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Passive Resonators Axion (Spin) fields

For experiments with axion fields it is not necessary to construct active sources of the data of fields, all of us are their sources ourselves. For study of properties of axion fields will able to take of simple designs of passive resonators.

All by a known design of the passive resonator are the famous pyramids, but we here shall consider even more simple designs, but not less effective. For the beginning we shall prepare some sections of a copper, aluminum or iron wire of length 6-5 centimeter by thickness 0.4-5 millimeter (knitting needle).



Let's put sections as it is shown on Fig.1. Moving a section 1 relatively a section 2, we shall try to feel a resonance with ours own axion field. Thus each man has special sensations, which beforehand to predict is difficult. Axion field can, also be seen by our usual human eye, at specially picked up lighting, as mirage about ours "cross" and white-dark rays of sections, leaving from the ends.

As a rule, maximum intensity "own" axion field "cross", and the maximum sensations at us arise at crossing of a section 1 with a section 2 somewhere in region of 1/3 latter (in region of gold cross-section), to what it is connected while it is not known, probably there is a "two-frequent" excitation axion field ( in more detail look subsequent numbers).

Now we shall repeat our experiment, by changing a angle between sections, as shown in Fig.2.


Moving a point of crossing of sections and angle between them, we shall try to achieve maximum intensity axion field. The point of crossing again will appear by ours "fork" in region of gold cross-section, and the optimum angle between the long ends of sections will be ~ 30-45 degrees. Why just such angle? Also it is not understand. Probably, it is also connected to precession angle spin of electrons and nucleuses of atoms of a material of a surface of our sections.

As a rule, the version "fork" appears more effective, than version ""cross" both on created sensations, and on observable "mirage". The maximum intensity of axion field is observed in a plane "fork" on the part of its long ends on distance from them, approximately equal to distance between its long ends.

For the first time, effect "fork" has found out S.V.Pisareva holding in hands ordinary iron scissors.

Pay attention, "fork" reminds X- chromosome! If we shall make "fork" as Y- chromosome, observing former proportions, the effect will be kept.

Axion field "fork" can be used at dot acupuncture and effect on "power meridians" of the man in medical practice. By the way, the latter much strengthen sensitivity of hands to axion fields.

Axion field "fork" can a little be strengthened, by adding in its design the third section, by connecting all sections in one point (in their gold cross-section) so that the angle between sections was identical. Thus, we shall receive triangular "pyramid", and more effective, on created axion field, than traditional. The further increase of quantity of sections in the given design of the special effect does not give.



The sections can be combined in other combinations creating flat (Fig.3) or volumetric designs, passing from two-frequent to three-frequent excitation.

The efficiency "fork" can be strengthened, curving as the letters "gamma" a copper wire of length of ~ 15 centimeter and diameter ~ 1 millimeter, thus on a point of crossing of wires by dressing micaceous the disk with outside diameter of ~ 3 centimeter and thickness ~ 0.2 millimeter.

The character of activity of passive resonators of axion field in a large degree depends on a think of the experimenter, so as factor is necessary for taking into account. In whole, axion resonators it is an unknown World, where it is possible to find (and to lose) a lot of interesting.


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