You can buy the generator of the described design for 300$.

Attention, this generator is not a magic wand!

Its main destination - to carry out of researches.

Alexander A.Shpilman ( )


The Generator of "Axion (Spin) Feld" - "COMFORT-M"

(continuation, beginning in N5/99)

If a ferrite ring 2 (see Fig. 1) was processed in "M-state" Elements Concentrators" so for increasing of efficiency of "axion field" generation it makes sense to feed on a reflector 3 the negative voltage of 80-100 volts (add a high-frequency voltage). Thus, for stabilization of a beam of the "axion field" it is necessarily to add to the reflector a grid 10 (wire grid from silver) electrical connected with the reflector 3.



In the cylindrical electrical coil 4 direction of a current varies on an opposite direction so, that, there will be "South Pole" above and "Northern Pole" below.

The further increasing of efficiency of generation of "axion field" is achieved by increasing of value of vector potential because of increasing of the square of cross section of iron cores 5 and 8. Thus, variable on the radius the section of the core 8 becomes insufficient. Therefore the core 8 and toroidal electrical coil 9 are replaced with a compound design made from two enclosed iron rings cores with the appropriate toroidal electrical coils (see Fig.1), that is similar with a design in "The optical generator Axion (Spin) of a field".


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