by Barry Carter



In early August, 2009, Shalamee in Grand Haven, Michigan sent me a link to the following pictures of carrots from her garden:


The two foot carrot pictured above seems a bit large for a carrot.


When I asked Shalamee how the carrots tasted she wrote:


I enjoyed eating them so much... they were very tasty. I was going to juice them but changed my mind (per your suggestion) and so I was more aware of their flavor. Although I had some trouble with the deer eating my carrots, beets, tomato plants and brussel sprouts, the bounty from the garden was another gift for me. I also learned a lot about what I will do differently next year.


Shalamee has incorporated a lot of info about ORMUS and her garden into her “Graceful Living” web site at:


None of my carrots have been as big as Shalamee’s but they do seem to taste very good.


On November 22, 2009, I dug up several small carrots from my garden. This was a bit difficult because the ground was covered with snow and was frozen down an inch or two as you can see at:


I brought these carrots inside and gave them to the two gentlemen who were here recording an ORMUS documentary. You can view their response to my question about the taste of these carrots at: