ORMUS - Scientific Overview
by Barry Carter

I am working with a group of scientists and laypersons that are exploring the properties of a group of elements that appear to exist in a new state of matter. These elements in this state exhibit a number of Bosonic properties at biological temperatures and have been measured in various biological systems.(1)

We have determined that these are the precious metal elements in a non-metallic state, which we call ORMUS or m-state. We have also determined that these m-state elements are much more abundant in nature than their metallic counterparts.

We have extracted the m-state elements from water, air and rock. We believe that many of the familiar properties of water are the result of the presence of the ORMUS elements in it.(2)

We believe that the m-state elements were not previously isolated and identified because they exist as Cooper-paired Bosons without available valence electrons and which, therefore, are not susceptible to spectroscopic identification.(3)

While there are a number of simple methods to concentrate, extract or convert these materials it is still quite difficult to make positive identification of the elements involved.(4) Positive identification requires that the m-state element be converted to its metallic counterpart and then identified using spectroscopy.

Since these elements have been isolated from brain tissue at a fairly high level, (5% by dry matter weight) we believe that they may play a crucial role in consciousness. Perhaps as a quantum-coherent, superconducting system in the microtubules of the cell.(5)

At this point we are still very low on the learning curve in relation to the ORMUS elements. We can isolate and identify them. We can convert metal to m-state and m-state to metal. Some of us have been ingesting these materials for several years in a more concentrated form. A few biological studies have been done and more are planned. We have demonstrated effects, which suggest superconductivity at biological temperatures.(6) People with a variety of illnesses have ingested these materials with amazing results.(7) Some technological uses have been explored but nothing is to a marketable point. And, several good ORMUS products have become available for purchase.(8)

We have not quantified or replicated many of our observations. Many of our theories are based on one or two observations and need to be further verified.

These materials look like they may be the keystone in the bridge between science and spirit.

I have set up a number of email forums for discussion of, and research into, the ORMUS materials and their implications. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about the m-state elements and I can direct you to the proper venue.

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