Stratifying Water Trap
by Bo Long

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 23:08:16 -0000
Subject: Stratifying Water Trap

Please see photo below to view a water trap design of mine which is set up to focus magnetically repelled ormic substances to a point where they can then be siphoned off as a concentrate and bottled for use. One or two hours magnetic field exposure seems to be enough time for the magnetically repelled substances to gather and consolidate towards the top/center of the water.

The water can be from natural sources or from a filtered source. The water used for the first experiment was from my residential tap and was filtered for chlorine and fluoride. The water was also "doped" with a few pinches of "Azomite" (highly mineralized rock dust.)  Also a dash of colloidal gold in water was added as well.

The magnet at the bottom of the large steel soup can is one of those 1x3 inch neodymium beasts from United Nuclear:

A magnet of this size and strength turns the entire can into a magnet. In theory, the magnetic field both levitates ormic substances and corrals them to the center (use a nice new symmetrically round can) where they can be siphoned off with an eye dropper and put in a bottle for use as concentrate. If you feel trap water, you will definitely feel this stuff. It's the typical one drop per 8 ounces of water strength characteristic of today's super trap waters. So far, I have been taking the top center one ounce of water and throwing the rest away, but probably the rest of the water is strong as well - just not as super strong as the top focal point water.

I've used it with and without water "dopants" to good effect either way. This trap can be packed into the back country for collecting water from remote springs; however, I wouldn't carry a magnet of that strength close to my body for long periods of time. Rather I would carry it on the end of a "hobo stick" a few feet away.

Whether one thinks that magnetically altered water is a manifestation of some unusual hydrogen species, or it is some unsuspected proton plasmoid being generated, or it's the corralling of deformed orbital Platinum Group elements this trap design will satisfy the physical requirements for all of these theories. (A proton plasmoid will run from a magnet just like ormus.) More importantly, the device creates wicked trap water without much fuss and it is portable.