Electromagnetic Separation
by Barry Carter

A pulsed magnetic field can cause an ORMUS rich solution to bubble as if it were boiling. These bubbles are ORMUS gas coming out of solution. You can collect this gas by directing it into a condenser inside a magnetically shielded container. Below is an image of the electromagnet used in this experiment:


Following is the transcript of a conversation I had with Jim on July 21, 2000:

Barry: What does the electromagnet do to the HR material?

Jim: It spins it in one dimension, is what it does.

Barry: Un huh, how does it do that?

Jim: Because it has enough gauss that, unlike your usual magnets, it will align paramagnetics and diamagnetics will go against the lines of force. This puppy absolutely pins them against the wall. It is over five hundred thousand gauss. Consider that a speaker magnet is only twenty eight thousand gauss in a half millimeter wide gap; the rest of it is nearly eight hundred to a thousand gauss. This is 500 times stronger than a barium-ferrite magnet.

Barry: And what happens when it does that to the m-state?

Jim: If the magnetic field is introduced slowly, it just slowly pins it. If it hits it fast, it's about six feet up in the air.

Barry: So, when you take the m-state and it gets out of here, how do you catch it again?

Jim: Um, there's various modes. When you sit there and hit this with consecutive pulses, it looks like gasoline boiling. It literally starts with microfine bubbles, just billions of them at the bottom and it's a froth at the top. And that's what it looks like when you magnetically pump the stuff out of a container. And then, literally, it condenses in a mu shielded, warm tube as a grease or a clear oil.

Barry: How thick is the oil?

Jim: Quite waxy. It looks like high vac grease.

Barry: And how long does that stay around?

Jim: It evaporates. The minute you take it out of the mu shielded container, it evaporates.

Barry: If you cap it, can you take it out of the mu shielded container?

Jim: I seriously doubt it. And you can see vapors coming off of it as it evaporates. You can see distortions just like heat waves through the air. Quite interesting.

When it evaporates it accumulates in specific areas. It does not just continue to go off into space. Literally, you'll see it in a comfortable part of the room, accumulate.

Barry: You see it and other people don't see it, right?

Jim: No, actually I think several people saw it.

Barry: Good, good; ectoplasm.

Jim: And they all said that it smelt like a spring in the hills or something. You know how you smell all the various blossoms?

Barry: Oh yea, oh yea.

Jim: You can't i.d. one particular type but you can smell the sweetness?

Barry: Yep.

Jim: That's how it was described in terms of smell. And the visible part was seen by all, especially coming off the beaker.

Barry: Did anyone else have any funny experiences?

Jim: I'm the only one that walked into a door; or a wall, as it may be.

Barry: You tried to walk through a wall?

Jim: Yes, didn't see it. I had the purple background illumination going to the point that I was not seeing this realm as well as I was seeing some other realm or I wasn't awake or something.

Barry: Did anyone else have any effects at all?

Jim: Definitely noticed, K noticed a distorted sense of perception. When he went to walk and stuff, he said it was like flying on acid or something because where he expected his feet to hit is not where it was hitting. He said he was feeling disoriented, also light headed and said he was having "visual acuity background noise", as he calls it.

Barry: Wow, okay!

Jim: Other than that, no.

Barry: Very interesting.

So, how would you contain it if you wanted to contain it? Keep it in a mu shield, cap it?

Jim: Proper salt level or if we provided a porous binder, lets say, an organic binder for minerals--already FDA accepted--it would incorporate it into that binder material.

Note: Jim said that he could get a rich ORMUS solution to "boil like gasoline" at room temperature by hitting it with a 500,000 gauss electromagnetic square wave pulse at 17hz on a 40-60% duty cycle.

He claims that the off-gas will condense in a magnetically shielded container as a grease but that this grease will quickly "evaporate" when removed from the magnetic shielding.

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