Health Effects of the ORMUS Elements

Natural Sources of ORMUS Elements

From Dallas lecture and workshop, February 10 and 11, 1995

From Portland lecture, July 28, 1995

Notes from Portland workshop, July 29, 1995

Notes from Ashland, Oregon lecture, October 27-28, 1995

Notes from Tampa outline, November 3&4, 1995

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From binga's phone Interview with David Hudson, May 31, 1996

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Reports of another researcher

From Dallas lecture and workshop, February 10 and 11, 1995

Now, what does it do? I'm not a doctor so I can't practice medicine. Anything that is administered to someone for the purpose of curing a disease is medicine. So therefore I can't tell you on tape what's been done with it, what the doctors who have giving it have done with it, but I can tell you that at 2 mg. it totally has gotten rid of Karposi Sarcomas on AIDS patients, at 2 mg. per day. 2 mg. per day. There's 32,000 milligrams in an ounce, 2 mg. is nothing. And it gets rid of "KS". I can tell you that people who have taken it, at 2 mg. injections, within 2 hours, their white blood cell count goes from 2,500 to 6,500 white blood cells. I can tell you that stage 4 cancer patients have taken it orally, and after 45 days have no cancer anyplace in the body. We're not gonna go into any more specifics than that. I will talk to you about it later when the cameras aren't running.

I am not a doctor. My purpose in this was not to cure diseases and illness, but I did want to know "does it work"? It's been used on Lou Gehrig's disease, it's been used on MS, it's been used on MD, it's been used on arthritis, it's been used on, ah, what else, that's all that's coming to mind right now, and it just does some very remarkable things in the body. The most important thing that it does and the real reason this is here is not as a medicine.

We don't have all the answers yet. There's a tremendous amount of research study that needs to be done by the medical people on it. We have an awful lot of doctors already working on it. AIDS, cancer all working on it. We have National Institute of Health licensing and permitting to do it. And, ah, all I can tell you is it's here, it ain't going to go away if you don't believe it, and ,ah, it will change the world more than anything in the last 2,000 years.

Okay, do understand that .... the question was, "Do the people who take it for the medicinal purposes have the same things happen to them as the people who took it for philosophical reasons?" First of all, the fellow who took it for philosophical reasons fasted for 40 days and took 500 mg. per day, the people who took it for medicine took 50 mg. a day. So, you know, there's a big.....

(Question - They didn't have any of the side benefits?)

They didn' one has commented on the sound, however it is coincidental to me that the lady who had the stage 4 cancer now is a Sikh, wears the white robes and everything. The two AIDS patients say that they have never been religious, but they just feel more one with their Creator. They just feel like there's a oneness. And I've never solicited this information. They don't know anything about the other people. It's curious that, of what they are telling me. So it is changing the way they see themselves in the life process.

From Portland lecture, July 28, 1995

I really became intrigued with this stuff. What would happen if we give this material to people? It's not metal-metal bonding so it doesn't have heavy metal properties. So first of all we got a golden retriever and gave the material to the golden retriever. This golden retriever had tick fever, valley fever and a large abscess here on his side. And none of the veterinarians could find any medicine that would get rid of it due to the combination of all three diseases. And they just gave up; they weren't going to cure him. We began giving him one cc injections of one milligram of the white powder. One shot in the tumor and one shot in the blood stream. After a week and a half the tick fever was gone, the valley fever was gone, the tumor has shrunk down and disappeared. So we stopped the injections. About a week later it starts coming back again. So we start giving the injections again and it shrunk back down again. This time we continued about a week longer and then when we stopped it never came back. The dog felt great.

So then the doctor we were working with said you know this is really incredible stuff. He said you know I have an assistant that works in my doctor's office who is a day or two away from death with aids. He is being fed intravenously right now. He can't speak, he can't dress himself, he is dying. So he said "I'm going to start giving him just a little bit of this material and see what happens. A week and a half later he had pulled out all the feed lines out of his arms, he was feeding himself normally, getting dressed on his own, just doing great. A month and a half later he was on an airplane going back to a family wedding in Indiana and nobody even knows he has aids.

This doctor says "Dave, this is like a magic material." So he got a patient who had KS; Karposi Sarcoma which is the cancer you get all over your skin. This man had over thirty lesions all over his body and we began to give him one milliliter injections into his blood stream. After a month and a half there was no more active KS on his body. One milligram per day! Now if you are familiar with KS there is only one treatment and that is radiation treatment. And after a while you get the maximum amount of radiation and they have to discontinue the treatment, then you get worse and die. And this totally got rid of KS lesions.

Then we started working with another patient who was actually not gay. This woman had received the aids virus in an invitro fertilization that was done down at the University of Arizona. There were ten women who received the semen from this patient who had the HIV virus. She was the only one who got aids. She had it for 11 years. She was really starting to go down hill. Her white blood cell count and her T cell count were really classic. We gave it to her orally for the first time and basically there was no change in her white blood cells and her T cells. Now when we give it by injection the white blood cell count goes from 2200 to 6500 in an hour and a half. Unbelievable.

When we take it orally nothing happens to the white blood cell count. Which is the only analytical battle we have available. After a month she said "I want the injection; I want to see this increase my white blood cell count." So we prepared her a shot and she took the material by injection. At the same time we gave her the shot, we pulled blood samples and sent them to [Noing?] Laboratories in southern California for an infected virons per milliliter of blood analysis. She took the first injections. She got high fevers, just like everyone does, so we said cut it in half. She cut it in half, (actually the doctor cut it in half) the next day she took it and she went into seizures and she died. I just found out from a man in San Francisco that people who have taken AZT; that AZT can cause brain lesions and Hodgkin's lymphomas in the brain. Anything that dramatically stimulates the immune system can cause them to go into seizures. And so we don't take someone with AZT and give them the injections. By that time we got our analysis back from [Noing?] Laboratories and it said the infected viron count was so low that this woman shouldn't even know she had aids. Now we didn't do an analysis up front so we decided well we'll start giving this to people after we do a lab analysis. We worked with a man who had an infected viron count of 57,000. He was so weak that he could hardly walk; he used a cane. The doctor said he gave him two to three weeks to live. He took this material orally and it took about 60 days to begin to drop the infected viron count. After 60 days it went down 30% every thirty days. By the end of seven months it was so low they couldn't even detect it any more in his blood. And that's taking 50 milligrams per day orally.

Now do understand, I'm not a doctor. I have no interest in becoming a doctor. What I wanted to know is, is it possible that this stuff works? That is all my interest was. There was one doctor in North Phoenix that I gave two bottles of the dried material to and he gave it to two cancer patients. One was forty two years old and the other was fifty seven years old. They both had breast cancer. The forty two year old woman had had her breast removed two years earlier and had extensive radiation treatments. After two years she was having pain in her neck, pain in her ribs. She went to a chiropractor that couldn't help her. She finally ended up with an oncologist who said she had cancer in her neck, her shoulder, her back, her spine, and your ribs. He said it is stage four, get your affairs in order. We can give you chemo-therapy but you are going to die.

The woman went to this doctor. He gave her these capsules which was a month and a half worth of pills. She took this material, at a hundred milligrams, for a month and a half. At the end of the month and a half she went back to the oncologist. She had no cancer anywhere in her body. I didn't even know who the woman was. I had nothing to do with giving her the material. I get this phone call and this woman says "Mr. Hudson, I don't know who you are or what this material is, but it is really fantastic material. And she told me the story.

The fifty seven year old woman it apparently didn't work on. We were then back at the University of Chicago having cancer studies done with mice. And what we found is about half the mice it killed of cancers but the other half the cancers grew faster. But at the end of the study the cancer researchers injected the mice with estrogen. Which should have caused the cancers to even grow faster. Instead as soon as the estrone hit their bodies; within twenty four hours all the cancers were gone. And so what I tell people right now is anyone who is over forty years of age I strongly recommend that they take a DHEA or some female hormone because in treating breast cancer the female hormone plays an important role in the treatment of the breast cancer.

Now I'm not presenting this to you as technical information. I'm presenting this to you as my experience and what I can tell you about it.

We also had a doctor in Florida who was giving it to a pancreatic cancer patient, last November. He was dramatically loosing weight. He did not expect him to survive. So they were desperate for anything. He took this for sixty days and has now gained all his weight back and is doing just great today. The doctor doesn't understand it. He is just totally blown away about how it could happen because nobody survives pancreatic cancer.

This is not an anti-anything. This is not anti-aids. This is not anti-cancer. This is pro-life. It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure aids. The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies. It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in. It is our own immune system that fights and cures the disease. If you can correct your DNA at every cell in your body. If you can correct the damage that's been done that brought about the cancer, if you can correct the damage that has been brought about by the virus; the aids you literally will become a perfected being. You will return back to the original healthy state you were meant to be in. This is not a medicine. This material is, in fact, a philosophical material. It is here to enlighten and to raise the consciousness of mankind. If in doing that it happens to cure diseases so be it.

Notes from Portland workshop, July 29, 1995

Discusses natural plant sources of monoatomic materials.

Essiac tea. Sheep sorrell and slippery elm bark are high in rhodium and iridium. Plug for Vitali-Tea. "Is particularly great for people who have mouth cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer any cancer of the soft tissues. The one area it doesn't seem to work is cancer of the lymphatic system."

Carrot juice has high amounts of rhodium only. Rhodium is the cancer cure.

Products made by Emprise corporation: Manaloe and Acemannan DHEA precursor called Emprise Plus. All contain rhodium and iridium.

"The product that is made by Carrington Laboratories, it is called Acemannan is actually cleared by the AMA and FDA for cancer treatment in animals. It has not been cleared for cancer treatment in humans. However, they are selling more of it than if all the animals in the U.S. had cancer. So what they know is that the aids community has found out about it and is taking the material. When it is injected into the blood stream, which is the way it is administered, there are dramatic increases in white blood cells and T-cells. After injecting Acemannan, which is 90% rhodium, into the blood for a month and a half, the thymus grows by about 40%. The thymus is what produces the T-cells. The thymus grows. If you don't know this, from the age twelve on most peoples thymus begins to shrink. They have evaluated aids patients who have died and done biopsies on them and they find the thymus is unusually shrunken. This does increase the size of the thymus dramatically and it is the rhodium that does it."

Discusses different effects of rhodium, iridium and gold.

"The iridium and the gold seem to speed up the metabolism of the body about 40% and they seem to not go into the bloodstream and not go through the kidneys. It seems to be taken into the acupuncture system of the body and it seems to be associated with the spinal cord and the thymus. Which, in fact, is the consciousness and the metabolic rate of the body.

Other products that you might be familiar with is the Kabuchi or the Chinese mushroom. That has rhodium and iridium. Not that much but it is in there.

Another excellent product is the aloe vera plant. The cold extract aloe vera. Now I want you to know there are cold extract aloe veras that are excellent. There is a product called R-Pur Aloe, made over in Colorado, that is an excellent product. I have actually gone to High Health and purchased cold extract aloe vera from High Health and there is absolutely nothing in it. And so just because the label says that it is aloe vera gel doesn't mean it is a good product."

Flax oil has rhodium and iridium.

Almond seeds also have it.

Apricot seeds have it.

Grape juice has it as does grape seed.

Water cress has a lot in it.

Discusses Vibhuti, 94% iridium in the high spin state, forms a long chain polymer.

Carrots raised on black humic soil at MIU have no monoatomic material. It must be raised on volcanic soil.

Blue green algae also contains rhodium and iridium.

Notes from Ashland, Oregon lecture, October 27-28, 1995

"First of all, if you use the rhodium and iridium, one of the things you can see is that in the first 3 to 4 weeks the tumor actually appears to grow faster. So if you have taken a biopsy, and found that you have a tumor, if you take the rhodium and iridium, in the first 3 to 4 weeks the magnetic resonance imaging will show it's growing faster, which really scares people. They say 'God, that's not what I want'. What you have to understand is, that the dense cancer tissue, when the tissue is converted to healthy tissue, it enlarges in size. And so if the physical tumor is this large (gesture), when it's cured will be this large (gesture). It actually gets larger because it's going to healthy tissue. It's called necrosis in the medical community. Its the opening up of the tumor, okay, and the going to normal. After 60 days you do a biopsy on the tumor and its no longer cancer. Its a benign tumor. The doctors who surgically remove the tumor say 'Gosh, it looks like cancer, looks like it ought to be cancer, it was cancer 60 days ago; its just not cancer now...I don't know what to explain.' Well, that's okay. It takes about a year and a half for all this mass of tumor to dissolve away.

So... if you have a cancer in the brain, if you have a brain tumor, my advice is to stay away from this. And the reason for it is there seems to be a growth. And that's a problem when you have a brain tumor because your brain is encapsulated in a skull, which has a limited amount of room. And so I advise people, you can have surgically implanted a radioactive iridium pellet -which you don't have to have radioactive, you can put the [non-radioactive] iridium and it goes away too, but they make it radioactive so that standard science can accept that this is why its going away; I thought 'That's stupid' when I read that. Anyway then, implant this pellet in the tumor, and the tumor shrinks down to the point that they can surgically remove it, without hurting the brain. Then they actually take the tumor out and they take the pellet out also. Then you can take the material. Okay? But my advice to you is to be careful in dealing with brain tumors, because you do have a space limitation here."

Notes from Tampa outline, November 3&4, 1995

1:38:50 - We injected 1mg into the dogs tumor and it went away. Was then given to HIV patient. 2mg. every other day.

1:40:25 - Treated Karposi Sarcoma. 2mg. per day for a month and the lesions were totally gone.

1:41:10 - We have since worked with cancers, ALS, MS, MD, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer. With brain cancer where there is a size limitation you don't want to use this material since it will cause the tumor to expand and open up at first.

1:42:00 - It is now being evaluated under the NIH alternative medicine division back in NYC. We are doing work in Ashland, Oregon. We're doing work in Atlanta, Georgia. We're doing work in Phoenix and Tucson developing data on the information.

3:24:55 - Platinum Metals Review, 1990, Volume 34, Number 4, page 235 - Biophysical Studies of the Modification of DNA by Antitumour Platinum Coordination Complexes. The modification of DNA by cisplatin has been examined. Anti-tumour active Pt compounds induce in DNA, at low levels of binding, local conformational alterations which have the character of non-denaturing distortions. These changes in DNA occur due to formation of inter-strand cause links...". Talks more about the things that pin high spin elements to a low spin state.

3:30:10 - Scientific American, May 1995 "The researchers examined the electrical properties of short lengths of double-helix DNA in which there was a ruthenium atom at each end of one of the strands. Meade and Kayyem estimated from earlier studies that a short single strand of DNA ought to conduct up to 100 electrons a second. Imagine their astonishment when they measured the rate of flow along the ruthenium-doped double helix: the current was up by a factor of more than 10,000 times-over a million electrons a second. It was as if the double helix was behaving like a piece of molecular wire.

For some time, chemists have suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecule, a route that does not exist in the single strand. Here was confirmation of this idea."

What they are measuring is really superconductivity.

From Newsletter 1, October 13, 1995

An M.D. doctor in the state of New York is setting up to treat approximately 30 HIV patients with the sacramental material. All initial blood information as well as information on the monthly progress will be reported to the Alternative Medicine Division of the National Institute of Health (NIH). None of the names of the patients or the participating doctors records can be subpoenaed or prosecuted by law.

The doctor from Florida who has treated the pancreatic cancer patient is coming to Phoenix today, and I hope he can work with the NIH program also.

A clinic in the Portland area is attempting to set up a long term study on about 10 test subjects which they will select for philosophical studies. They have represented to have 6 M. M.D.'s a psychiatrist, 2 naturopaths, an acupuncturist and the ability to perform Kerlian photography.

From Newsletter 2, November 9, 1995

In Ashland, Oregon the doctors came to meet with me about the philosophical studies. They had a Ph.D. attend my presentation in Ashland and he subsequently agreed to oversee the studies. They have excellent brain wave monitoring equipment to follow changes in consciousness. They also want us to construct some sealed ampules with pure white powder in them as "aura detectors".

An M.D. in Georgia is performing cell culture studies on tissue and blood cultures. One of the top engineers in electronics living in Boca Raton, Florida, is evaluating the uses of ORME Iridium in high Q electronic filters. Any positive information will be sent to Westinghouse for consideration. Cell engineering specialty work is already being conducted on cell culture studies, blood cancer tissues, etc. to see the effect of the ORMES with the DNA. His work is going to be very significant in learning the actual mechanism of the reactions in the body.

I have recently been contacted by an M.D. in North Carolina who wants to do studies on the ORMES and is mailing protocol on this proposed testing. His main interest is in the immune system and its reaction with our tissue.

The M.D. doctor in the state of New York has completed all of the forms as required by the NIH. As soon as he has received their approval his studies will begin on the HIV patients.

From Newsletter 3, December 29, 1995

A patient who was losing his eyesight due to an infection of the optic nerve has taken the rhodium and iridium orally for 30 days and has told me that his eyesight has returned.

We have learned from cell culture studies from several different laboratories that the Rh-Ir Ormes mixed only with water do not affect cancer or healthy tissues but their affinity for themselves is greater than that attraction in the cell. We therefore, have concluded that the Ormes must either be in the chloride form or an amino acid form to enter the cells necessary reaction. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid when the Ormes are taken orally. Studies are continuing.

From Newsletter 5, February, 1996

Last month a very prominent doctor in New York heard of my work and requested the rhodium and iridium mixed ORMES for cancer testing. He started several patients on the ORMES for cancer. One patient had severe pain in the lower digestive tract which had been incurable with allopathic medicines. The patient misunderstood the recommendations of the doctor and rather than take one capsule per day, they instead took nine! Within three days all pain was gone but the months supply was 30 capsules and it was gone. By the time the doctor became aware of the mistake, ordered more capsules, and had them shipped eight more days had elapsed and the pain was returning, but as soon as the one capsule per day began the pain again left.

The other doctor in New York is now treating five additional HIV patients under the N.I.H. authorization, and these patients have not been treated long enough to get results to report. One of the first patients of this doctors who took the ORMES over four months ago and had previously experienced heart failure under hospitalization is now doing very well and his infected viron level is approximately 30% of the initial level.

Several women who have breast cancer have decided to try the ORMES despite my cautions.

After two months time both patients report that the cancers have physically stopped growing and the pain is much less, however the 100 mg/day will probably need to be increased to eliminate the cancer totally.

In the cell culture studies, we decided to try the (H2RhCl5 XHCI) chloride of rhodium since the rhodium ORMES would digest in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach in standard digestion. The chloride of rhodium does seem to initially reduce the cancer growth by 30% in the first 3 days of contact. More research is on going to determine if the effect continues or is due to some unforeseen effect.

This same cancer researcher has signed a confidentiality agreement with Mr. Hudson and has purchased 99.99 pure gold and successfully produced from that the white powder of gold. He of course is elated.

From Newsletters 6 & 7, March/April, 1996

Research Data:

Rhodium in the monoatomic form will dissolve in hydrochloric acid. The stomach has much hydrochloric acid produced during digestion. Therefore, when the rhodium is eaten, then it becomes chloride in the digestive process before being absorbed through the gut. When the rhodium chloride passes the gut it may become an amino acid complex but I do not think that will be the case.

Ongoing studies

The studies to date have found the following information;

Cancer cells were placed in culture dishes and raised to maturity. When monoatomic rhodium was dispersed in the deionized water and added to the cancer culture they attracted to the cancer cells but did not affect the cells' activities.

However, when the rhodium is reacted with diluted hydrochloric acid and then introduced as a chloride into the cancer cells, the activities of the cells reduced by 45% to 55%. This truly amazed the researchers. They had previously seen materials which would kill cancer cells and they had seen other materials which had no adverse effect on the cancer. But they had never before seen a material that literally changes the nature of the cancer cells and made them normal!

The researchers were sufficiently impressed that they have engaged eight additional cancer laboratories to replicate these results. Researchers at N.I.H. (National Institute of Health) and Merck are now working with Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements - specifically rhodium. The researchers at these facilities of course do not understand what these materials are, where they came from, or how to analyze for them.

From Newsletters 8 & 9, May/June, 1996

Now to the technical:

The initial testing of the relationships of ORMES with abnormal cells (cancer) has been significantly successful (see last newsletter & enclosed) so that the following laboratories are now also participating at their own expense.

Conducting cell culture experiments with prostate and mammary cell lines. They have confirmed inhibition of cancer cells and also a reduction in the thymidine incorporation. Studies will be conducted on mRNA and then on mice SCID experiments. Testing ORMES on 609 cancer cell lines derived from the following types of cancer: Colon, Central Nervous System, Leukemia, Lung, Mammary, Renal, Melanoma, Ovarian and Prostate. The material is working in initial tests. Conducting cell culture cytotoxicity tests and mechanism - basic biochemical tests. Testing to see if ORMES helps to protect lymphocytes from acute infection from HIV. Testing ORMES in biochemical screening for anti-cancer activities. Evaluating the effects of ORMES on mammary and prostate cell lines - growth and gene expression. Will evaluate ORMES in cytotoxicity based anti-cancer activities. Biochemical assays for topoisomerase I and II inhibitors for the DNA breakage. Scientists in the McCandlo Cancer Institute will use cell culture and/or biochemical systems that would be useful in evaluating properties of ORMES.

From binga's phone Interview with David Hudson, May 31, 1996

David Hudson: Right. Part of the work we're doing as far as perfecting of the body--and I can tell you right now it does require 500 mg. as far as cancer--that we are finding out from all our cell culture studies.

binga: From the Portland appearance: "My wife just said: 'you will not take it anymore.' And my wife is my partner. And I will not take it without my wife's permission. But my wife is taking it now in the low amounts for arthritis, and she's very pleased with the results, and I think very soon she'll say, 'All right Dave, it's okay, we can do it together'. And then I'll take it."

David Hudson: My wife is still taking it believe it or not.

binga: What is she taking?

David Hudson: Rhodium and iridium. She is taking 100 mg. a day. Her nails are dramatically growing faster. She is very pleased because she likes having very nice nails. And she is feeling better.

binga: Well the reason I asked that question is that there are some people who would like to get first person anecdotal information from people who have taken the material.

David Hudson: All of the medical studies we are doing I think will show the information they are going to need. And then what they should do is just ease into it very gently themselves.

binga: When will you be able to make that information available?

David Hudson: Well I am sharing it. I'm just not giving you the names of the people. This next newsletter is going to have more specific information. Will actually have the names of the companies that are doing the testing and some of the results. Also got some charts that show-- And they are doing studies on healthy tissue as well as cancer tissue. They are finding there seems to be no adverse affect on healthy tissue.

binga: Are you going to be giving the amounts that are administered?

David Hudson: These are cell culture studies. And you know this sounds like science, but in fact this is what's happening. These are living cells--taken out of the body and are grown in these cell cultures.

Are we ever going to be able to talk with people who have taken this stuff?

David Hudson: I will be giving you the names of the people doing the research. The people who took it initially with me--that was illegal. So you know I really incriminate myself if I give specific things with that. But the work that's being reproduced under NIH auspices and the doctors who are working with the cell cultures, and all that--I will be giving you all their names when I have the written reports in my hands. And anybody can call them to confirm it, you know 'did you actually do this', 'was this the result you saw'--you know because I'll have the documents in my hands. I can tell people that when I have the documents in my hands.

binga: So what's going on with the clinical studies? You said that they are doing cell testing on cultures?

David Hudson: Yeah. They reproduced it. The NIH has reproduced it. Merck Industries has reproduced it. The place under the rhodium chloride which is the form the rhodium goes to when taken in the stomach. Rhodium chloride when it is placed in the presence of the cancer cells, it causes the cancer cells to slow down their activity by 60%. And that means that they are actually acting like a healthy tissue not cancer tissue.

binga: So it brings it down to a level where they are acting normally?

David Hudson: That's correct. And that has never been seen by any cancer researchers. You know what they are looking at is killing cancer tissue and not hurting healthy tissue. This doesn't kill anything. This just slows it down until it acts normal. It seems to have no affect at all on healthy tissue. And they are very intrigued with this. How is it working because there seems to be no chemistry involved.

binga: So it seems that cancer cells are sped up cells.

David Hudson: Yes. They are normal cells that have literally been altered in some way and this seems to be correcting it. Now they are measuring the reproduction of the amino acids and all that are being produced in the DNA when a cell divides, and they are determining what really is going on the DNA level.

Basically you have got to understand they cannot grow a healthy tissue over an extended period of time in cell cultures. They can grow cancer cells very easily. And so what they have done is to study the healthy tissues to see what affect it had. But they are not doing long term studies. They are working in cancer because they can grow it. They are working on liver cancer, breast cancers. All different kinds of cancers. I have a whole list of them here.

binga: Are they doing AIDS research too?

David Hudson: They are also doing AIDS HIV research in New York.

binga: That's on cell cultures also?

David Hudson: No. The HIV is just the people.

binga: Do they have anything to report yet?

David Hudson: I should have that paperwork next week and I intend to have it in the next newsletter.

binga: Boy this is going to be a juicy newsletter.

David Hudson: It's just going to grow on you. Heavier and heavier.

binga: With graphs and charts and E-mail addresses.

David Hudson: We are getting real cocky now. We are getting enough people to reproduce these results, we are getting it all documented. I will slowly but surely release this.

binga: So are you supplying them with the material or are they making it on their own?

David Hudson: Yes. I am giving it to HIV patients at no charge. I'm giving it to the research people at no charge.

binga: So they are just using your stuff.

David Hudson: That is correct.

binga: How long have the tests been going on with the cancer research? It's been a while.

David Hudson: About five months now.

binga: When are they going to release the information to the public?

David Hudson: The private researcher who did it initially and found how to put it into the solution, has sent the material out to other universities and cancer research clinics, to reproduce the work, and he is now getting back reports on their findings also. And they are finding the very same thing that he found. And so now I am getting documentation and paperwork. Now I can start talking about it.

binga: Once you do that, are you going to try to go through normal channels like with the FDA?

David Hudson: Well this is not analyzable so you can't go through normal channels. But there is nothing wrong with having all the scientific data.

binga: And you are still going to maintain that it is a religious rite?

David Hudson: If you could lay on your hands and cure cancer, and every time you go in and lay on your hands you could cure cancer, and doctors come in and confirm this person has cancer you lay on your hands and they confirm he doesn't have cancer. That may not be science, but it has been confirmed scientifically that it works.

binga: The key is that they can't tell how it works. And if they could tell how, then they would kick it over to the FDA.

David Hudson: Right. They don't know how this works. They don't even know what it is that they are testing. And they are also running blanks, they are also running the same cell culture under the very same condition except that there is none of the ORMEs there, and it doesn't work. And they are running standard rhodium tri-chloride commercially and it doesn't work like this works.

binga: You aren't concerned that somebody isn't going to step in from the powers that be and---

David Hudson: No. I welcome it. First they have to tell me what it is they are wanting. But that's why I have to be careful and don't divulge too much too fast. But we are getting some very powerful results. And like it or not, when it comes down to--will this hurt me, what will happen physiologically when I take it in the macro amount. Basically it perfects the body, and there seems to be no adverse affect at all. This should really be a comfort to people who are willing to take it now. What's going to happen psychologically, what's going to happen to their intuition?

binga: That's just the beginning of that.

David Hudson: Oh yeah. And you know I could tell you that physically there will be no damage, but emotionally boy this is going to get heavy duty real quick.

binga: You had made some references to DNA modification by sys-platinum? Do you have a reference for that?

David Hudson: Right.

binga: There is a subscriber who works with tumor immunology who would like to read up on that.

David Hudson: Yeah. He should get a copy of Platinum Metals Review. Platinum Metals Review is published quarterly by Johnson Matthey over in London.

binga: Do you have a particular issue?

David Hudson: Every issue has a whole section on use of precious elements in cancer. Just tell him to get the last 5-6 years of Platinum Metals Review. Go to a good university, and if they don't have it Inter Library Loan it.

binga: Do you know what the exact mechanism is at work when the DNA relaxes and recombines?

David Hudson: No we do not, and that is what we want to understand, because they have confirmed that the cell is over here and the rhodium is over there and yet relaxation seems to occur, and they want to know how is this occurring. Well I tell you it is through a resonant vibration that we call the Spirit. That's what philosophical people call it. When we understand what the mechanism is, we will be right in the middle of the whole philosophy, I guarantee it.

binga: We have plenty of other questions that may be of more importance and you may have already said all you could say on this, but I was just curious as to your current status on your NIH alliance.

David Hudson: The NIH funding goes to Bastyr University and it is administered to them. Bastyr University simply oversees the doctors who have registered with them, and keeps track of the patients who are working under the doctors supervision. That's all they do. They do not administer anything. They simply keep records and document what's going on.

binga: So they don't know what's going on, other than this person is signed up to--

David Hudson: Well I have been up there and they know it involves my material and this doctor is working with me. They know that it is not on record.

binga: So you have one guy who is working, and this is the AIDS project?

David Hudson: That's correct. We are going to have so much hard information on that--See the next year they will proceed with those things that seem to be working best.

binga: Are you currently doing any genetic research?

David Hudson: Yeah. That's what all these people in cancer research are--they are geneticists. The man who actually found this first is a man who literally takes the DNA apart and puts the genes where he wants them and puts them back together. And he is speaking in Europe right now. Last week and this week he is speaking over there on the problems of the genetic changes in the engineered materials that are coming on the market, and the potential changes that occur in our DNA due to those DNA changes.

binga: Has he already spoken?

David Hudson: He is speaking. In Copenhagen, Britain, Rome, all over the place.

binga: Would you be able to say who he is and where he is speaking?

David Hudson: No. I promised him anonymity for a few more weeks. All they got to do is find out about those conferences where these hearings are going on. He spoke over here at the hearing in Canada the week before last. This week and next week.. he is going to go over on Wednesday.

binga: What is he speaking on again?

David Hudson: They are having hearings over there on the use of engineered genetic material in food stuffs. Hearings all over the Common Market countries. Whether to allow it, and to license it, and to put it on the market. Whether you should tell the public about it, or let them just slip it in. And he is just saying that he believes that the public should be made aware that this is genetically engineered material. You should let them decide whether they want it. But don't make them think it's the very same thing they have been eating for thousands of years because its not. Of course the people, Monsanto, and people like this, who are making it, don't want the public to know about it. If it gets on the market, then you got no choice. You got to have this stuff.

binga: So this is the same man that's doing the cancer research?

David Hudson: He is the one that did the initial cancer research, yes. He is very prominent and very articulate, and very well-respected in that community. He used to work with the NIH. Everybody knows him. People could put two-and-two together and figure out who he is.

binga: There are currently products on the market which reportedly contain monatomic. Have you tested these products?

David Hudson: Which ones.

binga: Etherium Gold, Isis White Powder Gold

David Hudson: I tested Isis White Powder. I've tested Etherium. I've tested Manitol 100. None of them contain any gold.

binga: Acemannan?

David Hudson: Acemannan does not contain any gold but it contains 90% rhodium.

binga: Maharishi Amrit Kalash?

David Hudson: I don't have the numbers but it is quite high in rhodium and iridium both.

binga: What process did you use to test it?

David Hudson: That was done at MIU. They actually did the analysis with my supervision. I was showing them how to do quantitative analysis upon natural products, and they actually have the numbers, not me.

binga: So you did a bench mark test with all those other materials?

David Hudson: No, with the Amrit Kalash. I just said, give me some material that you use for medicinal purposes for cancer or for HIV. And they said well that would be Amrit Kalash. I said fine, lets take some of it and see what it looks like. Let's scoop some of it up and do an analysis on it. And we ran it about a week and a half. We did quantitative separation of rhodium and iridium, and there's a bunch.

binga: The highest you found in anything?

David Hudson: Oh no. The Acemannan is the highest we found in anything. We are talking about probably 10% maybe of both. [Rhodium and iridium in the Amrit Kalash]

binga: As opposed to your 100%.

David Hudson: That's correct. Or opposed to 90% like Acemannan of the rhodium.

binga: Oh, so 10% vs. 90%.

David Hudson: Yes. Acemannan is a very, very special product. That's why when McDaniels was there in Dallas, I acknowledged his work.

binga: Are you aware there is a guy in Canada making some?

David Hudson: Making what?

binga: Acemannan.

David Hudson: No. And I'm not aware of that material. I'm only aware of Carrington Laboratory's material.

binga: Is it possible to measure parts per million with the analysis you did on the Etherium?

David Hudson: Well on their label they claim they have 64 parts per million. If they are analyzing it the way they claim, it is a metallic and therefore a poison. Okay? If it is really there by the way they analyze work, it is not doing any good in your body.

binga: So when you tested the Etherium and Isis, you tested it I guess with your own lab?

David Hudson: Yes. My own master chemist.

binga: Do you have any comments about Etherium, other than it doesn't have monatomics in it and it's toxic if monatomics are being assayed in the manner they describe?

David Hudson: Many people who have used it claim that it does help their meditations. Okay. The people who are serious mediators. All I can tell you is like marijuana will also help their meditations. You know, I do not know what is really there. I know that it does not contain monatomic gold.

binga: You don't know if it contains iridium or rhodium either?

David Hudson: I can absolutely guarantee as far as the precious elements in the monatomic form, there is zilch there. You will get more drinking one glass of carrot juice every two or three days then you get taking their material.

binga: That reminds me. On this Seneca grape juice thing--we talked about that before, it registers really high in monatomics. But you said the sugar offsets whatever benefit you might get. So carrot juice is probably the best.

David Hudson: Yes. That is my opinion.

binga: Now I know you talked before about monatomics being non-toxic. How did you determine that monatomics are not toxic?

David Hudson: Well just from the work we have done with it. The people who have taken it. There have been no adverse affects. And now with the cancer studies going on, they have determined there is no adverse affects. The doctors who are doing it say Dave you know we would have no reservations about having someone take it. You put precious metals into these cell cultures and they literally kill the cells in that area. And this stuff has no affect at all on healthy tissues. None at all.

binga: So I guess the monatomic osmium--even though osmium is toxic on a metallic level, wouldn't be a consideration?

David Hudson: Yeah. You just don't want to be heating it and distilling it because this osmium tetra-oxide is still poisonous, and it will affect the ocular tissue if you heat it and volatize it. But in the form you will be getting it and the way you people will handle it is no problem.

David Hudson: Because they know that radioactive carbon 14 appears in living beings, and when they die it stops being produced. This is what's going on. One-percent of the air you breathe is nitric oxide. You must breathe oxygen to live, and yet in doing it you are dying.

binga: Oh, I love that.

David Hudson: And that is a paradox isn't it. That's the way it works. And these atoms are continually dying in your body. And you are getting a few more every time you eat the right stuff, but you are not getting as much as are dying.

binga: So it's a deficit thing.

David Hudson: You only got 70-80 years and you are gone. The light is actually so diminished that it literally quits flowing and then stops, and you are dead.

Now, if you could put these atoms back into the body to offset those that are being pinned then you literally correct the DNA in all the cells, it could be back like it was when you were a teenager, and you can live for 800-1000 years.

binga: So you are banking it basically.

David Hudson: That's it.

From Newsletters 10 & 11, July/August, 1996

Cells can be corrected with the ORMES. One's body is made up of cells. If some cells can be corrected then all of the cells should be correctable. If all the cells are renewable then would this powder be acting like the elixir of life? How many times have we said, "If I had known then what I know now." Pretty philosophical from just the study of cells.

I have been unable to contact the doctor in New York who is overseeing the HIV treatments using ORMES. I have had direct communications with one of the patients however. That patient had attended one of my presentations in the state of Washington so he knew how to reach me directly. His infected viron level had gone from 15,000 to under 500 after 90 days taking 100 ma. once a day.

The doctor who conducted the first cell culture studies for us gave 100 ma. three times a day to a lady who had her colon removed due to cancer, but the cancer had spread to her lungs and her liver. She only had 20% liver function due to the cancer when she began to take the ORMES. Her orange skin change; back to normal over several weeks The cancer markers in her blood dropped to 1/2 their original number when she began the usage of ORMES. Sixty days later, rather than being dead as the doctor predicted, she went on an extended camping trip.

Many people have called asking for further interpretation or correction for the chart that accompanied the last newsletter. The chart shows the effects of hydrochloric acid (HCI), ORMES and commercial rhodium chloride on the growth of cancer cells.

The first line (filled circle) shows the effect of 60 mg./ml. of the HCl acid on the growth of cancer cells. The second line (open circle) shows the effect of 3 mg./ml. of rhodium ORMES with 60 mg./ml HCl Likewise, the third line (hollow box shows the effect of 7.5 mg./ml of; rhodium ORMES with 60 mg./ml HCl and the last line (filled diamond' shows the effect of 7.5 mg./ml. Of commercial rhodium chloride with 60 mg./ml HCl.

For those who were missing the legend information, the horizontal bar goes from 4 - 11 days. while the vertical bar goes from 0 - 8 times 106 cells.

From Newsletters 12 & 13 September/October, 1996


The National Institute of Health has performed cancer cell testing. Six kinds of tests were performed on leukemia with no direct intereaction with rhodium. Nine types of non-small cell lung cancer were tested with direct retardation of only one type of cell by the rhodium. That was NCl-H23. There were seven varieties of colon cancer tested with no intereaction with the rhodium. There were six varieties of CNS cancer with no direct intereaction.

There were eight varieties of Irialanoma with one variety referred to as the LOX IMVI, showing a dramatic reduction of growth in the presence of rhodium. The LOX INVI cancer cells are a melanoma form of cancer.

There were six varieties of ovarian cancer, six varieties of renal cancer, two varieties of prostate cancer, eight varieties of breast cancer, none of which showed any direct intereaction with the rhodium. There was MD MID tests performed on Delta and also on the Range showing dramatic reduction in cancer activity.

Members should be clear that this was not a study on human patients. It did not measure any reaction with the thymus or other organs in the body. The tests did not measure increases in white blood cells, T-cells, etc. it was simply a test of the direct intereaction of one ORME (rhodium) in a cell culture.

Additional studies were conducted in New York on PC3 independent prostate cancer cells. At two, four and ten micrograms per milliliter the rhodium ORME promoted DNA synthesis (measured by the thymidine incorporation), stimulated cell growth and cell looked better than usual. Thus rhodium ORME is not toxic, but in fact seems to make the cancer cells more vigorous and robust and clearly does not retard PC3 cancer cells.

Similar results occurred with mink lung epithelial cells. Incorporation of tritiated thymidine increased from 7000 cpm to 20,000 cpm.

In PC3 cells, rhodium ORME caused cytokine, mRNA and peptide levels to fall. This correlates with the increased growth rates in these cells, since this cytokine is known to inhibit cell growth. It also is known to increase in inflammatory conditions, therefore it is possible that the decrease in the cytokine caused by the rhodium ORME could reduce inflammation.

At the university of Illinois, the rhodium ORME was tested in cytotoxicity tests using eight different cell lines. None showed toxicity at levels as high as twenty micrograms per milliliter. This shows that rhodium ORME is not toxic. Clearly Rhodium ORME does not act on cancer cells by killing them, but many other mechanisms which are not considered normal in cancer research are now being investigated.

In Summary:

Rhodium ORME is clearly not toxic, even at very high concentration. Thus its anti-cancer action can not be via a cancer cell-killing mechanism.

Its effects on growth of cancer cells is cell type specific. It inhibits growth of liver cancer cell lines and the prostate line H23, but not the growth of other cell types. It actually stimulates the growth of PC3 cells and mink lung epithelial cells.

It inhibits the production of cytokine in PC3 cell and mink lung epithelial cells, which suggests the rhodium ORME may have anti-inflammatory activity.

Reports of another researcher

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