Grape Vine

The following image combines before and after pictures of  a grape vine in Tucson, Arizona. The picture on the left was taken on May 6, 2008; the same day that eight ounces of  Sea-Crop was applied around the base of the grape vine in the picture. The picture on the right was taken of the same grape vine two weeks later.

The picture below is a comparison of the size of the largest isolated  leaf from the left picture above and the largest isolated leaf from the picture on the right above. Note that the wire rectangles in the picture are two inches high by four inches wide.

This means that the smaller leaf on the left is about five inches in diameter and the larger ORMUS leaf on the right is a bit more than ten inches in diameter.

Here is a picture of a similar leaf taken from the grape vine after ORMUS:

The picture above was taken of a grape leaf immediately after it was picked on May 16, 2008. The white paper beneath the leaf is ten inches in diameter.

The leaf in the picture above was sent to me (Barry) on May 17. I finally got around to taking the following picture of it on May 25, 2008:

I also weighed the grape leaf in the picture above. It weighed 9.5 grams. I don't have any weight of the smaller leaf to compare this to but I have noticed that a leaf that is twice as long weighs about four times as much.