A.A.Shpilman (

The Earth and Light

(continuation, beginning in N1/98)

On the surface, illuminated by the sun, of the Earth and in air, under action of light, are generated axion fields focused in the party of the Sun. These axion field are sated with energy of a flow solar axions (quon - see: The physical properties axion (spin) fields in N1/98), for the Man are habitual also by him are not usually noticed (on a background of heat from the Sun).

As the Earth rotates, that, from the gyroscopic properties, axion field precession, deviate a direction on the Sun in the party of Earth poles, so in a result three (basic) flows solar axions (along axion fields of two versions of polarization and directly from the Sun) are observed. Probably, this phenomenon observed by means of a telescope N.A.Kozirev, if, certainly, this not banal observation of a refraction of a telescope in distant infra-red range of electromagnetic radiations. Naturally, on orientation axion field has an effect actions of a magnetic field of the Earth and electrical field in its atmosphere.

On the night party of the Earth, from for its rotation, axion field turn in the direction of poles of the Earth and pass under its surface. Showing itself on a surface in zones of geological disturbance.

Probably, the existence of a magnetic field of the Earth and its orientation in many respects depends on these subsurface axion fields.

Light of moon also causes occurrence axio field considerably less intensity, but this field is not sated with energy, just as solar, and consequently for the Man it is more appreciable (usually creates sensation discomfort). Especially it is appreciable during a full moon, when axion field from a surface of moon directional in the party of the Sun, is closed on the Earth, cooperating with contrary guided axion field from a surface of the Earth (forms field bridge the moon - ground).


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