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The Generator Axion (Spin) Field
With Use of Vectorial Potential of a Spiral Structure

In N3/95, N5/95 the devices are described, in which the generation of axion field is achieved by rotation of bodies from materials with the own or induced anisotropy directed in relation to rotation axis under a angle not equal zero.

It is possible considerably to strengthen effectiveness of axion polarization, using together with mechanical rotation an anisotropy of a special structure changing the characteristics in space. In the given article the device using for amplification of spin polarization by vectorial potential of a spiral structure is offered. (See also patent of Republic of Kazakhstan N5366, G01N23/00, Bull. N4, 15.10.97)

Similarly to generator of axion field adduced in N3/95 the offered device (see drawing) contains the emitter 1 and reflector 4 of axion field, and the emitter is made from an active material as hollow of the cylinder 1 (for example, from a ring 20x12x6 of ferrite of the mark H2000), presented in rotary motion round an axis 3, cone of the reflector 4, magnetizator of the device consisting of two cylindrical iron cores 8 and 11. On the core 8 the cylindrical electrical coil 9 is reeled-up, and on the core 11 the toroidal coil 10 and cylindrical 12 is reeled-up. The drive hollow of the cylinder in figure is not shown.

The offered design as follows works.

The electrical coil 9 magnetizator of the device creates in the region of the rotating cylinder of 1 vectorial potential of annular structure, and the toroidal electrical coil 10 creates axis-radial vectorial potential. Thus the coil 12 excludes short closing of a magnetic field of the core 8 on the core 11. The superposition of a magnetic field of annular structure and axis-radial structure forms a magnetic field of a spiral structure, which causes axion polarization of materials falling in area of its action, including core 8. In result the rotating cylinder appears under action of vectorial potential of a spiral structure and of axion field created axion polarized core 8, that considerably increases size of axion polarization of the cylinder and size it of axion radiation. Such mode allows using as active material "passive" materials in relation to a magnetic field.

Magnetizator of the given design can be used as the independent device of generation axion fields of small intensity.

The given design allows making compact axion the "floodlight" with operatively attunes by the characteristic.

Translation carrying-out by T.M.Shpilman

(see N3/95 , N5/95 , N3/96 , N2/97 , N1/98 , N2/98 , N1/99 , N2/99)


You can buy the generator for 230$.

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