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"The Plastic Dream"

The "axion (spin) field" is capable to change hardness of steel at very small expenses of energy (see "Outcomes of experiment on study of influence of effect of Axion radiation on hardness of metal").

If to develop researches in this direction, probably it is possible to achieve the conversion of metals into the liquid condition at room temperature (remember Geller's effect). It will be revolution in metallurgy and metal-working!

But why only metals? Likely, it is possible to increase the plastic properties at mining rocks. If it is possible, it will be the revolution in mining of minerals and building (for example, a glassceramic road).

Using the "axion (spin) field", with small expenses of energy, likely, it is possible to increase the plasticity and viscosity of mining rocks on the large depths (the "axion (spin) field" has the very large penetrating ability). And it means an opportunity to reduce the power of earthquakes or their complete exclusion!

And for the man...

It is possible to increase plasticity of a bone tissue for the short time and to correct the congenital and acquired defects of bone's skeleton of the man!

And not only that. Likely, it is possible to short-term weaken intercellular connection and to increase "plasticity" of membranes the cells of the man. I.e. the realization of operations without a scalpel and postoperative seams is possible! (Reproduction of abilities "Philippine Healer's"? [and http://www.chat.ru/~hillers/hiller0.htm ])

Is this unrealizable dream? Or is it a possible reality?

Isn't it necessary to invest the big money in this dream? To put the own work?

Or shall we wait that someone, somewhere will make everything for us?

What is preventing us?

Game in secrecy? And desire "to do all only for ourselves"?

Maybe our dogmas impede us?


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