M-state Walnuts
by Barry Carter

Here are some images of walnut trees and walnuts which were grown using C-11 as a mineral supplement. Five walnut trees were purchased from the same nursery at the same time. They were all approximately the same age and size. After it was transplanted, one of these five seedlings was given a dispersion of two cups of reduced salt C-11 from Pacific Ocean water in five gallons of fresh water. The tree which got the C-11 is toward the right in the picture below and one of the trees which got no C-11 is on the left.

Least C-11
Most C-11

The smaller tree is about five feet tall and the larger tree is about ten feet tall. These trees all grew in a dry interior climate at around 1000 feet elevation near the 49th parallel. The largest tree received two cups of C-11 precipitate in the first year. The smallest received none. There have been several additional applications of wash water from the third rinsing of precipitate on the large tree.

Here is an image of four walnuts from these trees:

The walnuts on the left are from the trees which did not get the C-11 and the ones on the right are from the largest tree which got the most C-11. The walnuts on the right are approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The next image is of the un-hulled walnuts still on the tree with a man's hand in the image for size comparison:

These walnuts are about seven feet up in the tree and they look a bit like medium sized apples.

The C-11 nuts inside the shells are proportionally larger than their ordinary counterparts. Their taste is comparable. This one tree has consistently yielded the same volume of nuts in their shells as the combined yield of three fifteen year old trees and four other three year old trees. These pictures were taken in on October 5, 2000

You can see a couple more pictures of these trees at:


About a year later on October 15, 2001 I had an opportunity to take more pictures of these trees and the walnuts that grew on them.Below you can see some of these walnuts on an outdoor picnic table:

Green Walnuts

Notice how much the large tree has grown compared to the picture at the top of this web page. I had a friend stand next to the large tree and the small tree so you can get a better idea of their comparative size.

Tree Comparison

The following picture was taken on June 11, 2008 a few minutes before the three walnuts in each column were weighed. The weight of the three walnuts in each column suggest that the fully dried out walnuts from the tree that was given ORMUS are almost three times as heavy as the three dried walnuts from the tree that was not given ORMUS.