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Some Effects

"Axion (spin) field" can be seen with bright illumination as an air mirage. In twilight - as white-dark strips. In complete darkness and with the closed eyes, if the man has ESP abilities. If the generator of "axion field" is slowly moved the field is easier for seeing.

"Axion field" can be felt. If somebody slowly, from a distance moves a hand to a beam of a field of the generator, he can feels small elastic resistance to moving of a hand. If somebody quickly brings a hand into the beam the field quickly passes through a hand and the man can feel in his hand chill, warm or pricking. And in some time, the complete lossing of sensitivity (anesthesia) of the irradiated site of a body could take place. Pricking and fast anesthesia is characteristic for a field the having large longitudinal moment of a pulse (for example, for the field of the generator described in N1/98). After such anesthesia, usually, sensual perceptions of the irradiated site of a body distinct improve. So such anesthetization of physical traumas can result to strengthening sensation of pain later, but thus healing traumas is accelerated.

At the moment of entering some substances in "axion field" you can distinctly feel a taste and a smell of these substances for distance of several meters ("effect splitting-out of a dusty carpet"). Thus you can feel intoxication as it has described in N3/99.

"Axion field" of the specially adjusted generator of a design N2/96 can create a sensation of comfort for the man. The room, irradiated with such generator, also creates sensation of comfort and improves a sleep (by exit from an operative range "fields of comfort", in some time is observing increase vitality of the man). Such generator can appease a tooth pain and to take off spasm of muscles. In a combination with the massage it assists at an exacerbation radiculitis well.

Supervision by Pavel M. Myachin:
"Taking the irradiated water by the technique, described in N3/99, before sleeping, assists to relax and improves dream.
The fruit of a tomato was irradiated (generator of a design
N2/96) during 5 minutes. In air has appeared distinct, a fragrant smell of green-stuff tomato, and the fruit has got brighter taste."

Observation by Anders Heerfordt:
"I irradiated (the generator of a design N2/96) a glass of tap water and compared it to untreated water. The irradiated water tasted fresher, clearer than the untreated water.
I irradiated a glass of French, organically grown red wine and compared it to a glass of untreated wine (from the same bottle). The irradiated wine had a round taste, while the untreated wine had a sharp harsh taste. The irradiated wine was rather different. And considerably more pleasant to the taste."

Observation by James Mann:
I irradiated 250ml of deionized water with the generator described in N2/96 each evening before retiring to bed. I could not tell any difference in taste between the irradiated and non-irradiated water. However I did notice that I was able to sleep more easily and felt slightly drowsier when waking the next morning. No change in dreams were noted.

The cosmetologist has irradiated by generator of a design N2/96 a vitamin mask (cream) and has covered with it the face... Then during some days she had the red face because of hypervitaminosis of a skin of the face.
Be cautious! Axion generators are capable strongly to active biologically active substances.

At recustomizing modes of operations of "axion field"'s generators you can frequently feel distinct resonant phenomena in various areas of a body of the man. This effect is most typical for generators of designs described in N3/96 (Russian) and N3/99.

The"axion field" strengthens ESP ability of the man. The generator of a design N2/96 and "Passive Resonators Axion (Spin) fields" can be used for training of ESP abilities.

At a short-term irradiation of unicellular organisms any effects were not revealed.
"Axion field" works on plants basically through water.
The irradiation by the specially adjusted generator of a design N2/96 strongly strengthens a work immune system of animals and of the man, but in the same time it weakens allergic reactions.

The effect damping by "axion field" of small fluctuations of a pendulum was observed. But it is still necessary to check it up carefully.

The change of melting-point temperature anthracene on 15 degrees Celsius was observed, thus chromatographic analysis of irradiated anthracene has not found out any changes. In some hours melting-point temperature of irradiated anthracene has returned to initial meaning.
Relaxation to former meaning of parameters in some hours after an irradiation is characteristic and for change of hardness of steel (see "Outcomes of experiment on study of influence of effect of Axion radiation on hardness of metal").

The effect "Intoxicated water or spirituous homoeopathy" is not observed at the longitudinal moment of a pulse of "axion field" of less pulse of a proton with energy 300eV, and it is good shows itself at energy 600eV and above.


(see continuation in N5/99)


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