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Some Effects

(continuation, beginning in N4/99)

Pavel M.Miachin
with the generator "COMFORT"

Pavel M.Miachin observation:
The experiment was carried out with the patient in a condition of easy food poisoning.
The basic symptoms: nausea; painful sensations in the area of the stomach and the bowels, emotional discomfort, and a headache.
The irradiation by the generator
N5/99 was carried out in a lying position. The irradiation started in area surrounded the body; then it took place along the whole body in regular intervals and after it the irradiation locally started in the field of a stomach, liver and bowels. Total duration of an irradiation was 12 minutes.
The result (concerning subjective sensations of the patient) was the fast attenuation of painful sensations and emotional discomfort. Sensations of easiness in the field of the stomach and bowels also took place. The patient said about vivacity and increase of impellent activity.
The stability of effect was observed during 4.5 hours. Further patients were not observed. The complaints and indications by-effects were not presented. (22.10.99)


Norman D.Culver observation:
Axion beam (the generator N5/99) exposure of chocolate fudge while cooling appears to change the flavor as compared to unexposed batch.
Manufacture of chocolate products is very delicate since the cocoa butter molecules can arrange themselves in various ways depending upon heat/cooling cycle, stirring etc. Perhaps industrial strength homeopathic audio axion beam devices could be leased to chocolate producers for product enhancement and differentiation.


Mila L.Dvoretskaya observation:
The experiment was carried out with the patient in an allergic intoxication condition of an average degree.
The basic symptoms were "the nasal system was blocked" (rhoenite) as like a cold; there was itching of the eyes and also watering; a specific headache; weakness, irritation; inability to concentrate, and a decrease of vital organ activity.
The irradiation by the generator (generator of a design
N2/96) was carried out by sitting and standing positions of the patient. The irradiation took place in the area of the head and nose at the beginning of the experiment, then at regular intervals along the body. After a period of time, it (the condition) began to locally address the area of the head and nose again. Total duration of the irradiation was approximately 25 minutes.
The result (concerning sensations of the patient): There was a sensation of soft pricking and heat at the approach of the generator. There was a sensation of cleansing of the nose and “unblocking” of the nasal system. Under the influence of the generator, the ability to concentrate and realize mentally was renewed, i.e. the head "was cleared of all symptoms". Moving the generator some distance away from the nose, the symptoms restarted again. The nasal system started to congest in 2 hours after this test. After the procedure, general "ease" to the body allowed the patient to regain all bodily thoughts. The patient got an "air", "soaring" mood. All unhealthy sensations quickly faded and the sensation of emotional comfort was restored.
The stability of the effect was observed during 2 hours. After that time, the symptoms were renewed, but in a much easier degree. A repeated irradiation by the generator was not carried out, but other antihistamine preparations were taken. In 5-7 days the sharp symptoms of a fever had passed and did not renew during all period of an allergy. At that time the supporting treatment of activated coal was carried out. According to the patient’s words she could get such conditions of allergy not every year ("the allergic experience" is 17 years). The complaints and indications by-effects were not presented.


Adjusting generators of "axio field" on sensations of comfort to the person, we have found out one "useful" by-effect.
If the person is exposed to an excessively long period of direct irradiation by the generator, they have got an easy sensation of nausea (as the overeating of chocolate sweets) and feelings of disgust to the further realization of experiments. This effect raises the safety use of generators (design N2/96 and N5/99).

The irradiation by the generator of "axion field" of musical instruments (using a wood) improves their sounding (see "On Buhar-zhirau music played"). Probably, the wooden acoustic resonators can be used for detecting of a "axion field", if we can correctly distinguish character of change of properties of these resonators.

The intensity of "axion field" is appreciablly increased, if the generator (design N2/96) to place in a cover from a natural wool or fur (but the heat exchange is worsened), though the cover is outside of a beam. The possible reason: the environment is adverse for generation of a "axion field". (Rough analogy: we try to kindle a fire at the bottom seas.) In too time, the hair and fur specifically protects an animal (and man) from such action of external environment.
The effect similar to effect of a wool (and even is a little more) creates a powder of carbon sodden by paraffin.


(see continuation in N1/00)


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