Peter I. Zhukovskiy


Music played in Buhar-zirau Avenue

And nevertheless Pavel M.Miachin was possible to pass over my heart by "oil rag"! We went to test influence of the generator (see N2/96) on... musical instruments. The truth was this experience was not first any more for them.

The Karaganda musical college named by Tuttimbet, what is located on Buhar-zirau avenue, 37, has met me even in a lobby by the atmosphere of alive sounds of music, which I didn't feel and hear for a long time. The children's memoirs about a sunny class-room have emerged in my memory, the fingers have felt a touch of warm a violin's finger-board...

The first object of tests has become a guitar. Certainly, the most ordinary one! What musician will voluntary give on "lacerating by experience" (even radiation) the own piecework good instrument? After a 15-minute irradiation the guitar in hands of the musician, as he recognized (I did not anticipate the opinion of the experts), has begun to sound purer: metal "smack" of a sound has disappeared. Outstripping events I shall note, that "purer" it is first and common "estimation" of effect of influence of the generator, which was arisen in all subsequent experiences too, experiments with dombra, bayan and grand piano.

The bayan was especially mysterious. In other cases the effect of an irradiation seemed to be more or less clear because of the fact that there was influence on a homogeneous material of instruments, all of them made from wood (how made? - it will be later about this). But there were both metal plates, and plastic, and textile of the bellows, and - what else were there?

And as soon as the fingers of boy have run on the button and the bellows were moved apart, we all have heard a cleared (!?) sound.

Here, in my opinion, the exact image of the generator's action was born: the experimenter as though takes "damp rag" and erases "dust" from a sound.

The generator plays a role of original tuning fork for musical instruments, which attunes them on an "axon" level. It means that the same violin, being operating, gets untune. But it gets unune not in habitual for us meaning; it is simple here, it is necessary just to twist the pins and it will be attuned. But the sources of microfrustration at the field's level are numerous, including microcracks. Generator, as the powerful tuning fork, levels out these originates in due course microdiscords and compels to sound the instrument as the indivisible, integral resonator.

...There were added new effects to the already named in a class of O.Policin; I mean piano's colors. At first the professional tuner has worked with the instrument, and O.Policin "ran on keys". Then Pavel M.Miachin has been "burnishing" the piano about twenty minutes starting from the top sounding board of grand piano by the generator.

We listened to perfect alive music during next fifteen minutes in execution of the perfect musician. There were compositions by Shopen, Rohmaninov, Chaykovski and jazz fragments; it looked like we have visited the concert.

- You know, - has interrupted magic minutes (unfortunately) O.Policin, - acoustics has really changed.

To the best side.

It seemed that the grand piano's sound has become more sunny, roundish and juicy!



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