Why the Word ORMUS

by Barry Carter

Created: January 26, 2009

Modified: January 23, 2010



In 1996 Binga posted a reference to Hudson's use of the word ORMUS in his August 1994 Global Sciences lecture in Denver to the WhiteGold forum. Here is the quote she posted:


"There is a book being written on it, it will be out in 8 to 9 months also. It will be called ORMUS, it will be in all bookstores, we are not sure it will be published by one of the big houses, most likely, we will publish it ourselves. It will be a biography, it will be the story of my quest for the Holy Grail with all the details. The material will be available to all who seek it for the correct reasons at no charge."


If you question whether he really said ORMUS in this presentation you can listen to the clip that this quote was taken from at:





David Hudson used these two terms interchangeably. I have excerpted several other sound bites from Hudson's lectures that use the word "ormus". You can listen to these sound bites at:








Hudson uses this word in several of his other lectures, as well.


Hudson's indication that the term "ORMUS" might also be applied to these materials was also referenced in a discussion that took place on a now defunct forum called "TheWork" in May of 1997. Here is a portion of one of my posts on this subject:


From: Barry Carter <bcarter@igc.apc.org>

Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 17:50:17 -0700 (PDT)

To: TheWork@zz.com

Subject: Re: forming community / mana insights


Dear Friends,


I agree with Jerel's statements that what has been described as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMEs) or as monoatomic gold is really diatomic. Still there is quite a momentum behind calling these materials by Hudson's names. Personally I am using the term monoatomic less in favor of the term diatomic. I will probably continue to use the term ORMEs since it has another meaning besides the acronym meaning as Hudson pointed out in his lectures:


"Now if that isn't heavy enough for you, when I found out that the name for the golden tree of life was the ORME, ormus or ormes. And the name of my patent is Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements."


I disagree that the white gold is a dead end. Rather it is a good starting point. It has helped several people to gain the knowledge to discover more. It seems to be a "teacher" in that it opens up the chakras enough that further discovery can take place. The ORME rhodium seems to cure cancer. While this might not directly lead to enlightenment, it may help someone to stick around long enough to become enlightened.


Other technical uses of these materials will bring about a revolution in all parts of our lives.


With Kindest Regards,


Barry Carter


As you can see, I was initially opposed to using the word ORMUS when referring to these materials but the ensuing discussion on TheWork eventually convinced me that this was the best idea.


This discussion continued on and off for months. Other terms to describe these materials were suggested. In August of 1997 Manuel wrote:


“Shouldn't we perhaps look for a better term? Perhaps just ORE instead of ORME?”


Al-Kali suggested that we use the term AuM when referring to these materials.


Ultimately we decided to use the word ORMUS primarily because it was a word that Hudson had suggested and secondarily because if its rich historic context.


By September of 1997 the folks on TheWork had started working on a document for the Internet that would describe these materials and how to obtain them using the methods the Essene described. By October 5 this document included the following sentence:


"Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, we would like to suggest the terms ORMUS or m-state when referring to this state of matter."


When it was completed, I mailed this document to 50 web sites on April 8th, 1998. It was posted on a couple of these web sites by April 15, 1998. You can still find one of these original web pages at:




Even before this 1998 web exposure, the term ORMUS was in common usage on the WhiteGold forum and on TheWork.


The use of ORMUS in preference to ORMEs continued to increase on the WhiteGold forum and became part of the name of the ORMUS Science Workgroup forum when it was started in mid July of 1999.


It has also been the name of the ORMUS forum since I started it on February 2, 2004.


Our original definition of ORMUS indicated that it was interchangeable with the word ORME (except that it was not an acronym for any hypothetical description of these materials). We defined them as being the same thing.


Some have implied that only the material that David Hudson made and converted to a white powder can really be called ORME. David Hudson said many things in his lectures that contradict this.


In most of his lectures he says that ORMEs have been measured in many plants and in calf and pig brain tissue. Here is one example of this from his Dallas lecture:


"We took some calves brains and some pigs brains, and we did a destruction of the organic material and a metals analysis and over 5 percent, by dry matter weight, of the calves brains and the pigs brains, were rhodium and iridium in the high-spin state. And nobody in medical research knows that."


If the ORMUS/ORME elements are present in plant and animal tissues this means that they are soluble in ordinary water and that they are relatively abundant in ordinary water.


Hudson also claimed that these substances are relatively abundant in volcanic areas:


"The elements are quite plentiful particularly in volcanic areas or volcanic soil."


He linked their abundance to agricultural productivity:


"when these elements are present you have extremely great agricultural production. And you'll see that over in Hawaii, and places where there is volcanic ash and soil, um, the production is just unbelievably dense. Everything grows lush and so, I know that these elements are critical for there to be proper life. I know these elements must be present."


David Hudson even claimed that these elements are abundant in sea water. In his UFO Congress lecture David Hudson said that "gold out of sea water was the white powder gold". You can listen to this passage at:




David Hudson said that even distilled water contained these substances and that "if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water". He added: "There is something else besides H2O in the water."


Here is the entire quote from Hudson's Portland workshop about ORMUS in distilled water:


"This little zero point frequency I showed you between the positron and the electron; if you follow that right up the electromagnetic spectrum, it agrees with the molecular frequency of hydrogen dioxide, or water. So there is an affinity for this material and water. That's why it is normally taken in water. When you come to understand that your body is, in fact, mainly water. That, literally, this material when you distill water it distills with the water as the oridide, the iridide, the ruthidide. Just like chlorine. And so if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water. And it literally changes the bond angles of the water. That one iridium atom controls 56 waters of hydration around itself. And all the bond angles of all 56 waters are altered when iridium is present. I haven't carefully studied the research work of people working with water but I strongly suspect that their water isn't completely pure and they are finding that the bond angles can be changed. There is something else besides H2O in the water."


It is very clear from David Hudson's statements in his various lectures that he believed that ancient people made a white powder which was substantially the same, in terms of effects and benefits, as his white powder. It is also clear, from Hudson's lectures, that he did not believe the ancients used a high temperature "annealing" process which involved inert gases and pure hydrogen to make their white powders. In order to get his natural source ORMUS material to levitate and exhibit properties of superconductivity he had to separate the individual ORMUS elements and then "anneal" them many times using different heat limits for each element while keeping it in first an argon then a helium atmosphere. These conditions are not likely to occur in the ocean or in the precipitation process.


However, it looks like there are other conditions that bring about the levitation state of the ORMUS elements. Jim's description of "fly ash" sounds identical to Hudson's description of the m-iridium and m-gold levitating away from his hand. Michael Burbury also reported a similar effect with a substance he made by fermenting dew. You can listen to all three reports at:




As I mentioned earlier, in many of his lectures, David Hudson claimed that there is "monoatomic gold" in sea water. Here is an example from his first Dallas lecture:


"The Gods came here to Earth. They lived here on the Earth. They came here to mine gold out of the sea waters." Now right there most of you don't know much about chemistry but if it's soluble in sea water and stays in sea water, it's elemental gold. Metallic gold salt in the sea water would precipitate and come out. Okay, so it has to be elemental gold. Okay, as the "oroide", the monoatomic gold. They were not able to get enough gold so they begin to mine it in Africa so they could get more gold.


Don Nance's assays have confirmed that ORMUS is abundant in sea water. You can read more about this at:




Unfortunately we don't have any of David Hudson's assays that might confirm his claim that ORMEs are present in his materials.


Hudson's chemist told me privately that it is very important to have enough sodium chloride (salt) in your process. If you don't have enough salt then the boiling steps will drive the ORMUS off as a gas. The idea is that the salt provides some sort of "shielding" for the "Meissner effect" in the ORMUS. Though Hudson tended to keep this information proprietary he did talk about it peripherally in his lectures. Here is an example from his Dallas lecture:


The neat thing about gold, as compared to the other elements, is that gold can be purified by distillation. At 450 degrees elemental gold will resonance disconnect from itself and will go over as a gas and be re-condensed over here and be caught as white powder again. And so you can purify it, back and forth, by repeated distillation, and get a very high purity substance. It's called the "white dew", the "white condensate", "the white dove" or it's depicted as a white feather in the alchemical texts. Because that's the way it was purified as a volatile material.


Also listen to:




Jim also claimed that salt helped the ORMUS to stay around in the presence of magnetic fields. I confirmed this when I first used the peroxide method to convert gold metal to ORMUS gold. If I did not put salt in the solution I would get a real gold rush from breathing it as I raised the pH to precipitate the white powder. I describe this effect at:




Jim also mentioned the importance of a proper salt level to keep ORMUS around in magnetic fields at:




The Hudson quote above also suggests a method for assaying a portion of the ORMUS in sea water precipitate. Additional information from Hudson's newsletters suggests that m-gold and m-iridium will not dissolve in stomach acid:


"The ORME material as it is being produced at the present time, consists of seven different elements in the ORME state. Each element has its own individual characteristics, both physical and chemical. The most important property, which I believe is of concern to the majority of members is the reactivity of the ORME state with hydrochloric acid.


In the stomach, one of the main acids produced during digestion is hydrochloric acid. We know from our previous research that Osmium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium and to some degree, Platinum are all dissolvable with hydrochloric acid. Therefore, they would most likely be primarily digestible and absorbable into the natural digestive system. We have found, however, that Iridium and Gold in the ORME state are virtually insoluble in hydrochloric acid and therefore, would not be absorbable during the natural digestive process."


Based on Hudson's claims about these properties of the individual ORMUS elements, back in 1998 I suggested a method for a non spectroscopic assay for ORMUS in sea water.


Here is a web page I put up back in August of 1998 on this subject:




The first step would be to totally dry the precipitate, the second step would be to remove the magnesium and calcium, the third step would be to take the remaining precipitate down to the pH of stomach acid and the fourth step would be to heat the remaining solids to a temperature above 450 Celsius and below 650 Celsius.


This would separate the m-rhodium, m-iridium and m-gold into separate weighable components giving us an idea about their relative abundance in the dry precipitate.


Based on my suggestion a professional assayer developed the parting and assay method described at:




in the summer of 2001.


This is the method that Arthur at Liquid-Chi.com repeatedly used to confirm that his dried precipitate (which was over thirty percent spectroscopically invisible) had roughly the same amounts of m-rhodium, m-iridium and m-gold that the Essene claimed it had. (These amounts vary from one ocean water sample to another.)


The Essene claimed:


M-state Gold             8-14%

M-state Rhodium         30%

M-state Iridium           6-9%


In one of his tests Arthur got:


M-state Gold              8.4%

M-state Rhodium      31.2%

M-state Iridium         11.7%


Arthur says that he has done this repeatedly and the numbers are within a few percentage points every time.


Very few people have discovered new ORMUS elements. David Hudson discovered 12. Gary Higgenbotham discovered six additional ORMUS elements and Michael Burbury discovered seven additional ORMUS elements.


Michael is a professional metallurgist. He has made the white powder of 24 different elements using a variation of the peroxide method that I developed back in the summer of 1997. He has eaten all of these white powders. Michael has also converted ORMUS to metal. Michael says that he prefers the ORMUS precipitate from sea salt to any of the white powders from the metals. You can listen to his explanation of this at:




It is clear from Michael's statement that he believes the sea water precipitate is the "real thing" and is more beneficial than any of the ORMUS elements taken alone.


When I first met him the Essene claimed that he had been ingesting sea water precipitate since he was six years old. Here is a bit on this from one of the recordings I made when I visited him in October of 2000:


The Essene: I came into this life with the full memory of my past lives. I know how rare that is, but I don't brag about it. I knew how to do things all my life. When I was in school they'd put me in the back of the classroom and give me something to play with so I wouldn't disturb the class. They'd give me a test once a month, and that's how I went through school.


Barry: So when you were 6 years old and out fishing and dumped the fish out and got some water instead. You took it home and…


The Essene: I precipitated it with some of my mom's lye from under the sink. I just knew how much to use. And then I ate it, and I kept eating it. My parents weren't mad. My dad was relatively enlightened. Also, he was a college professor. It was alright. And I've been eating it all of my life.


Years ago the women used to make the m-state. They filtered the water through cloth. Then they made the m-state and they filtered that out with cloth. They put that in the dark and they dried it. Everybody had a little leather pouch that they put their m-state in and they took a little of it every day. The whole idea was not to get sick because if you got sick you died. So it was just like taking a vitamin for them. Nobody thought anything of it except that they knew they never got sick as long as they took their m-state.


I have been eating ORME precipitate from sea water for a decade. I have noticed many benefits and no detriments. Hundreds of others have also done this without problems.


While we don't have any scientific reports on the biological benefits of David Hudson's products we do have several such reports on the benefits of sea water precipitate. You can read a couple of these reports at:




Also see the story of the Essene's giant walnuts at:




Also please note that in the document that describes the Wet Method we placed the following warning:


"We do not recommend the ingestion of these materials since so little is known about them. This information is being provided so that scientific inquiry can commence into the nature of these materials."






you can read more of the warnings we included in the Wet Method document.


This document was written or approved as a joint effort by about seventy people on an ORMUS forum.


Still, one might say that Hudson defined these materials in his patent as being capable of superconductivity only after they had been repeatedly heated and cooled sequentially in a hydrogen atmosphere, then in an argon atmosphere then in a helium atmosphere. This is also not true.


In most of his lectures he talks about biological superconductivity and suggests that the ORMUS elements may be the key to it. You can find quotes from the scientific papers that Hudson often quoted on this subject at:




Here is one such quote from Hudson's Dallas lecture:


[1:21:15] "Magnetic flux quantization and Josephson behavior in living systems". Now, what they're talking about here is the Josephson junction, and that's a superconducting switch. Basically when you understand these are mono-atoms, resonance coupled, but if the magnetic field applied is great enough to break that resonance coupling then it stops the superconductivity, and that's called a Josephson junction. They gave a Nobel Prize to Brian Josephson for discovering that. But it's actually enough external magnetic field and instead of flowing more current it actually cuts between the superconductors, and because these are monoatomic resonance coupled systems, any external field that breaks that resonance coupling stops the superconductivity. And they have found, in evaluating the superconductivity in living systems, that in fact, if you apply too much magnetic field it stops it. And that number is somewhere around 8-10 gauss. So, people who are working with these high magnets and all, it's too much magnetic field. If you're around power lines, it's too much magnetic field. Tremendous implications here if you really start thinking about the economics of it, what's involved and basically they have found superconductivity and they found that it acts like Josephson junctions and "its coherent excitation in the biological systems have already been proposed", and they go on to discuss their findings. And "the Josephson effects are seen, an anomalous, non-Ohmic current", in other words it has no voltage, there's no voltage at all, it's just pure amperage, and anyway, they said it's identical to the Josephson junction effect.


Okay, next paper. This article is "Physica Scripta, Volume 40, 1989, pages 786-791". This is, "Biological sensitivity to weak magnetic fields due to biologically superconducting Josephson junctions". Good old big brother, Biological Laboratories, U.S. Naval Air Development Center in Westminster, Pennsylvania, and this one, they actually, at the very introduction here, in the summary, it says, "Various species of organisms can detect weak magnetic fields of .1 to 5 gauss", and that is in fact the field that this responds to. I'll tell you a very interesting phenomena, when we make this white powder under controlled atmosphere and it's sitting there in a sealed tube, you can run your hand about 6 inches under the tube and the material flies around, in response to your hand 6 inches away, through the quartz tube. But if you take a magnet and put it under it nothing happens. But if you put your hand back under it, it flies around again. And because superconductivity is flowing hundreds of thousands of amps in response to the tiniest magnetic field, but when you get up to too big a magnetic field, it all stops. So it's like you step on it and it quits moving, but you let your foot off, it starts going again. It's alive. Is everybody following this? Are we all pretty close on this? Okay. Huh? Say it again? (audience question) Oh, when we make it to the monoatomic state we hydrogen reduce it, we oxidize it, hydrogen reduce it and then we anneal away the hydrogen. In the annealing with the hydrogen it goes snow white. When it's in that snow white state, under an inert gas atmosphere and we cool it down, you can actually take your hand and run it about 6 inches under the tube, you know a long distance away from it, and the material flies around inside the tube. And yet if you take a magnet and run it 6 inches under the tube, nothing happens. And yet you put the magnet down and put your hand back and it flies around again.


I doubt that Hudson believes that this biological superconductivity is the result of the "annealing" process he describes in his patent. If biological superconductivity exists, as the scientific papers Hudson cites above suggest, then these same superconductive elements must be present in the air and/or water that plants are composed of.


Animals eat plants or other animals that eat plants. Plants are entirely composed of water soluble minerals and gasses from the air. This suggests that superconductive ORMUS elements must exist in water and/or in the air. Based on his understanding of this claim by Hudson, my friend Jim started designing and building magnetic traps to trap ORMUS (Jim called it mono) out of water. Jim says that his traps have produced trap "mono", which looks just like water, that weighs as much as 12 pounds per gallon. Ordinary water weighs about 8.33 pounds per gallon. Jim says that he has converted this trap "water" into metal and that he has gotten as much as two pounds of precious metal out of a gallon of the trap "water".


In the fall of 1997 I watched Jim run his trap and bubble the chemically converted water vapor from it through a molten lead-antimony alloy obtained by melting wheel weights.


As the ORMUS water vapor bubbled through this molten metal over a period of half an hour it raised the melting temperature above the temperature of the burner it was being heated on. This change of melting temperature suggests that the metal was now composed of a significant amount of metal with a higher melting point.


You can see a picture of the metal plates that we made using this process at:




I have one of these metal plates in my lap right now. This plate weighs 21.63 pounds or 9811.2 grams. You can see a picture of this plate at:




The lead-antimony alloy typically has a very "leaden" sound when struck. This plate rings when struck. I have recorded a video that illustrates the difference between the sound of lead and the sound of the lead-precious metal alloy in one of the plates that we made. You can view this video at:



In the video, the piece of metal on the right was made by bubbling the vapor of partially converted trap water through molten lead from wheel weights.


This suggests that the metal plate is composed of something other than lead and antimony.


The various elements have different weights for a given volume of the element. This property is called "specific gravity". (Water is assigned the specific gravity of 1.) A lead-antimony plate should have a specific gravity of 11.11. The actual metal plate in my lap has a specific gravity that is 4.69% greater than the specific gravity of the original lead-antimony mix.


Jim said that he did an assay on the drillings from one of these plates and the portion other than lead and antimony was about 92% platinum with a significant part of the remainder being gold. This would mean that about one pound of the weight of the plate would be platinum.


Kevin, another ORMUS researcher in Australia, developed a method to trap ORMUS out of the air. You can read about Kevin's method at:




Jim says that he has also trapped ORMUS out of the air and even converted it to metal. He said the trap ran 23 CFM of air for several hours. The metal from this trap was 76% silver with most of the remainder being copper. He said there was also a trace of gold. He also mentioned that the metal took longer than usual to show up using his conversion methods.


On two conference calls Michael Burbury described how he collected dew from the air and converted into a white powder that would levitate away from your hand like Jim's "fly ash" and David Hudson's "annealed" white powder.


Here again is the link to the descriptions of flying white powder from David Hudson, Jim and Michael Burbury:




To me it appears that the results which Jim, Kevin, Michael, Don and others have reported are a significant confirmation of David Hudson's claims that ORMEs/ORMUS are superconductors at biological temperatures in fresh water and that they are also abundant in sea water.


I really doubt that Hudson thinks that the method in his patent is the only way to create the magical white powder. In his lectures he frequently compares his white powder to the Philosopher's Stone of the alchemists. I doubt that he thinks that these alchemists made their white powder using the hydrogen and inert gas "annealing" process described in his patent.


Hudson also talks about how Moses made the powder of gold. I doubt that he thinks that Moses burned the golden calf and turned it into a powder using the hydrogen "annealing" process described in his patent.