Lucky Shamrock

by Barry Carter

Created on: November 6, 2011

Updated: November 8, 2017


On November 4, 2017 I noticed that my shamrock plant is not drooping yet after nine weeks since the last time I watered my house plants. This means that my plants require about one tenth of the water that house plants typically require.


Here are some recent pictures of my shamrock plant and my friend's shamrock plant for recent comparison:


My plant is 17 inches tall and my local friend's plant is 8 inches tall.


The benefits of this extend way beyond keeping my lazy ass in my chair. Farmers could grow four (or more) times as much food using one tenth of the water. This could end world hunger.


We hear about water shortages on a regular basis. This means that more people would have enough water to thrive.


Plants grow much larger and faster when they have enough ORMUS in their water. This means that they will pull more carbon from the air. If we could double plant growth in an area the size of California, we could pull enough carbon out of the air to reverse global warming in a few years.


I totally believe that this is the best way to save life on Earth!


There have been several reports of less water use by plants supplemented with the ormus minerals. In 2010 I realized that I only had to water my house plants a quarter as often as before I started using these minerals on them.


I use a pot full of shamrock (oxalis) plants as my gauge. When they start to droop, I water all my house plants. Though my shamrock plants are taller than they are supposed to be, they went from requiring water once a week to only requiring it once a month since I started adding these minerals a couple times a year. Here is a picture I took just before I watered them on December 31, 2010:

Here is another picture two days later:

And a third picture from January 15:


For comparison, here is a picture that I took of these shamrock plants in the winter of 1988-99:

Back then they were being watered about once a week. In the mid nineties, we re-potted these shamrock plants and split them into a couple pots to share with a friend and his wife. Since then, they have been watering their shamrock about twice a week. You can see their plant on the left side of the picture at:

One morning I woke up quite early thinking about why my plants seem to thrive on one sixth of the water. This is what I wrote:


Nowadays, many people are hungry all of the time. They eat but are not satisfied, so they eat more. But they remain tired and hungry so they have to "sleep it off".


I presume that they are still hungry and tired because they are not getting all of the nutrients they need in the food that they eat.


Plants must be the same. They "eat" nutrients which have been solubilized from the soil. They transpire water into the air as the nutrients are removed for food.


If there is insufficient nutrition in the plant food that the roots bring in, more water must be transpired into the air to make room for more solubilized minerals from the soil. Unlike people, plants don't get fat when they eat too much; they just waste water.


In early 2011, I started putting Garden Shot on my house plants. I put a couple tablespoons of it in three gallons of water to water 24 plants. This product is made with water from a spring near the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. This water is run through a magnetic trap and mixed with worm castings and fish waste.


It appears that these minerals can also be "trapped" out of fresh water by spinning the water in a magnetic field. Magnetic traps use the magnetic levitation principle to concentrate the ormus in water. You can build a very simple magnetic trap using a tin can and a speaker magnet:

You can see some results of home-made trap water on plants at:

You can see some of the plants grown with the Garden Shot magnetic trap water at:

This is the ormus product that has allowed me to go from watering my shamrock every two weeks to only watering it once every six weeks. You can find more info on this product on their web site at:

After watering my shamrock plant with the Garden Shot product for a few months I noticed that it was taking much longer before it started drooping. By the end of the summer in 2011, I was only watering it (and all of my other house plants) once every six weeks. Here is a picture taken just before I watered it on September 19, 2011:

and another from three days after I watered it:

Six weeks later it started to droop again:

and here is a picture from the next day:

Using ormus minerals concentrated from sea water an Australian soil supplement provider told me that he had farmers come up to him and ask "where is all the water coming from" when they used these minerals on their fields, during the Australian drought.