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The Electrodynamic Generator of "Axion (Spin) Field"

In N3/96 (Russian) " the Magnetodynamics generator of axion field" was described. Its work has not given any special delight. It had high danger of generated field in a combination with low efficiency of generation. The probable reason was that the main working factor was not a magnetic field, but vortical electrical fields arising at change of a direction of a magnetic field.
Therefore, naturally, there is an idea to rotate a vector of a direction of an electrical field instead of magnetic.




On Fig.1 the design of the generator based on this idea is represented. In it 1 - iron tube; 2 - electrical toroidal coil; 4 - ferrite tube; 5 - cylindrical electrical coil; 6 - active element (for example, ferrite with small electrical conductivity); and 3 - drum with vertical plates of electrodes (see Fig.2) creating in an active element 6 electrical fields perpendicular axes 7.

The practice has shown what more effective to use rotation of a vector quadrupole of an electrical field.

Therefore, if we use a drum with six electrodes that, it is necessary to close electrically opposite electrodes and give on them a variable three-phase electrical voltage.

If an element 6 a ferrite cylinder with a diameter ~ of 1 centimeter, that optimum frequency of a three-phase voltage ~ 1.5 - 3 megahertz. The frequency depends on speed of distribution of indignation of "axion field" in an element 6 and its diameter.

The magnetic field of the cylindrical coil is set to two order less than in " the Magnetodynamics generator of axion field", and it does not play the special role, slightly changing quality and intensity of "axion field".

The most interesting effect in the given design that, the beam of "axion field" changes the direction at change of frequency of a three-phase voltage (it leaves upwards, downwards).

The intensity of "axion field" grows a little if to add to a three-phase voltage high-frequency voltage of small amplitude with frequencies ~ 7, 12 and 36 megahertz.



There can be a great number of variations of the given design. For example, in figure 3 the multicascade generator of "axion field" is shown, where 2 a ferrite core, to which the electrodes of a drum 1 pressed (see Fig.2) and on which the electrical coils 3 reeled. The electrical coils 3 have counter inclusion, so in a zone of electrodes 1, in a ferrite core 2, the constant radial magnetic field is formed.

On electrodes 1 the three-phase electrical field moves, so in the next drums the electrical field rotates in the opposite direction.

For designing this generator it is convenient to use analogy of a string of "axion field" as charged conductor of an electrical current (see "Physical properties of axion (spin) fields").

This design has an essential lack: the strings of axion field in a zone of ferrite coils 3, crossing a magnetic field, get a pulse directed perpendicularly to axis of the device. For reduction of emission of these strings over scopes of the generator, are used the toroidal coils 4.

Iron tube 5 improves "feedback" along the "axion field", press tore of "axion field" from sides.

Gennadiy P.Ivanov and Pavel M.Miachin actively took part in experiments with the described generators.


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