A.A.Shpilman (sah@kaznet.kz)



Let's imagine, that between future and past there is a communication, that the future is capable to influence on past…

If the future will affect in the past - that it will cease to exist! And there won't be influence on the past.

Paradox! Paradox - excluding influence of the future on the past!?


Why do we so think?

Hackneyed template of the fantast-mongers?

May be are there and other versions?

Green leaflet influences roots of a tree? Yes, as well as the roots influence green top of a tree.

So what is the paradox in?

The paradox is not present, as the influence of foliage of a tree on roots and roots on foliage develops in time…

And if … The future is capable to influence in the past … In peculiar time - OVERTIME.

Let's try deeply to work above mentioned idea. And so, there is 3-dimension space, a time and OVERTIME (3,1,1).

In 5-dimension space-time the waves of interaction are propagated. Our World is gone on a crest by one from set of waves, or in any phase determined in OVERTIME. Our World is a certain process in a certain wave phase in OVERTIME.

Equally in period of a wave in OVERTIME (interval in OVERTIME) forward on a direction of propagation of a wave and on period back, we can find similar as our World in future or past, but this not our future and not our past. (Analogy - the Crest of a wave of a water, running on a surface, periodically raises various subjects floating on a surface of a water, but for each crest their quantity and position another.)

The interval between waves can make some hours (delay or advance in development of events), and can be of varied extent. In such case, it is minimum period, for which we can know probable events in the future.

Our DENSE bodies in space ((3,1),1) have similarity of the form of THREADS-POLES extended along coordinate of TIME (of a line of destiny?). The THREADS-POLES cross "PLANES" of a wave which is running along coordinate of TIME. Our life is a process of interactions along "PLANE" of a wave. We are a PROCESS.

If in "PLANE" of a wave the interactions only in its "plane", that, outside of "PLANE" of a wave (between two phases of existence of the Worlds, similar to ours), probably, the interactions along THREADS-POLES dominate.. Extended along coordinate of TIME, along a line of development events.

Between periods, there can be a set of the Worlds, but with other physical laws. But hardly our DENSE World (World of protons and electrons) between "PLANES" of waves in space OVERTIME ((3,1), 1) collapses and is reconstructed again, probably, it only changes the quality. (How this new quality looks? Whether the imagination will suffice?)

How to get on near by "PLANE"? Can be, it is possible at excitation of one more wave. Probably, exist set of crossed waves, but how it can be shown? Can be, a point of interception of waves are revolutionary moment of our history, when we face to selection of our way (idealistic representation?)?

Probably, space (4,1) is not static. Our green tree evolve in time, is similar also to THREADS-POLES evolve in OVERTIME. But then, likely, we can change your future (to change your destiny). The truth, thus, is necessary to change present and past ("present" past, but not past of our memory). And, for certain, it will require specific efforts and talent.

Probably, THREADS-POLES of our bodies is alive organism (plant) in space (4,1). And at "comprehension" itself as whole organism, the attainment of "freedom" (animal level) in space (4,1), in OVERTIME is possible.

Probably, coordinate of TIME, in an obvious kind does not exist. Probably, the vector TIME is a direction of propagation of a wave in 4-dimension space (4,1).


(continuation in N2/98)