or silver).

The lightguide, in the given design, is applied for simplicity of manufacturing. It can be replaced by single-piece pieces of a glass, using full internal reflection of light on its sides and/or mirrors. Main, it is necessary to supply a dense indirectional flow of light.

Measurement axion field

The flow of light gives back a part (very small part) to the energy to axion field. Therefore, it is possible to try to fix change of the characteristic of a light flow on withdrawal from lightguide at change of parameters of the generator axion field (idea G.P.Ivanov). For it, probably, is useful technique described in:


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(see N3/95 , N5/95 , N2/96 , N3/96 , N2/97 , N1/98 , N1/99 , N2/99)


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