Air Trap
by Kevin


In my deepest contemplations of all this, I see the central role of the vacuum. The role of vacuum as Ultimate Tyrant is best seen in the work of quantum/relativity cosmologists. It is the vacuum that determines the observed charge on the electron (for example) and all the other physical constants. These in turn determine the physics and chemistry of the material universe and the conditions that life (biochemistry-physiology) works within.

The medical project I work in daily has three premises that are in the process of being demonstrated by experiment:

1. The Vacuum is not isotropic (i.e. there are structures in the virtual particle flux)

2. Biosystems have an especially close relation with the Vacuum

3. Exploiting the close relation with the Vacuum, biosystems achieve changes in the physical universe that on the 'dead' laboratory bench are only achieved with high energy. (Eg sprouting seeds gain mass- a 'nuclear' process at room temperature)

So the bottom line is the coherence of the Vacuum, i.e. coherent patterns in the Vacuum, that affect matter. My lab work shows matter seriously affected by an anisotropic Vacuum (read aether) causes predictable changes in a target matter--typically to a covalent-grease manifestation, i.e. long chain polymers, in material that normally will not form polymers, eg ionic salts.

The ormus trap coheres the vacuum--sometimes very well and sometimes not so well according to design and materials--and I would suggest, to a lesser extent by timing. The work is the determination of the material, geometric, E field, B field conditions that promote useful coherence of the vacuum, since the coherence is affected by a lot of factors. I think surfaces are important. This could be a long discussion, but it seems to me that we cohere in our trap apparatus the vacuum like the biosystem already does. (This is where 'traditional' alchemy has become divorced from biology. How is distilling lead acetate going to lead to alchemy? The people who use this stuff do not understand the relationship between this salt and its aether parent).

I am thinking along the lines that:

The full moon/eclipse is essentially a gravitational issue--not lunar reflected EM light. I can collect our white matter indoors, away from actual moonlight from a water vortex tube as well as a dew condenser.

Ormus is also responsive to magnetic fields as well, as the vortrap design itself makes use of.

My emerging view is that these two energy systems, gravitational and magnetic fields, are carriers of ormus--bringing ormus in and out of the strictly physical world.

In Gravity - when sun/moon/earth line up, there is more 'salt' in the dew. In astrological terms, the two poles (sun/moon) are in 'equilibrium'.

In Magnetic field - ormus stabilises in a magnetic field vacuum, i.e. in magnetically shielded vessels. This is the breakdown of magnetic field polarity we all usually do experimental work in. Perhaps a nil magnetic field is a 'hole' in which ormus can manifest physically.

This last full moon, I have used an air vortex tube with magnets similar to Barry's water tube, and bubbled the separated cold air through various solutions. The solutions were housed in mu metal jackets, as was the cold air tube link. After bubbling through the solution, the air had to pass through a ring magnet (to repel any ormus back into the solution). With di-ethyl ether digestion on the solution, I get ormus grease, as from the water vortex tube. A 'blank' solution does not give this. There is a catalytic matter in the air, as in environmental waters. It is likely to be the same as the matter in dew.

Air Trap
Air Trap

Questions and Answers

Q. What is your air source?

A. Compressor.

Q, Are you using a standard vortex tube?

A. I had it manufactured in an engineering workshop according to designs on the web. High velocity. I used 12 ring magnets around the hot end of the tube and 8 discrete layers of mu metal around the cool end of the tube. The tube is made of brass tube and turned solid brass block, to allow for the magnetic fields from the magnets to penetrate the interior of the tube unhindered. This is one reason why I didn't use a standard vortex tube as they are usually stainless steel.

Q. How cold is your cold air?

A. 15-20 deg centigrade difference, but this is variable according to how much air is returned to the cold end with the adjustable needle valve.

Q. What is the humidity where you are?

A. 40-60%. Some water condensed (in ? and) around the vortex tube, but was not a problem.

Q. Is your vortex horizontal or vertical?

A. Vertical, to align the vortexes with the gravitational field.

Q. Did you map out any time fluctuations?

A. No, not yet.

Q. I wonder if m-state enriched air can be pumped into a room or a breathing apparatus, with beneficial effect, or compressed and stored for later use.

A. I have been thinking along these lines also.

Q. I have yet to do a diethyl ether extraction. How do you do this? Do you just shake, decant, and then let it evaporate? Or do you recycle the ether? What relative volumes of water and ether do you use?

A. Enough ether to saturate the solution and then some more to have a floating layer 5 mm thick or so, is what I have used so far. Warm it for a day or 2 at 40 deg cent., pipette the floating layer off and evaporate/distil. The grease remains.

Air Trap Ether
Ether floating on air trap water


Aqua regia is not the only way to dissolve gold. The alchemists used 'Mercury'. This is a confusing kind of technical term. As a solvent, it is really about the fixation of the universal spirit in the air (also called Universal Mercury, i.e. LIFE) onto matter from any of the three kingdoms. It is a merging of Life energy and matter. The tangible matter which is usually a salt, after the life spirit has been fixed on it, has its chemical and physical properties seriously bent. A sublimate from this union acquires a new property in that it can now dissolve gold--no HCl/HNO3. Not a fantasy. Our group has done it

'Mercury' was never intended to be the silver liquid Hg metal. It referred to the LIFE, whether intangible in space or as a tangible oil/sublimate when bonded to matter. One generation after Paracelsus, physicians prescribed Hg to be ingested for syphilis. Paracelsus cured this disease with "Mercury", but he intended by this term the Life principle, not Hg. He was addressing his disciples who knew what he meant.

The Philosopher's Stone according to the crushing majority of alchemical tracts is the result of a process. It is a process of evolution through death and rebirth brought about by the captured Mercury. It is clearly described as being NOT available to simply pick up off the ground or extract--as ready-made Philosophers Stone. The Mercury in the air, (read Life), when bonded to a matter gives a 'philosophical vitriol', a salt of unusual physico-chemical properties. This is digested and it separates into a red and white 'Mercury'--as oils, and a solid. These in union gave rise to the evolutionary process described by so many alchemists. In fact it is the manipulation of the white and red that is the beginning of most tracts. They assume you already have these.

David Hudson's interpretation disallows by omission the thousands of alchemists experiences and writings over the last 2500 years, who refer to the Peter Pan like Mercury in the air as the centerpiece of the praxis. Don't be hoodwinked into thinking that the DH interpretation of the Philosopher's Stone says it all. It falls far short. Again, I say the precipitate family has interesting properties. It may be a good starting point in the evolutionary bit, not an end.