A.A.Spilman (

The Accident Prevention of Work With Generators Axion (Spin) Field

In itself, in general, axion field not harmful not useful, we have own axion field ourselves, but there are a change under action of generators can result ours own axion field and in illness here. Therefore:
- At designing axion generators, don't take a great interest in large powers and sizes;
- The experimenter owes (above all, ourselves) to be able to see or to feel axion fields;
- The experimenter should be able to supervise a condition own axion field and to be able to restore its damages, and also it is desirable to have friend which can assist in control and correction axion field of the experimenter;
- Do not experiment in places of constant presence of the people, animal, and foodstuff;
- Generator and the subjects fallen in a field of its action, are capable to save induced axion field long after time (from several hours about some weeks), therefore do not store them at itself under "cushion" (and at the mother-in-law too) and don't carry them in pockets.

The character of activity of generators (is especial of passive resonators) axion field and character of their effect on the experimenter, in many respects depends on a mental condition and style of thinking of the latter, therefore carefully plan experiment both banish a bad think and emotion from a head.


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