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What is it "a dualism"?


There is the attempt to look at fundamentals of our World from the position, which is a little bit discriminated from a customary point of view.

All logic constructions are based on the qualitative analysis and do not pretend to a true in the last instance. In most cases analytical and numerical methods of the analysis which are adduced for logic constructions for their unequivocal proof or their refinements will require rather many man-years of the intense work.

But, I hope the reasoning at a qualitative level will be possible to conduct at an available level (at a level which is a little bit more then a level of secondary education). The formulas have auxiliary character in this text and, if the reader does not understand them, he can pass them during the reading, although it is enough necessary to understand this question.

If our reader is "man of science", then we have the request to him - does not to do the prompt conclusions and to think are his knowledge the "religious" dogma or not.


Current submission about the ambient material World






Gravitational field

The Physical Vacuum (model PV1)


The Second model of an Electron

The Physical Vacuum (model PV2)



I express gratitude Anders Heerfordt for the help.

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