The Linear Accelerator - Generator Axion (Spin) Field

During six years the set of experiments with by axion fields was executed. But most important for me were in which it was revealed, that axion field are superseded by a strong magnetic field, feel a direction of vectorial potential and are locked in electrical potential. So, the beam axion field of the generator described in N3/95 is locked in positive potential approximately in 300V, and the beam axion field of the generator described in N2/96 is locked in positive potential approximately in 600V. Was suppose, that one from a component axion field has a moment of a momentum of translational motion and is capable to feel electromagnetic fields. Model about a charge-vectorial of a structure of an electron and proton described in the article "What such dualism?" In N5/95 .

For check of the given supposition the source axion fields consisting from ferrite tube in length 12 millimeter, outside diameter 9 and thickness of walls in 1 millimeter was made. Internal and external surfaces tube, covered by a thin layer of tin, the variable electrical voltage by amplitude in 12V and frequency of the order 3 MHz moved. On tube there was wind up a toroidal winding from three orbits. Through a winding passed a variable electric current in phase with electrical voltage on electrodes and amplitude in 0.3A.

On idea, in mutual an orthogonal electrical and magnetic field is higher than the described device, there should be an acceleration unlike charges in one direction (on a direction of vector Poyting) in walls ferrite tube along its axis. And the axion field has arisen! And with much greater density of a field rather than earlier described generators using mechanical rotation or rotation of electromagnetic fields!

But, paradox! The beam axion field was generated in a direction to an opposite direction of vector Poyting!? It means that, if you will excite axion field by light, the beam axion field will be pulled to a light source (see N2/98). It means that, the axion field partly represents a flow of pseudo-electrical charges move from the outside to the generator (shall name it of Z1)!? And in too time the axion field obviously does not influence motion of electrons.

The increase of oscillation frequency of electrical voltage on electrodes over optimum, resulted in deformation of the axion beam leaving the generator (similar of deformation along a tense string called standing waves of its oscillations), called by standing waves, length in air of the order 15-20 centimeter. It could mean that, speed of motion of a flow Z1 along of a axion beam of the order 105 metr/second, and that, somewhere occurs reflection and occurrence of a return wave, or in the axion field is present a flow (neutral or with much as a smaller specific electrical charge) move from the generator outside (we shall name it of Z2) and strongly interacting with a flow Z1.

Have tried to move phases of change voltage on electrodes and magnetic field in ferrite tube and have found out that, the maximum of intensity of a axion field is achieved at coincidence of phases of change of electrical potential on electrodes with a phase EMF of a self-induction of a toroidal coil. I.e. there is a direct acceleration of a flow Z1 to the assistance EMF of a coil, and the voltage on electrodes only rejects a beam in the necessary direction. In this connection the generator shown on figure1 was made.


On of electrodes 3 and 4 the variable voltage of the rectangular form with amplitude in 12V moved, and on cleat 1,2 toroidal winding in phase submitted sinusoidal voltage by amplitude 36-45V (12-15V/turn). On an electrode 5 the constant (reflecting) voltage + 15 - + 60V rather (average value of voltage) electrodes 3,4 moved. Ferrite tube by the basis fastened to the radiator for removal of heat arising at its fast magnetic reversal. For decreasing heating tube, also, was made pulse supply of power with frequency in 20KHz and porousness 2.

For the given generator characteristic gate-closing electrical potential in air has reached +1200-1500 volts. At effect of a beam of axion field of the given generator on a hand was felt sharp painful effect. In too time the generator (if is outside of a beam) creates for the man smaller discomfort, than other versions of the described devices with electromagnetic by excitation. And one more advantage - the given generator lessis to set-up of frequency of electromagnetic oscillations.

A lot of interesting was showed from experiments with the generator (generator "of linear acceleration" - GLA). For example:


First, is similar that, in ferrite the flow velocity Z1 makes 103-104 metr/second, and in air 105-106 metr/second. A difference on two order. On two order differs both accelerating voltage (12-15V) and characteristic gate-closing electrical potential in air (+ 1200-1500V). What it - transformation of a momentum? And besides, the flow velocity Z1 in a combination to value of gate-closing electrical potential speaks that, ratio of density of "charge" to specific weight of a flow Z1 (q/m) is rather close to the appropriate value of a proton! So we accelerate? Protons (through a solid body!), or its any components? The flow Z1 concerns to two quarks with a charge + 2/3, and flow Z2 to quark with a charge -1/3? In such case it is meaningful to name a field not axion, and, for example - as a field quarks!?

Secondly, the flow Z1 and its behaviour in a transversal electrical field of electrodes 3,4 is possible to try to represent how it is shown on Fig.2. But here there is a doubt that, the flow Z1 on the way to a nucleus of atom (A) at once in it falls. The approach is more probable occurs on a spiral as it is shown on Fig.3 and 4. Examining a structure of a field around GLA it is possible to allocate two characteristic structural components - beam (rod) and precisely outlined toroid with a ferrite tube in centre. It quite corresponds to model represented on Fig.3. And still, the implantation of ferromagnetic materials in a zone P1 тороида (see Fig.3) results in increase of density of a field toroid. But, similar, exists also internal toroid, appropriate to model represented on Fig.4. And implantation of ferromagnetic materials in a zone P2 results to increase of density of a field of a beam and appropriate attenuation of a field external toroid. Implantation in a zone P2 the toroidal coil with the ferromagnetic core manages in some limits to be changed parameters of a beam (there can be a beam is extended internal toroid?).



The adduced design can be improved. For example, proceeding from Fig.2 the idea of increase of a momentum of a flow Z1 cascade disposing a little GLA by extending them in a chain in one line and give on them impulses of management in opposite phase arises.


In light is higher said, the activity axion field of generators described in the previous numbers of the almanac is absolutely in another way perceived. So, for generators using mechanical rotation (N3/95, N2/96, N3/96), maybe, main the relation of rotation rate to a flow velocity Z1 in environment of a rotated body is. For magnet-dynamic of the generator (N3/96), maybe, main is EMF of an induction arising at change of a magnetic field. And the activity of passive resonators (N2/96) will be more clear, if we modify a design GLA by closing electrodes a little 3,4 how is shown on Fig.5. Thus the voltage on electrodes 3,4 will be caused only EMF arising at change of a magnetic field in a ferrite tube, thus the effectiveness of the generator a decrease, but, nevertheless, it works. Pay attention - electrical circuit: an electrode 3, conductor 6, electrode 4; is similar to a fragment V - wishbone (passive resonator N2/96).

On activity of axion generators, similar, speed of flows Z1 and Z2 in used materials rather strongly influences. For assessment of a flow velocity in dielectric it is possible to take advantage of effect of their "latching" of positive electrical potential. For this purpose the plate dielectric is necessary for placing between plates of the flat capacitor, through which is passed a axion beam perpendicularly to plates. Give to on plates the electrical voltage, is fixed a moment of latching of a beam. Thus plus of voltage moves on opposite (from a source) plate, and the near plate incorporates with a common wire (ground or source). For assessment of speed of flows in conductors it is possible to take advantage of a magnetic field.

In experiments with GLA received active participation G.P.Ivanov and P.M.Myachin.

Figures S.A.Shpilman

(see N3/95 , N5/95 , N2/96 , N3/96 , N1/98 , N2/98 , N1/99 , N2/99)


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