You can buy the generator of the described design for 300$.

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The Generator of "Axion (Spin) Feld" - "COMFORT"

The set of effective generators of "axion field" is already developed, but unique in the World, most compact, universal, safe and the most popular generator there is, "The Generator Axion (Spin) of Field With Use of Vectorial Potential of a Spiral Structure". For six years we manufactured more than one hundred generators and the design of the generators has been continuously improved by the basic criteria:



1) Compact, hand-operated generator;
2) Maximal density of "axion field" along a beam;
3) Beam of length ~ of 1 meter;
4) Stability of the characteristics;
5) Safety.

For the increased safety of the generator's work we have aspired to reduce damaging influence of a field by the man and moreover, we have aspired to receive a field creating a sensation of comfort. The comfort is an integrated characteristic of quality of influence of a field on the man.

Now we make generators (see Fig.1) which are externally and strongly distinguish from other generators described in N2/96. In them, the rotation of the ferrite ringlet 2 and the vector potential of spiral structure is created by toroidal coils 6, 9 - up on iron cores 5, 8 and cylindrical coils 4 are used.

We have already seen these fragments in other designs of generators. The purpose of the top toroidal coil 6 and cylindrical coils 4 is similar to analogous coils in generators N2/96, N1/98, N2/98 and N3/99. The lower toroidal coil 9 (see analogy in "The optical generator Axion (Spin) of a field") in a combination with a silver cup 3 plays a role of a reflector. The iron core 9 is made in variable section for alignment of size of vector potential along the radius of a bottom of a cup 3.

If in the generator N2/96 the silver cone was used as a reflector, in a new design of the generator, the silver cup plays a role of a conductor for "axion field".


All coils are placed in the iron screen 7. The ferrite ring 2 is resulted in rotary movement through a shaft 1 by motor D.

Such design is more effective and more compact in comparison with a design, which was described in N2/96.

The positive voltage ~10V and the high-frequency pulses of a voltage by amplitude of 120-150V moves onto a silver cup 3, duration ~ 10-5 seconds, porousness 2 and frequency 4.1 - 4.4 MHz move.

The high-frequency pulses "enliven" an "axion field", strengthen sensation of man's comfort.

For increase of an effectiveness work of the generator, the ferrite ring 2 is exposed to special processing. Read about it in following number of the almanac.


You can buy the generator of the described design for 300$ (including cost of the post charges)

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