Decay spontaneous?

Many under the school textbooks, in institutes and in the popular literature heard about spontaneous (random) decay of radioactive nucleuses of atoms, due to which there were such concepts, as a radioactivity and radiation pollution. But many know - what energy, what force is necessary for applying to disorganize a nucleus?

The most experienced reader can have temptation to explain the phenomenon by so-called "tunnel" transition under the potential barrier, but it is obvious substitution one not clear by other not clear - as far as the model of tunnel transition (under barrier) is evident, the most soon, so it and is false!

Nevertheless, what is stimulus of so-called spontaneous decay of nucleuses? Stimulus internal or external?

What "pull" the trigger ( "random")?

Thermal oscillations? It is known, that the temperatures in thousand degrees practically do not influence speed of radioactive decay.

Electromagnetic oscillations? The intensity of a background of electromagnetic oscillations, and radioactive background is obviously unsufficient for an explanation of the observable phenomenon.

Here accident as magic fate also lives in this question. Fate visible and invisible.

But, maybe, there are certain unknown particles or oscillations of unknown fields inducing of nuclear reaction?

In such case - if it would be possible to transmit energy of "excitation" (unknown external stimulus) radioactive (and not only) nucleus of atom directly to crystal lattice of a firm body, we could receive a absolutely new power source, at simultaneous decreasing of a natural radioactivity! And in the solution of the given problem the technologies from area of creation a gamma of lasers could help.