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Excitation of "Axion (Spin) Field" in Water

In article "Intoxicated water or spirituous homoeopathy" the result of an irradiation of water by the generator of "axion field" is described, but also water itself can be a source of "axion field".

Excitating of "axion field" in water, it (water) naturally changes its properties. For research of these new properties of water it is possible to make the device of excitation of "axion field" in water shown on Fig.1.



Where 1 - The Electrodynamic Generator of "Axion (Spin) Field" (see. N3/99); 2 - thin-walled glass tube with water; 4 - iron rings; 5 - aluminium cones.

If glass tube, for example, diameter of 1 centimeter and length 30 centimeters, frequency of rotation of electrical field ~ 400 - 1600 KHz, amplitude of a three-phase voltage ~150 - 250 volts.

Iron rings and the aluminium cones limit distribution of "axion field" within the limits of length glass tube.

If you will slowly pass water through glass tube, that the processed by such a way water can be used at the experiments in the unlimited quantity.

And also it is possible to try it on its taste. The taste of water strongly varies by changing of frequency of rotation of an electrical field.

Attention! Thus, probably, water can be both "health-giving", and "unhealthy"!

Changing the frequency of rotation of an electrical field, it is possible to notice "emphasis" of taste of separate chemical elements contained in water by the taste.

Genadiy P.Ivanov
with the device of excitation of "axion field" in water

Our desire of improving taste of water is naturally. Therefore in a design on Fig.1 there a piece of a silver wire (for example, diameter of 0.5 mms) is inserted in glass tube 2. The resonance with silver was observed at frequency 700 - 800 KHz.

At our experiments we have confronted with that fact, that each man had his own idea about good taste of water. Therefore it is difficult to give unequivocal advice, except for this one - BE CAUTIOUS!

At the described design it is possible to use not only water
(We hope that the readers will write to us about results of their experiments.)

In the conclusion it is necessary to note - all generators of "axion field" described in the almanac, have different quality of a field and differently influence water. What method and in what cases it is optimum to use it is still necessary to determine.


In development and test of the described design active participation accepted:
Genadiy P.Ivanov and Pavel M.Miachin.


Series 2

Alive and Dead Water


At experiment ordinary tap water was used. Water have filtered, boil thoroughly, have cooled up to the room temperature and in a day this water was used for experiment.

Part of water has pour off for the comparative control of change of taste of activated water.

Water have been passed through a design represented on Fig.1 (intensity of magnetic field magnetic bias H = 8 ampere/meter, frequency of modulation fm=90KHz, depth of modulation 90 %, frequency of rotation of an electrical field fE=364KHz) and have carried out tasting of activated water.

The taste has become brighter. Water has become slightly salty, reminds mineral water. There is more appreciable smack of iron.

The taste is brighter, more delicious, is more volumetric. Water reminds spring. I have wish to drink it. There is a desire to plunge into this water.

Comparing with activated water control one seems slightly oily-soap. It appreciablly works to area of heart (chacra Anachata).

The sensation - some changes exist, but not to the best side.

The astringent taste has appeared.

We have made recustomizing of design (intensity of a magnetic field magnetic bias H = 14 ampere/meter, frequency of modulation fm=1050KHz, depth of modulation 90 %, frequency of rotation of an electrical field fE=364KHz) and have carried out tasting of activated water.

Slight sensation of freshness.


Sensations in the palate. Obvious freshness.

The taste does not irritate.

Sensation saltiness in larynx. (Through ~ 10 minutes). " It has suck in the pit of the stomach". The feeling of famine has appeared. (And then) The warmly felling has spread in a stomach. The feeling of famine has passed.

We have decided to adjust a design to reception of water with properties, favorable for the human organism (intensity of a magnetic field magnetic bias H = 7 ampere/meter, frequency of modulation fm = 750KHz, depth of modulation 90 %, frequency of rotation of an electrical field fE = 667KHz) and have carried out tasting of activated water.

Water tastes bitter as distill one. I have some inflow of heat in gullet.

Bitter-salty smack. Pinch the palate. To drink not so pleasantly. The digestive path was made active, all has worked. Astringent. Warmly in legs.

In the beginningI had the bitter sensation, but then I had very bright sensation freshen, tasty spring water. (In one minute) Warmly has spread along a back. (through ~ 20 minutes) Sensation of constant movement energy inside a body.

It is the most palatable, clean spring water. Warmly in a head. (He has asked to pour one more portion of water).

Astringent, then bitter. Taste of metal, metal fill in the tooth. Feeling of pleasant heat, burning in oesophagus, easy noise in a head, condition similar to easy alcohol intoxication. (through ~ 20 minutes) "Burn" soles of legs.

General conclusion: In last mode activated water strengthens flavouring sensation of subjects (or environment in a mouth) with which collides. Also it gives slightly alcohol intoxication action.

In all modes activated water strongly differs from control water. Control (not activated) water has obvious taste stagnant - "lifeless" water.

Milla: Unequivocally it is possible to say, that the action of activated water strongly differs from tap water. Frustration of a stomach from tap water frequently happen, but I have never heard about feeling of heat and noise in a head.

Who knows, probably, in the future activated water will replace set of medicinal preparations. The man will forget set of illnesses using "alive" water.

We tasted water activated only on three resonant points, and there are a great number of these resonant points. What does conceal in them? We do not know yet.



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