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Some Effects

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The voluntary experimental people were given to keep in their hand a stick of colophony during one minute. These sticks previously were saturated by m-state elements (look the articles "Concentrators of "m-state" elements" and "Simple m-state concentrator") and were wrapped up by an aluminium foil with a thickness of 0.1 mm.

Experimental people were not informed about expected effects (the experimenters still do not know them).

Helen S. (19 years old):
Sensation of clicks inside a palm (in the palm, not in the stick) and increasing sensations of the heat in the hand, while the stick was in the hand. Then during three hours I felt alternately the heat and the chill in a hand. Partially, the similar sensations were in the legs. I didn't have any too unpleasant sensations.

Tatiana S. (44 years old):
There was an increasing sensation of heat in a hand during half of a minute. Then, the sensation of heat started to decrease smoothly and has disappeared fast as soon as I have taken out the stick from my hand.

Mila D. (32 years old):
There was a sensation of vibration in the hand and increasing sensation of heat in a palm. When I started to move with my hand, straining muscles, the heat was distributed all over the hand and till the shoulders.
After that short-term effect on hands during 2 hours, general vitality of an organism was increased. I name it "positive stress", when it is not just good mood, but the energy directly holds apart (especially head), the paints of the world become brighter and the space around pulses (sometimes it is possible to see by eyes).

Jumabek S. (31 years old):
The hand was filled with a heat. Pricking was very noticeable. The heat was distributed to the area of a shoulder and a neck. The pricking has appeared in other hand. The warm was pleasant.

Pulse and breathing in norm.

Helen S. (30 years old):
There was a sensation of chill. The body is filling with peace. The tiredness is going away. There is a desire to shift the stick from one hand to another.

Breathing in norm. The pulse speeded up on 12%.

Observation of Alexander S.:
I had drunk 50 grams of water slightly saturated by m-state elements. There were not any of noticeable sensations. But in 6 hours I got the voracious appetite.

The observations of Mila Dvoretskaya (Karaganda city, E-mail: ):
1) In a position of lying in the sofa I have put the stick on the area of my stomach, where I have been tested a blurred pain for that moment (chronic gastritis). There were not any of modifications in sensations during 3 minutes. In 10 min after the discontinuance of effect on a stomach the pain has passed, but I have suspicion, that it would pass also itself.
2) With approximation of the element to area of heart I have noticed an amplification of palpitation. I decided to observe it closer. I have put the stick above my left breast, in 30 seconds (the stick was on the breast) I have counted my pulse - 98 beats per a minute. In 5 minutes I again have put the stick on that a place - 92 beats. In 10 minutes there were 100 beats. The amplified palpitation was kept during 30 minutes after the discontinuance of the experiment. For a comparison I have checked my pulse in rest in 1 hour after ending of the experiment - 68 beats per a minute. After doing dishes my pulse was - 68 beats per a minute.
3) It seems, the influence of the stick is too strong and there are a lot of forces of an organism maintenance on "reseating", "compensating" or "adjusting" this force for the person. For example, this "bursting open" of the head is on an edge with pain; i.e. there is too much of energy for "daily" use. Is there a possibility to reduce a portion?
4) During two days I made contactless cosmetic massage by "the stick" in a distance of 1 sm. from my face during 1-1.5 min 2 times per a day. At once there is a sensation of heat, and then during 20-30 min there is a sensation of a tone in the face muscles (like after good, professional cosmetic massages). BUT.......... After the first massage everything was normal, all sensations were pleasant. After the second one in addition to pleasant things the small-sized pimples have appeared on a face, they have easy passed after application of an antiphlogistic cream. The next day I have repeated the massage from the same distances and there were pimples again. The second daily massage I have made from the distance of 5 sm. The effect of heat and post-massage tone of the face was remained, but there were not any pimples. Probably, there is some influence of the "stick" on a skin for with close contact, but, maybe, this affect can be with a very sensing skin only.
5) One contact with the "stick" I had late in the evening, it was not easy to fall asleep after it, but in the morning I woke up with difficulties (I wished to sleep and to sleep!). I felt sleepy though to sleep 7 hours for me it is completely normal (there are such periods, when 7-hour sleep is inaccessible dream). By the way, my dream were changed, they were very "painted", with bright events, but confused and "empty".
6) There is one more "BUT". After even a short contact with an element in region of the face or hands occurs short (2-3 minutes) weight in the field of heart. It seems to me, this is a certification of a too big load for an organism.

Hope K. (48 years old):
- The palm was filled with a heat. The warm stands in my palm. After several rotary movements by the palm the heat lifted up on the hand. It reached a shoulder.
I have stopped again. After several rotary movements by the hand the warm has spread into the neck and the head. It has flown along the backbone and has stuck in the waist.
After several movements (by the trunk in the waist area) the warm went to legs. It caused to ache in the knees (chronic polyarthritis). I have done several squats... The ache has become less. Is it possible to apply the "stick" to the knees? I have put.
Something is stirring in knees.

It looks like, that more than 80 % of the people have exotic sensations contacting with the sticks of colophony which were saturated by m-state elements. And, it seems to me, everyone has some consequences after contact with them.

For experiment we have decided to try to saturate by m-state elements the generator "Comfort-M" so far as we can and so far as our patience will suffice.
It turned out, that after the completion of our operation, the generator continues to concentrate m-state elements in itself and in its nearest environment (similar is attracting to similar?). From one turn on to another one the denseness of the field, which is produced by the generated, continues to grow. When there will come the full saturation? - We don't know it yet.

Eugene Balakin (Moscow, E-mail: ) got the following observations of work of this generator:
1) I have carried out 1 session (6 minutes), there were not almost any sensations. On the thin plan there was small "neon" vibration. Round the gear (perhaps, except for the bottom) there was blinking of uncertain colour, it looked like coming from a working lamp of a daylight or something similar. It reminded me western films, where they like to show neon inscriptions on shops, which are firing or die because of malfunctions. There was something similar with the casual discharges. I could not see a ray, round all gear there was a spherical field stretch out on a vertical line about 50-80 sm. from the tank (the gear worked with a protective cover). There was not any temperature sensations there. I was surprised by precise availability of a barrier (after 6 minutes) at the end of work. A barrier - I would compare this sensation with presence in a zone of work of high-power x-ray gear, generally, I had understood that it would be enough. The gear really blocked a part of perception.
2) There were very specific sensations from a packing cardboard box, in which the generator was packed. Probably, it got saturated.
Only today I had noticed small haze around the box (6-8 sm.), I got a sensation of discomfort and have thrown it away. Yesterday I did not feel anything like this, but there was a very strong moment of "memory of a thing " - it happens, when one person works with some subject, then the subject gets in the third hands, and the participation of the first worker is felt in a thing. It is a widespread phenomenon, but it was very strong with packing box, and only after separation with the gear.
3) I can tell that the gear becomes more powerful with every switching on and the denseness of a field does not decrease after switching off. Probably, some critical concentration of m-state elements has passed.
4) Now about sad but interesting things.
Last night I have carried out 6-minute session. Later, about 2 o'clock at night, I switched on the gear without a protective cover for 30 sec. in order to see the difference. Then I went to sleep and I felt comfortable during the night like after taking strong anaesthetisation. At 10 in the morning strong nausea, dizziness and muscle spasms all over the body have started. It looked exactly like a mixture of a heavy influenza with high temperature and poisoning. I could slightly normalise the condition only by 5 p.m. and I switched on the gear for 1 minute in order to try to remove this condition, it has coursed the following events. (It is necessary to mention that the gear was kept in my room, due to what the presence in the room is perceived discomfortly). My friend had come to me by 6 p.m., we talked in my room about 1 hour, and I had felt a bit better. Later my friend had gone home, and he could hardly reach his place (1-1,5 hours after presence in the room), he got a strong nausea and vomiting, all symptoms of a poisoning. Later I went to visit my friends, we had talked about 1 hour, then the friends started to complain on dizziness, but I had felt better again. Probably I returned a part to them and reduced concentration at myself. At that I had this effect only with those ones from whom I accepted the help, the condition of others was not changed. My condition was not best (a liver and a spleen were enlarged), but I hope, that I would cope with it. Generally my impression was following: I was charged, but it was for too much for my organism, it was necessary to drop some part and I was discharged. At that, at seemed to me that it was possible to modulate the stream by the mind (I, for example, sent the feeling of dizzying because I have been experiencing it in that moment), and the larger density (concentration at myself) ensures the fast effect.

A.S. > Yes... Nevertheless, any generators of "axion field " are not desirable for keeping in the bedroom.

At large level of receipt of m-state elements in an organism, the "spiritual" work is very important.

E.B. > - The conducted work at myself had softly leaded to the condition of harmony, I got a magnificent sensation, but there were indications of " reduced battery ", but it is clear because to keep such a feeling only by own forces was problematic. Let's charge.

A.S. > The gymnastics helps to distribute m-state elements all over the body. At that it is necessary to feel your own body, to feel yourself as a whole entity.

E.B. > - Concerning gymnastics, it is really very effective, physical discomfort leaves very fast. It to not compare with usual warming-up, I had such a sensation, that each muscle (maybe even every cell) was divided by sensation of pain, and after developmental work the muscle system has united. I had very high physical tone, pleasure from the warming-up. As for magnification of muscle force, there was a small observation - strain of a muscle at the moment of work seemed to be autonomous, the head did not think of it, in an outcome the force effect was much higher. I achieved similar sensation before by special training, but it required a concentration, and here it has happened itself. It is a little unusual. I feel I will have to go in for sports more often...

A.S. > The surpluses can "be dropped" by taking a shower, a bath or simply by taking hands and a head under a jet of water (temperature of water has not large significance, you should chose the pleasant one).
The room should be well ventilated, and you'd better put a piece of colophony near the place where the generator is kept or to put there a statue made from cornelian or chalcedony. Try to put a bucket with water near to a bed for night. A necessary position of a bucket, I think, you will feel. And generally, it will be necessary to think on this theme more.

E.B. > - The capacity with water in my room has softened atmosphere very well, the water completely changes its properties. There were the following sensations:
After I have put the capacity (5 litre closed plastic bottle filled by cold water from a tap) in the room, it was observed an amplification of perception it as water during about one hour. I could feel a stream of freshness and cool from it, in general it was a pleasant sensation. The water at that was perceived as "improved" (i.e., it has changed in best, on a comparison with an initial condition). After one hour this feeling had disappeared and the capacity with water had passed into a duty mode, not showing its abnormality by anything. A bit later (it is possible in 1,5-2 hours) some processes have begun to happen in the water. I could feel them as work in the liquid for shedding a settling (by the way, similar but heavier sensation I had at ESP when I treated articular pain). I have checked up visually - the water was like water, but the remote feeling of temperature gave the feeling that it was about 40 degrees. I have measured and it was 2 degrees less than room temperatures (norm). In 15 hours after putting the capacity in the room the water has begun to be perceived as divided on layers about 3-4 sm., viscous liquid with large power-consuming, it was associated (for some reason) with an electrolyte. This feeling had disappeared in 10 hours, during that time the water was perceived as " obviously harmful " for an organism. There is such a thing like feeling of volume (or weight?), sometimes when you look at a subject and can precisely tell if it full or empty and its provisional weight etc. (I do not know, as far as it is normal). So with such an estimation of this capacity I constantly saw in it only half, I did not feel a mass at all and there was a feeling (probably, as an outcome of first two sensations) that a part of this capacity was somewhere in the other space, in general there was the other world sensation. It was so really, that I had checked up several times. In 30 hours and till now the water behaves stable, its properties are the following:

+ Physical
- The odor of the large space of water, when I has smelt with little distance my head has slightly begun to spin (after I have opened and have given to be aired during 30 min)
- Temperature of the water did not change
- To the touch, it is much softer
- It evaporates from a hand very fast
- There is some electrical sensation (like from the working high-voltage transformer)
+ Not physical (internal)
- Ather world effect
- Sensation of calmness (fundamentality, globality or something like this)
- Very high potential
- Energy in an environment around water and in it are expressed differently (i.e., it is impossible to speak about the order of concentration concerning an environment)
- I can not see aura, probably, the problem is in me.

About how should be felt the place where it is better to put the capacity with the water. I have really felt it without any difficulty, there were not other variants, but there were two strangenesses: at first, this place was a vertical projection of an axes of the gear at the first session, secondly; this place, contrary to expectations had a minimum potential in the room (it is better to say any potential).


It looks like the generator with such high saturation of m-state elements is only for very strong "extrasensory individuals" (at the strictest holding of the safety precautions). It is possible to expect noticeable physical effects from such generator. But to saturate the generator "Comfort-M" by m-state elements to such degree we shall only by the special order with negotiation of use and storage.

We have charged the sticks from chalcedony by m-state elements and the observations are continued by
Mila Dvoretskaya (E-mail: ):

1) I have taken the stick marked as R in hands (see "Simple m-state the concentrator"). I got a sensation of heat similar with which I had from the colophony stick. But... At once I have found myself in a stream, I begun to rotate slowly (in a sitting position), and a smack of iron has appeared in my mouth (as I remember I read in some book, that such a flavor occurs because of a contact with strong and positive energy). I also got the similar bursting of the head, but this sensation has passed approximately in 1 hour.
2) I worked with the stick L in the morning. The smack of metal has appeared in my mouth right then, but I didn't get into a stream. I did not feel any bursting of the head either.
In the afternoon I have taken the stick R, and I was in the stream again, I have been trying to remove a nausea, carrying out by the stick along the oesophagus line. The unpleasant sensations have passed in 2 minutes. Simultaneously I have got the stick L, the amplitude of rotations has amplified and the amount of heat was increased. This heat has distributed from my palms up to shoulders, and then has gone to my heels. Whole my body has been glowing. I have tried to compare the intensity of heat getting from two sticks - it seemed to me, that there was the stronger stream getting from the stick R, but, maybe, this sensation was erroneous because I have been keeping it longer in my hand?
In 4 hours I have taken only the stick L. I got the feeling of metal in my mouth again, but there was not anything else (neither inflow of energy, nor a stream). In this moment I was excited (there were problems with 2 of my jobs together), I have passed over my head along the lines of the planes (phase-frequent planes in aura, see pictures) - the excitation has abated, but have not "dissolved", it has gone deeper.


3) In the afternoon I got tired and had a nap not in best for this purpose time - after 5 p.m. I woke up (I have been woken up) at 6:30 p.m. with a heavy head, weakness and nausea. I have taken the element L, the head has cleaned at that moment, I have felt much better right then (like a magic wand has waved), I have got the energy. I let out the stick from hands - all symptoms have returned on the starting position. As soon as I have taken the element again - my condition was improved. I have been keeping the stick in hands during several minutes and then I have removed it, as a result the state of my health has got slightly better.
I have a sensation, that two of these sticks supplement each another, mutually strengthening the positive sides and smoothing negative influence.

4) I have tried to work with two sticks simultaneously. I have put L on my head, and I kept R in the left hand. I felt a minor sensation of the stream and a sensation of metal in the mouth. I almost didn't have a bursting of the head, but there was a sensation, that there would be some latent effect of this joint influence.
I have shifted L into the right hand, the amplitude of rotation of my body got increased, the bursting of the head has appeared.
I have interchanged R and L sticks (R was in the right hand and L was in left one). At first it seemed to me, that nothing has been taking place, I was already going to remove sticks, but here I have experienced a small vibration coming from the top part of the body and coming through the feet into the floor (this vibration was invisible). Strong warmth has spread all over the body.
I have repeated the last part of my experiment (R was in the right hand, L was in the left hand) in the evening, all sensations have repeated, but this time the stick L seemed to be warmer (for the first time since the beginning of the experience).

Paul M.Myachin (E-mail: ) has written down the sensations of the volunteers who have been given to take in hands two uniformly charged (RR) sticks from chalcedony simultaneously:

Natalie S. - My hands were bellying out (the sensation). The fulfilling in the palms was very strong. I felt the heat and cold alternately. My hands sweated fast. In 10 minutes I could experience some movement in the body. It was like overflow, like a pressure in a rubber hose. There also was a sensation of a jet from an ascending spring in hands. In 30 minutes my head has cleared up and I got an inflow of energy.

Tatiana D. - There was a strong energy. The hands were filled. I felt a sensation of menthol coolness. From time to time this coolness came into soft heat.

Vasilij D. - There was a chill like from a menthol cigarette. Energy penetrated into all parts of the body. The distribution of the energy depended on ideas and emotional state. The mood for the pleasure called inflow of heat from the sticks.

Marina M. - Energy filled my palms with pricking heat. This pricking reminds of a contrast shower. There was a sensation of inflow of physical forces. I also felt pleasant heat and easy bursting in my head.

The different people and in different time perceive the sticks R and L by different way.

Helen B.: There were pulsing of energy coming from the stick L. The organism tuned to these pulsing and calmed down. The balancing of a condition have been happening. The stick R created a sensation of the waterfall of energy.

Tatiana S. There was a heat coming from stick L. It was lifting on the left hand and spread all over the body. The stick R created the sensation of pricking in the right hand.

Sometimes there are people who don't have any special sensations from availability of the sticks in hands (during one minute). In such situation the following variant is possible:

N. Is keeping the sticks in hands during half of a minute.
A. - Do you have any exotic sensations?
N. - No, I don't. There is only weak pulsing in the left hand.
A. - Slowly conduct by the right hand (with the stick R in it) in front of you up and down to your sensations.
N. -There are some sensations here (in the upper part of breast).
A. - It is good. Now slowly conduct by the left hand (with the stick L in it) in front of you up and down and listen to your sensations.
N. - Now I have a stronger sensation (in the upper part of the breast).
A. - It is good. Now slightly move your hand up and down from the place where there are sensations, expanding a zone of sensations.
N. - I feel increasing heat (hand is going up and down increasing its range)... The heat is distributing all over the body...
A. - It is good. Is there a sensation of heat in your legs?
N. - No, there is not.
A. - Stand up (from the chair) and make a couple of squats... It is enough. What sensations do you have now?
N. - The warmth has passed into my legs. I have burning in my heels. I am sweating all over.
A. - It is good. It is enough for now.



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