Plant Links

by Barry Carter

Created: 12/1/2009

Modified: 9/16/2012



Here are some links which illustrate the benefits of some newly-discovered minerals for plants:


Louisiana State University Ag Center Research


Most of the links above suggest more than doubling of plant growth. Doubling plant growth also doubles carbon sequestration from the air. See more at:


These mineral nutrients are common in nature but are depleted when we ship food away from where it was grown:


They can be concentrated from commonly available source materials using simple kitchen chemistry. One of these methods (the Wet Method) consists of taking sea water or whole sea salt dissolved in water and raising its pH to 10.78 using lye (also known as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide) to precipitate out these beneficial minerals. The precipitate contains these minerals in a more concentrated form with reduced salt. You can read a thorough description of the Wet Method at:


The mineral precipitate is typically applied at the rate of one to three gallons per acre (ten to thirty one liters per hectare). This is usually applied just once a year for most row crops but will be after each harvest for grains and other crops which get multiple cuttings per year.


Other methods for concentrating these minerals are linked at: