Easy ORMUS Concentration, Preservation & Explanation

by Barry Carter

Created January 18, 2015


Live Oil Method:





Different salts and different oils give different results for different people.


Stratifying Trap:




Other traps and more ORMUS concentration methods:




Different sources and different methods give different results for different people.


What ORMUS is best:


You are unique, just like everyone else.


What is best for you will not be the same for everyone else. Each of us has different nutritional needs and these needs change over time. What is best for you right now probably will not be what is best for you next year. The vendors listed on the sources page all have products that some people have found to be best at one time or another. See:




I have a more complete answer to this question on my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page at:




You may also wish to join one or more of the ORMUS related email discussion lists as folks there often tell what worked best for them. You can find links to these discussion lists at:




Easy ways to keep ORMUS around for a longer time:





Easy Explanation:


ORMUS is a group of newly discovered mineral nutrients that have great benefits for plants, animals and people. They double plant growth, increase animal endurance and promote brain coherence in people. Most people report that they feel better when they use ORMUS concentrates.


Easy Acronym:


Original Restoration Minerals Upgrade Soil (ORMUS)


When we ship food away from where it is grown, we remove essential minerals from the soil. Some of these minerals are well known and some are not so well known.


Minerals must be in a soluble state before plants can use them. These solubilized minerals erode quicker or are flushed into the seas.


When we replace these minerals, by concentrating them from sea water, we have seen eight inches of new carbon rich topsoil in one season. We are also seeing a two to fourfold increase in agricultural production in two to four years.


More ORMUS Acronyms:





Easy way to save the world:


Teach people how to concentrate and share ORMUS with their plants, animals, friends and family.