Dead Sea Assays
by Don Nance

Greetings :)

Most of you are familiar with the Dead Sea. For those of you who are not then please visit my web site and look at the Dead Sea Manna page at:

Just scroll down the page and click on the Dead Sea Gold link...there may be something written there that you did not know :-)

There are various forms of the Dead Sea available to us in the U.S.

There is the sea salt, which is sold under various trade names and is mostly intended for use as a bath salt.

And there is the actual Dead Sea water, which I call brine because of its nearly saturated state.

There has been mention that the Dead Sea precipitates contain ORME/ORMUS/M-state. However, there has been great debate whether the dried sea salts contain the M-state elements or not, and if indeed the actual Dead Sea water does and indeed if the Dead Sea waters and salts available to us are actually from or of the Dead Sea at all.

To further complicate matters the Essene said that these elements were indeed present in those materials as well as the other oceans such as the Pacific and Atlantic, etc. That these elements could be brought out as a white powder/slurry and then reduced to metal.

He cited several processes which had been successfully applied to that end, including some of historical importance which the Essene claimed remembering having actually performed with King Solomon.

In a sustained effort spanning more than 4 years I have been attempting to separate fact from myth. I am not going to draw any conclusions for you and am just going to give this information to you with as much accuracy as I can.

I have investigated many source materials and have forwarded some of my findings, including the certified assays and spectroscopic analysis to Barry Carter who has been spending days sorting the various scans out and placing them into a format which is being made available to you:

This Series will deal mostly with the Dead Sea as well as with the common chemicals used by me in their making. I will say up front that I have also investigated many dry lake beds, ores and mineral materia from nature and have had comparable results. So, this information and the methodical thought processes behind the findings apply equally to the Dry Method precipitates, however, the yield varies tremendously from one ore to another.

To actually begin this exportation of information to you waiting information importers I'll begin with telling you that during the years I have acquired actual Dead Sea water and actual Dead sea salt through the Ministry of Trade in Tel aviv. So, when I say that this was Dead Sea water or actual Dead sea salt then you know what it is.

When working with other sources I will list the brand name and form ie, unscented, etc.

To begin: I believe that Barry has made all of the Dead Sea Series available on the same spreadsheet. Please just ignore the others until you know what they are, please :)

Lets assay the starting material! The name of the sample is in capitol letters and its description follows it...

DSB06 ................ This is actual Dead sea water analyzed by Group 2C-MS  by ICP-MS.
SPADSS .............  This is Spa Brand Dead Sea salt which is actual Dead sea salt and dissolved into commercial distilled water. Analysis is as above stated.
MAS106 .................. This is MASADA brand unscented bath salt which is dissolved into commercial distilled water. Analysis is 2C-MS as above. This is so commonly available that a lot of my work was done with it.

 The FLOW of the Work which is intended to ascertain if there are any changes to the material follows a logical pattern...The Essene and David Hudson both agreed that if the ORMEs/M-state is present that there are several things which tend to cause it to "make metallic bonds" or form metal. Some of these things are:

Sulfites (SO3)

Light, specifically deep infrared or higher, like UV and direct sunlight.

Carbon Monoxide, CO         (nope, that's really NOT a town in Colorado ;-)

Strong EMF, such as microwave, or even electric burner energy.

Elemental sulfur at high heat.  (Essene)


This is not a complete list but represents a lot of what I worked with.

As you can see from the brine assays listed above, the ORMEs do not show up. Please note the figures obtained for Au, Ag, Cu, Co, and all of the M-state elements. The only way to determine if they are present at this point in times seems to be to reduce them to metal and attempt to quantify.

The major purpose in all of this, for me personally was along this line of reasoning...

The Essene said that the black sand that he was providing was not going to be available forever...There is a need to find a replacement or probably something better :) I first began all of this Work with the mind set that if I find a source material which is most abundant in its ORME content then we would have the best medicine. Well, so far it hasn't worked that way but that was the reasoning behind it. All of this Work has definitely improved my processes and the potency and purity of my Manna so there has been significant benefit.

Much more research needs to be done.

The flow...

1) Assay the starting material.

2) Precipitate it and remove the precipitate slurry and assay it. Standard Wet Method was used.

3) Dry a sample of the same slurry under UV or direct sunlight. This should, according to Hudson and the Essene BEGIN its transformation to a metallic ground state or platform.  Assay it.

It is worth mentioning here that the Essene said that there were two primary platforms which are gold, Au and palladium, Pd but that silver, Ag was the very first to give up its "spin" and become more metallic. This actually seems to agree with my later assays which will be shown shortly.

4) Mix some of the same sample with sulfur and fire it at a high temperature.  Put some away, and the rest Assay it. The reasoning being that the sulfur steals the sodium off of the ORMEs at high heat and they have no choice then but to begin to form metallic bonds. Well, it may not be quite like that but I did it this way, which is very similar to what King Solomon's process was reported to be.

5) Wait 6 months to a year and assay some of the same material from step 4.  David Hudson and the Essene both say that it takes a year to "mature." AND sure enough, the material kept changing.

This above procedure was used to begin this Work...with both minor and major tweaking :-)

I'll take a break now and ask Barry to also make available the Assays for the following two samples:

RDL ................... Red Devil Lye

SMARTFG ....... Smart brand food grade muriatic acid from Lowes home improvement store.

Once all of this is available, I'll continue. Please hold most questions until you have looked at all of the Work and understand the processes involved.

As previously written, the flow of the Work is:

1) Get source material and Assay.
2) Precipitate it, separate the precipitate and Assay a sample of it.
3) Dry it under UV light or direct sunlight. Take a sample and Assay it.

There is more:

4) Burn it with sulfur or torture it in some other way which should reduce the ORMEs to metal.  Assay that...setting some aside to age.

5) Let it mature for 6 months to a year and Assay it again :)

I should also note that none of these assays are from a MSDS, I paid for these assays directly.

For most of this Work I was using Masada dead Sea bath salt, unscented.

The assay for this salt dissolved into commercial distilled water is sample:


I took this salt and water and precipitated it with Red Devil Lye solution (RDL mixed into distilled water at 125 grams per liter) as per the normally accepted Wet Method.

RDL is an assay of this solution. Red Devil Lye.

I let it precipitate and settle at about pH 10.7...when you are precipitating this material you get to a "plateau" where you are adding RDL solution but the pH is not rising. This energetic phenomenon seems to indicate the presence of ORMEs/M-state. Once you eventually go past this plateau the pH begins to rise quickly or spike upwards. I stop there.

I let the precipitate settle overnight and carefully pour the clear top water away.

I take just the precipitate and slowly add a 6N (about 20%) HCL solution made from the SMARTFG (food grade muriatic acid-Smart brand) while stirring like crazy and slowly reduce the pH of the slurry to around 8.0 - 8.5 (it wants to creep around a bit :)

An assay of this solution is sample SMARTFG (Smart brand food grade muriatic acid).

I let the pH adjusted slurry settle and separate it from the clear top water and wash it one time with three times as much distilled water as precipitate by volume.

I let it settle overnight again and separate it as the Materia.

I send a small portion of this off for Assay.

Sorry I don't have an assay of this phase available yet...My old computer ate it when it died and I am resubmitting a sample.

Next, I take a large sample and dry it under UV light. For this Work in particular I used a pair of 75 watt black lights under reflectors and the Materia was placed into a white casserole dish. The color may help to reflect some of the light rays back onto the Materia. I just let it sit there until it is thoroughly dry...usually 7 days, depending upon relative humidity and ambient temperature of the room, then I scrape it out with a stainless steel putty knife and grind it all up in a marble mortar and pestle.

I send a sample of it off for assay.

Sample DSU.VPH8 is this material.

If you compare this with the initial assay (MAS106) you may begin to see what I have been looking at.

The Ag has gone from <0.05 ppb  to 6.0 ppb
Au has gone from 0.31 ppb to 46.6 ppb.
Cu, Ni, Co everything is showing up more now.

I took some of the Dead Sea Brine, the actual whole Dead Sea water and did all of the above to it.

The only difference was that I took the wet precipitate and continued washing it until there was no taste of salt in the clear top water before I dried it under the same light kit as previously mentioned for 7 days. I ground the Materia up in the mortar and sent it off for Assay.


Hummm...less Ag and more Au. than the DSU.VPH8 sample and still quite a bit of sodium (Na). It was washed profusely compared to the DSU.VPH8 sample so something is holding the salt...I couldn't taste it at all.

Now the next phase of the Work begins to get really me anyway :)

The Essene and David Hudson had both pointed to several catalysts which make the ORMEs fall to metal. I always use the term FALL to metal but not to irk the chemists here ;-) because technically speaking, the metallic form is a higher energy state. However, my body and my consciousness tell me otherwise :)

Metal IS the fallen state/form, IMO

What they had both pointed to was:

UV or sunlight...I can tell you that if you leave this Materia in the light for a long time, it gets more and more metallic.

The FORM does not end with my assays...nor does the change in form.

Sulfur and sulfites are another catalyst which they both pointed to for causing metallic bonding.

I took some of the UV dried Material, weighed out 40 grams, mixed it intimately with some garden variety sulfur, specifically Dragon brand of powdered sulfur which I got at a Home Depot or some other like place and mixed 40 grams of it in, the assay on the bag said 95% sulfur and listed no metals, but I never assayed it. It costs about $4 for 4 pounds, so I am certain it is just loaded with goodies like platinum and Iridium...NAH...just jesting :)

I placed this into a stainless steel pot, covered it with a stainless steel lid , placed it over a 170,000 BTU propane burner and burned it full throttle for about 1/2 an hour.

The sulfur goes up pretty quickly and so does the temperature. The bottom and sides of the pot were cherry red. I found out in subsequent experiments that this is not hot enough to melt Cu, Ag or Au metals. This process using the tools I was using could not really replicate Solomon's Work which involved the actual smelting of the metals.

So, I figured that any gold or silver which came out of the pot most likely had to have been from M-state elements and/or mostly through condensation.

Since I had seen gold form onto a propane burner during an M-3 sodium burn where the temperatures were not hot enough to melt gold, let alone boil and vaporize it, (which is about the only way that I know of for condensing gold metal from metal onto a nearby cold spot, like a propane burner which is itself cooled by the gas which feeds the fire) I have been aware of the possibility that these fire processes actually vaporize some of the M-state. Then it can condense into either the metallic form or back into the M-state, depending upon which condition necessary for which formation is the most prevalent. Sometimes it seems to do both.

(M-state gold vaporizes at just 425 degrees C...which is exactly why M-state gold will not show up in a fire gets lost to the vapor phase of the roast!)

We sent a sample of this burn off for an assay and the fire assay came back as:

0.4 Oz./ton Ag  ....that is 9600 ppb
0.04 oz/ton of Au ...this is 512 ppb

Humm! The initial assay of the source material said less than 0.05 ppb of Ag and 0.31 ppb of Au.

The dry white powder before burning weighed 40 grams. I really don't know what it weighed after burning because I no longer have those notes.

But, we are in the process of retrieving this assay as the copy is still in Virginia.

Take a look at sample:


This is the very same materia...a little less than a year later.

Is Transmutation Just Accelerated Evolution ?

Is Transmutation actual manifestation by condensation?

So now we are at a point where we are intending to reduce this material to a metallic form no matter how violent we need to get to accomplish it :-)

The Essene said that King Solomon would use the top layer of the white precipitate powder which had been dried by the baking sun.

He would mix that with brimstone and reduce it with iron in a reverbatory furnace, using silver as a collector of the gold and using iron to scavenge-collect the "trash" metals.

I did a few experiments using silver shavings and once or twice a silver coin but never got enough heat to melt these using the tools available to me.

Smelting metals has never held much appeal to me and really good furnaces are beyond my budget but we'll talk about that Ag coin a little later on.

So far it seems that what the Essene and David Hudson both had to say about these materials has validity.

Something that the Essene said a telephone conversation really confused me. He said that these elements change from the nucleus and he even sent a clear mental picture to me. I could *see* what he was telling me but still did not understand what it meant.

I began investigating isotope data from the Sheffield computer in England. At if you engage the Professional Edition you will find links to the currently accepted isotope data to the left of each individual elements' description page.

For instance, if you click on Ag there is a link on the left hand column, near the bottom, for isotope data.

There are links for Natural isotopes and for Radioisotopes.

The Essene and David Hudson said that when you try to force this material to metal that there is radiation emitted.

This pointed me to the radioisotope data.

Suppose you are interested in transmuting mercury (Hg) to gold (Au).

Looking at the radioisotope data for Hg (which is atomic weight 200.59) you find four listed, from lightest to heaviest:


The mass, half-life, mode of decay, nuclear spin and nuclear magnetic moment data are all listed there. If you don't know what they mean you may wish to read about them at the Webelements site.

What is worth a hard look at is the Mode of Decay information.

Understanding that this data was obtained artificially is also worth noting. That information does not include what may be happening in Nature but gives us an illustration, if you will, of what "may" be happening all day, every day, in Nature.

Looking at 197Hg, it tells us that its Mode of decay is:

EC to 197Au.

So, with a change in electron configuration 197Hg becomes gold. It just needs some excuse to change its electron configuration (EC) as it already has the correct nucleus for gold. The data specifies that it has a Half-life of 2.672 days.

If you were to want the chosen element to gain weight, then that is almost always where the radiation emission occurs.

The isotope 203Hg, still mercury but is "heavy mercury" can move to 203Tl (Thallium) with a Beta radiation emission.

Looking at other elements...listing up /down in weight:

Gold moves down to platinum with EC.

Gold moves up to mercury with beta emission.

Silver moves up to cadmium with beta emission.

Silver moves down to palladium with EC

Palladium moves up to silver with beta emission.

Palladium moves down to rhodium with EC.

What the Essene and David Hudson were both saying is that this type of thing is occurring constantly in nature.

The Works published by C. Louis Kervran in France prove Biological Transmutations back in the 1940's but his numbers were so small, literally reporting in milligrams, that his information has largely been ignored by Western man. It would appear that Americans like "sensational" numbers or they will just ignore some of the most important Work ever performed.

Lately, medical science has rediscovered his Work and rightly so, as it shows us how living things change one element into another element constantly.

Getting back to the Work at hand...

When I mixed the white powder with sulfur and fired it at high heat it produced a little bit of Au and little bit of Ag. It also produced some form of radiation. After doing this a few times, along with being exposed to noxious sulfur fumes and probably a host of monoxide gasses, I became deathly ill.

So I don't do that anymore :-)

I immediately sent a sample off for fire assay...the results came back as:

0.4 oz./ton of Ag.
0.04 oz./ton of Au.

As previously mentioned I am attempting to get a copy of that assay. (Chris Cristopherson performed it.)

The assays for MULTIBURN are assays of the Masada Dead Sea precipitate burned as said above. After more than a dozen different burns, where I would look at the material each time to see if anything different occurred, I would just dump the sulfide mat into a plastic HDPE bucket and cover it with its lid. It was all the same Materia pretty much treated the same way. No metals were added at any time. The variations were the amount of white powder in relation to the amount of sulfur used.

When I sent the sample out for assay I stirred the entire mess up and took a portion from the bottom, some from the middle and some from the top. The material had been sitting for months in the dark, with its lid on.

If you look at the results, one thing is quite obvious, the amount of silver greatly increased. So did the Au. Also, platinum and palladium suddenly "show up!"

Something else to notice is that boron really grew! Boron isn't normally considered an ORMUS element. Yet many of these other elements changed.

By themselves?


Things that make you say "Huh?"

I could tell you that I think that during the burns, since there is a tight lid on the crucible that the ORMEs are largely vaporizing and recondensing again as the burn cools.

Those burns did not get hot enough to vaporize m-rhodium, m-iridium, and several other M-elements which I am certain are actually still there in the mix. But since they are invisible to assay I'll not be able to prove or disprove this possibility until I can get some better equipment.

So the Work need to go onward.

The door has been opened and progress has been made. It took four years to get this far. Yet the evidence is irrefutable.

When you look at a burned sulfide mat it is an ugly, black, stinking mess. If you are expecting to see bright, shine gold and silver you would be very disappointed. What you will see are mostly oxides of the elements and the only way to what you may have is to assay it.

Fire assays don't lie. They will show you the gold and the silver (metal) that other scans will miss. However, they will NEVER show gold and silver that is not there.

I have taken Silver from Masada Dead Sea salt solution which assayed to contain < 0.05 ppb (parts per billion) of silver (Ag) and have gotten 279.408 oz./ton from it.

I have taken gold from Masada Dead Sea salt solution which assayed to contain 0.31 ppb (parts per billion) of gold (Au) and have gotten 1.4 oz./ton from it.

Yes. There are ORMEs in sea salt.

Don Nance
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