Alexander A.Shpilman ( )


Modulation of "Axion (Spin) Field"

"Axion field " cooperates with substance very little, and basically this interaction has resonant character.

Naturally, there is an idea - continuously to change in some limits a spectrum of own frequencies of "axion field" for strengthening its interaction with habitual for us material.

Such modulation can be received, for example, changing an electrical current in toroidal coils of "the optical generator of axion field" (see N2/99). At "the optical generator" with frequency of modulation ~ 8 kilohertz and depth of modulation ~ 60 %, was observed strengthening interaction of "axion field" with air (air mirage was showed more distinctly there) and strengthening intensity of the field was observed too. Last event, apparently, is conditioned to resonant inclusion in work of additional quantity of atoms' nucleuses of materials of the generator's design. The further increase of intensity of a field is reached by replacement modulation of fluctuations of the sine form of wave on pulse with porousness ~8.

This effect amplifies if to the basic frequency of modulation add more high-frequency component (~20 kilohertz) with amplitude twice smaller then basic one.

In the generator described in N2/96, the synchronous fluctuation of an electrical current in coils with frequency of ~8 hertz has similar effect.



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