ORMUS and Quantum Evolution
by Barry Carter

In 1996 I wrote a note to the Ecological Economics forum on the subject of "Spiritual Quantum Ecological Economics" (this is no longer on the web at: http://csf.colorado.edu/forums/ecol-econ/apr96/0135.html ) In this note I mentioned a number of sources that speak of a unified information field which makes evolution a more cooperative activity than is generally credited.

Since 1996 I have given this concept a great deal of thought and have found a number of additional supportive writings on this subject. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (see: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/rnbwwrm.php for a short bio) wrote this about cooperation in evolution in an article on "Evolution":

"This paradox disappears, of course, when one rejects the ungrounded assumption that selfishness or competitiveness is fundamental to the living world. Animals engage in competitive or aggressive acts, but that does not mean there are inherent qualities of competitiveness and aggressiveness which can account for those acts. Furthermore, examples of cooperation among animals far outstrip those of competition."

We need to ask how this cooperation between and within species might happen. We might take a clue from a similar cooperation which takes place between the cells of a single organism. Dr. Ho has written a great deal about the role of "quantum coherence" in consciousness. In the abstract of her article titled "Quantum Coherence and Conscious Experience" Dr. Ho writes:

"I propose that quantum coherence is the basis of living organization and can also account for key features of conscious experience - the "unity of intentionality", our inner identity of the singular "I", the simultaneous binding and segmentation of features in the perceptive act, the distributed, holographic nature of memory, and the distinctive quality of each experienced occasion." http://www.i-sis.org.uk/brainde.php

In her paper titled "Gaia and the Evolution of Coherence" she suggests that this same quantum coherence is a fundamental basis for intercommunication between species on the Earth:

"Thus, it seems that the essence of the living state is to build up and extend the coherent spatio-temporal platform for communication starting from the energy of the sun initially absorbed by green plants. Living systems are thus neither the subjects alone, nor objects isolated, but both subjects and objects in a mutually communicating universe of meaning. In contrast to the neo-Darwinist point of view, their capacity for evolution depends, not on rivalry or on might in the struggle for existence. Rather, it depends on their capacity for communication. So in a sense, it is not individuals as such which are developing but living systems interlinked into a coherent whole. Just as the cells in an organism take on different tasks for the whole, different populations enfold information not only for themselves, but for all other organisms, expanding the consciousness of the whole, while at the same time becoming more and more aware of this collective consciousness. Human consciousness may have its most significant role in the development and creative expression of the collective consciousness of nature."
Also in her paper she postulates that:
"Organisms are thus emitters and most probably, also receivers of coherent electromagnetic signals which may be essential for their functioning."
Dr. Philip Callahan is an entomologist who has been exploring the mechanisms of this coherent electromagnetic reception for the last fifty years. Dr. Callahan has his doctorate in entomology and about 1600 hours of training in electronics. He has combined these two interests and developed several interesting theories. His theories are based on experimental evidence. One of his theories is that insect antennae are dielectric, open resonator infrared detectors. He expounds this theory in a paper published in the book "Molecular and Biological Physics of Living Systems" edited by R. K. Mishra and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in 1990. His paper is titled "Nonlinear Infrared Coherent Radiation as an Energy Coupling Mechanism in Living Systems". Here is his introduction to this paper:
"A history of my observations of moths and ants at light is given and the external infrared environment of day and night described. It is pointed out that insects have dielectric, open resonator, antennae, in the from of sensilla, on their antennae. A table of the ELF vibration frequency of various insect orders is presented and related to the many parameters of infrared scatter emission from scent and pheromone molecules. Experiments on moth oviposition, attraction to candles, and response to colors of light are described, as is the behavior of ants at candles. The complex far infrared maserlike emission of candles is correlated with emission from insect sex scents and pheromones, and a method of generating maserlike scatter emission from scent molecules described. Several such spectrum from ethanol are presented. Spectrum of nonlinear emission, far infrared frequencies from breath are generated by vibrating a metal plate with a 130 audio component of the OM phoneme. The discussion relates the insect communication system to other life organizing coherent systems. This work on Cabannes and Rayeligh scattering of coherent radiation reinforces other work on photon storage in biological systems."
There are a couple of quotes from this paper which suggest that the principles that Dr. Callahan has discovered might be common to many living systems:
"The occurrence of nonlinear coherent lines in breath at body temperature leads one to the conclusion that coherent radiations, especially from complex scatter frequencies, are a part of the mechanism of self organizing biological system and occur as readily, under the right conditions, in the tubules of the blood vessels and at cellular levels, especially in the visible region as shown by Popp(17), and others. A summary of elegant work based on coherence in self organizing living systems is given in the symposium "Synergic et Coherence dans les Systems Biologiques."(18) Work on coherent information and energy transfer mechanisms is a new and exciting area for research into the mysteries of self organizing biological systems, and it is the scent coupling of energy from organic molecules to insect dielectric antennae forms in the infrared region that gives great insight into how such coherent systems work. It is imperative that researchers in this field answer criticism from those who are convinced that coherence does not occur at room temperatures in living systems."

"That coherent infrared is available for insect communication systems there is and it is also available in both the visible and infrared portions of the spectrum for utilization in self organizing biological systems(17), and it is for this reason that my work reinforces other work on coherent energy coupling mechanisms in living systems.

Once this concept of coherent energy coupling in self organizing systems is thoroughly understood, it is predictable that the generation of coherent signals in the UV (virus and membrane dimensions) visible and infrared (cell, organells and insect antennae dimensions) can be utilized to resonate to the biological antenna in order to control disease organisms or reverse cancerous conditions. It might even be possible to resonate to the form of the AIDS virus in the 0.1 mm region, which is the dimension of most virus, and reverse the fatal signals of that small "living" antenna, or to put it in more poetic terms 'find God in little things.'"

Another phenomena which is associated with quantum coherence is superconductivity. The search for a material which will support superconductivity at room temperatures is one of the "Holy Grail" quests of modern physics but there is strong evidence that supercondictivity is already present in biological systems at biological temperatures. In her "Gaia" paper Dr. Ho wrote:
"Recently, technology has progressed to materials which can superconduct at much higher temperatures above absolute zero. The solid-state physicist Herbert Frohlich (1968) in Liverpool was among the first to point out that something like a condensation into a collective mode of activity may be occurring in living systems, such that living organisms are in effect, superconductors working at physiological temperatures. He suggested that much of the metabolic energy, instead of being lost as heat, is actually stored in the form of coherent electromechanical vibrations in the body. He called these collective modes, coherent excitations."
In recent years a number of interesting papers have been published which identify the presence of superconductivity in biological systems (http://www.ortho.lsuhsc.edu/Faculty/Marino/EL/EL4/References4.html):
Little: W.A. 1964. Possibility of synthesizing an organic superconductor. Phys. Rev. 134A:1416.

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Optical coherence effects have been observed in microtubules which are a structure inside cells. An interesting theory about how microtubules might function as a biological computer by collapsing infinite possibilities into a decision was proposed by Roger Penrose (a physicist) and Stuart Hameroff (an anesthesiologist) in their paper titled "Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness":
"A critical number of tubulins maintaining coherence within [microtubules] for 500 msec collapses its own wave function (objective reduction: OR). This occurs because the mass-energy difference among the superpositioned states of coherent tubulins critically perturbs space-time geometry. To prevent multiple universes, the system must reduce to a single space-time by choosing eigenstates."
In another paper (Cytoplasmic Gel States and Ordered Water: Possible Roles in Biological Quantum Coherence - http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/hameroff/Pen-Ham/Water_paper/The%20Water%20Paper.htm) Hameroff suggests that this quantum coherence within the microtubule might be a function of light coherence:
"Here we consider three proposals in which ordered water may play a role in biological quantum coherence essential for living systems and consciousness: 1) quantum optical coherence in microtubule inner cores ("super-radiance" and "self-induced transparency"); 2) cellular "vision"; 3) isolation of microtubules from environmental decoherence."
So, we see that both optical coherence and superconductivity have been identified within biological systems but what materials are responsible for these effects and how might they relate to ecological connections?

The ORMUS elements (http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/ormus/ormus.htm) appear to support both superconductivity and optical coherence at biological temperatures and above. I believe that I have demonstrated superconductive magnetic levitation at room temperature on my kitchen table using ORMUS gold as the superconductor. You can download a short "video" of this demonstration from the bottom link at:


I have spoken with Dr. Callahan extensively about the ORMUS elements and we agree that they probably are the "mechanism" underlying the coherent coupling phenomena that he describes. He also has noticed that a similar coherent coupling phenomena couples living plants to their environment. He postulates that paramagnetic soils are the basis of this coupling phenomena. In his book on this subject "Paramagnetism - Rediscovering Nature's Secret Force of Growth" he writes:

"Sometime during the decline of the great Tang dynasty (894 AD) the gates to China were closed by Japan and garden geomancy became garden art, an aesthetic undertaking. It had lost its connection to the sun. Placement and shapes were no longer antenna design, but were more in line with the visions of artists who had little knowledge of low-energy force fields. There it stagnates today, endlessly fostered by Eastern and Western practitioners who have not the slightest knowledge of the physics of nature's low-energy forces. If one thing should be learned from this book, it is that not only do the laws of physics connect chemistry to biology, but they also connect mankind to the sun!"
In this book, Dr. Callahan explains that paramagnetic properties of the soil are taken up into plants where they become diamagnetic but when these plants burn or rot the ash is paramagnetic again. We have noted that the ORMUS materials will change from paramagnetic to diamagnetic depending on their exposure to moving magnetic fields (an example of this transition can be seen in the "video" I mentioned above) and that they become diamagnetic when they are in water.

Using this principle we have devised "magnetic traps" to magnetically "levitate" a more diamagnetic portion of water so that this portion can be concentrated. Three magnetic trap designs are linked from:


An Australian geologist named Kevin Massman has used one of the magnetic trap designs to extract ORMUS elements from the air. Kevin has also found that dew collected at the time of the full moon has more of these elements in it than dew collected at other times of the month. This has led us to postulate that these elements respond to tidal forces. There is some evidence that tidal forces might help "pump" the sap in plants assisting capillary action.

Dr. Callahan also has speculated on this tidal phenomenon:

"As in the case of plants, water is diamagnetic. The atmosphere, because of the oxygen, is paramagnetic. Some of my preliminary experiments at night, during the full moon, indicate a paramagnetic/diamagnetic, plant, moon, water and soil relationship in nature. We know that the moon, which is highly paramagnetic, has a very strong effect on tides, which are of diamagnetic water. The many volcanic and/or meteorite cones indicate a paramagnetic moon body even though I could find no data on this subject from moon rock measurements.

It has long been known that certain Indian tribes planted by the full moon. There is little doubt in my mind that the American Indian knew more about good agriculture techniques than modern agriculturists! As the Sioux brave remarked while watching a farmer turning under virgin prairie grass, "wrong side up!" (in Altars of Unknown Stone, by Wes Jackson)."

Philip Callahan also suggests that there is a relationship between the earth's Schumann resonance and human brain waves:
"The so-called "Schumann" waves, which would better be called atmospheric "brain waves," occur in the 8- to 30 Hz region. Since they exactly match the human brain waves (8, 14, 21, 27 and 33 Hz) I consider that the EEG brain waves are actually the low-frequency atmospheric waves "in the air" of our brain. We are, after all, mostly water and air. The organic molecules of our bodies are only little photonic oscillators that fill the spaces between the water and atmosphere of our body. It is highly unlikely that the exact match between low-frequency atmospheric ELF (8, 14, 21, 27 and 33 Hz) and so-called brain waves is accidental."
From this he concludes:
"In summary, every living human being is like a sponge in a bowl of jelly (the atmosphere). When the atmospheric jelly shakes (ELF waves), then the jelly in the sponge also shakes at the same frequency. The organic photon oscillators of our body superimpose their messages on this atmospheric brain/body continuum (think about ESP)."
A Finnish physicist named Matti Pitkanen has outlined a theoretical framework for superconductivity in biological systems.(Exotic atoms and a mechanism for superconductivity in biosystems- http://blues.helsinki.fi/~matpitka/exo.html) He has also outlined a hypothesis which suggests a physical ORMUS connection to psychokinesis and other psychic phenomena.

Matti Pitkanen claims that the movement of matter by mind which occurs inside of the microtubule is virtually identical to psychokinesis or moving objects outside the body by the power of mind alone.(TGD Inspired Model of Psychokinesis - ftp://rock.helsinki.fi/pub/misc/matpitka/psycho.ps.Z)

In a May 1997 email Matti wrote:

Dear Barry,

Certain person claiming to have ability to do psychokinesis contacted me and he encouraged me to think about a possible TGD inspired model of psychokinesis. Although I have worked only less than week it seems that this will turn out to be a good question. As a matter of fact it seems that separate pieces of TGD inspired model of biosystem begin to fit together very nicely.

The key concept is what I call topological field quantization. Magnetic field in TGD decomposes into flux tubes parallel to the flux lines of field. These flux tubes are cylindrical surfaces with outer boundary. If one requires that there is no ordinary matter inside them one obtains hollow cylindrical flux tubes with opposite charged wormhole densities on the inner and outer surfaces of this cylindrical surface. Note that wormhole flux tubes involve always two spacetime sheets with opposite magnetic fluxes. Wormholes form a BE condensate and this topologically quantized magnetic field becomes quantum object of macroscopic size and a potential conscious being if TGD inspired theory of consciousness is correct!! Jim and other people seem to speak about White [ORMUS] Gold almost as a conscious being: they might be right!

If PK-able person is able to control this kind of macroscopic field associated with his body then PK becomes possible by levitation in this field, provided the object is wormhole super conductor (recall that wormholes can give rise to super conductivity in which wormholes are charge carriers as well as ordinary electronic super conductivity). By changing voluntarily the quantized magnetic fluxes in flux lines of magnetic field PK-able person can control the magnetic field at will and thus create levitating force.

Actually also DNA inside cell could perform similar control of motion. In fact, the genetic code might be transcribed into the structure of the wormhole magnetic field surrounding DNA and this would make possible the translation of genetic code to biostructures. So called phantom DNA effect is in accordance with the hypothesis that DNA in presence of coherent light (created by microtubules by quantum antenna hypothesis!) gives rise to wormhole magnetic field. Wormhole magnetic fields might the key feature of biological systems behind coherent photons.(TGD Inspired Model of Psychokinesis - ftp://rock.helsinki.fi/pub/misc/matpitka/psycho.ps.Z)

Matti Pitkanen has expanded this concept on his web site. In his paper there he writes:
"The basic philosophy of the model is following. PK is not just some isolated exotic phenomenon but only a special case of the voluntary control of bodily motions, which we all routinely perform. The only difference is that the range of voluntary control extends over the boundaries of the body in case of PK. This leads to important conclusion: PK phenomena must involve classical long range fields, which give for biosystems spatial extension larger than what is visible (that is hands with which to grasp on external object!). According to TGD inspired theory of consciousness, cell and even DNA can be conscious and perform choices. Thus the model should also provide understanding about small scale biocontrol such as the (voluntary!) control of the motion of cell organelles performed by cell nucleus. A related problem is how genetic code is transformed into spatial structures during ontogeny and the idea that each DNA sequence corresponds to a characteristic classical field configuration, is attractive. Thus the model in question is not meant to be an ad hoc solution of a particular problem called PK but a general solution of several basic problems in biology."
It looks like the ORMUS elements might provide the missing link in our understanding of the relationship between mind and matter. I believe that this understanding will help us to facilitate the movement of science toward a more wholistic world-view and that this will, in turn, foster alternative solutions to most of the ecological problems that we face. Dr. Callahan has a very good sense of this. In his Paramagnetism book he wrote:
"Most university funding now comes from large grants made by corporations or from government agencies which are controlled by large corporations through PACs and lobbyists. Corporate control of university research is a phenomenon that slowly developed from university agricultural experiment stations' acceptance of money from chemical companies in exchange for insecticide testing. I am an authority on that subject. In the fifties and sixties I tested just about every insecticide known to mankind at the time.

As corporate conglomerates take over more and more in a desperate attempt to make life linear, we are developing a form of dictatorship I term "corporate communism." Two excellent books on the demise of the scholastic university are Prof Scam, by Charles J. Sykes, and The Closing of the American Mind, by Allan Bloom.

Why do I ask what will happen when the common-sense research by Princeton researchers begins to yield solid results? Quite simply, it is because today's intellectual atmosphere is infused by a desire to control nature. Put more simply, modern researchers tend to practice manipulation and not science. Science is discovery, manipulation is the belief that one can utilize discovery to shape nature to man's will. That, of course, cannot be accomplished, for nature's plan is God's plan.

One does not need to read this book to come to the realization that manipulation is today synonymous with science. Almost every newspaper has articles on man's unique ability to manipulate DNA in order to create "better", more "vigorous, or "more money yielding" plants. DNA research lends itself to this man-is-God syndrome. Materialistic skeptics will maintain that farmers manipulate nature. That is very true of chemical farming where one imposes on nature what are, in essence, poisons to eliminate problems.

Eco-agriculture is not manipulation, but simply replacement agriculture. It is the ancient, or Irish-Celtic if you prefer, form of agriculture where mankind worked very hard to replace what he took from the land. Crop rotation is one example of this sort of farming."

Dr. Callahan suggests that an understanding of the energetic relationships between soil, atmosphere, plants and insects will lead to the greatest revolution in agriculture that the world has ever known:
"When I went to school at Arkansas and Kansas State, the agricultural experiment stations encouraged the scientific study of efficient gathering. Dr. Reginald Painter, with whom I worked at Kansas State, was the world's most renowned gatherer. He went out into the fields of Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska and found individual wheat plants that were resistant to disease and insect damage. He brought them back to the laboratory and in his greenhouses worked on breeding, by natural means, large populations of these naturally resistant varieties.

My job was to discover why they were resistant. In particular, I studied corn resistance to the corn earworm moth. I soon discovered that if I grew my small, 1/8-acre plots on poor soil they attracted far more corn earworm moth eggs than plots on dark, well aerated, bottomland soil. In other words, healthy plants require healthy soil. And healthy plants, like healthy people, simply do not attract disease or insects. Why?

It took me forty years to find out why and that is the subject of a much longer, more complex, scientific paper that will be of little use to the family farmer trying to grow food for my family and others who like to eat. Put quite simply, it is because unhealthy plants from "sick," poison-fed, soil give off slightly higher ethanol and ammonia infrared signals than healthy plants. This is particularly true of modern farmed ammonia-drugged plants. Ask any professional entomologist what are two of the most universal attractants of insects, and they will agree they are ethanol and ammonia, both precursors of fermentation and death. Farm crops should be harvested before they reach old age, the attractive state that brings hoards of nature's scavengers, disease and insects, to feed on them."

The ORMUS elements appear to be Cooper paired Bose Einstein condensates. If this is so, it would explain why they are so difficult to identify using chemical and spectroscopic assay methods. The Cooper pairing would tie up valence electrons so that chemical bonding would not happen. The Meissner effect would exclude magnetic fields disabling spectroscopy.

If you cannot readily identify a substance it is difficult to modify agricultural or dietary practices to favor that substance. Dr. Callahan has developed a cheap paramagnetism detector which should help to remedy this problem with the naturally occurring ORMUS elements in soil:

"With this meter many a farmer can save his soil from the destruction advocated by present day chemical propaganda. This author estimates that 60 to 70% of this volcanic paramagnetic force has been eroded away worldwide. A meter to measure this force is therefore absolutely necessary in order to save our chemically raped and eroded soil. Soil should be alive with living organisms such as bacteria and earthworms, diamagnetic plant material such as compost, and the rich soil paramagnetic force. Mineralization of the soil by adding separate minerals does not, I repeat does not, mean that the paramagnetic force has been added. We know little of the effect of living forces in rock, but we do not install into the soil the living paramagnetic force by blind mineralization of the soil.

Complex mixtures do not necessarily contain a high CGS/paramagnetic factor. It is an absolute fact that all chemical fertilizers measured by this inventor, even those labeled organic, impart or contain the CGS force at such a low reading as to be totally useless in reinforcing the remaining natural volcanic force of the soil.

I have never asked a person to follow my advice without some sort of common sense method to test it. That is what real science, not manipulation, is all about. The farmer that measures this force, or follows my simple flower pot experiments (see Appendix), is just as much a scientist as a university-type who uses the fine Bartington instrument to get down to the last decimal place. We scientists love decimals."

David Bohm, the great physicist, postulated that time, space and matter unfolds from a non-physical "plenum" he called the "implicate order". Further, this unfoldment is directed by a field of intelligence he called the "super-implicate order":
"The first implicate order is like the field, and there is a super-implicate order which organizes the field into discrete units which are particle-like. Without that superimplicate order however, the field would just spread out without showing any particle-like qualities." (Unfolding Meaning: a Weekend of Dialogue with David Bohm)
Various scientists in different sciences seem to be converging on the idea that the universe is a cooperative venture which is informed by instantaneous quantum coherent communication.

How can we best use the knowledge that I have presented above to heal the Earth and her creatures?

Our current economic and governmental structures were largely formed using Darwinism as a model. They are based more on competition than on cooperation. These structures have solidified and taken on a life and agenda of their own.

These structures were initially competitive with and eventually supplanted the religious and political structures of the middle ages. Humanity is no longer ruled by religious structures, we are now ruled by corporate structures. In both cases we gave our power to our creations and these creations are destroying the natural world and living rights.

Life is dynamic. Structure is static. Structure should serve and support life. Life should not serve structure. When a new social or economic structure replaces an old one, the struggle between the two structures continues to promote the power of structure over life.

In her book, "Love Without End: Jesus Speaks" Glenda Green quotes Jesus as saying:

"Structure is an organizational factor in the universe, although a secondary and derivative one. It is love which first brings order out of chaos, but structure implements the durable patterns of orderly arrangement. Love built your home; structure holds the walls in place. Love built your nation, structure administers it. Love determines the parameters of right conduct, structure formulates the laws which enforce it. Like the mind, structure is good if it serves, and tyrannical if it dominates inflexibly, never submitting to the revisions of love.

"Structure represents the predictable, agreed upon patterns of existence which start with simple forms and build to complex ones. It is the patterning which causes the differences of potential, and holds organizational formulas in place. For example, structure is what makes the difference between steam, water, and ice even though the ingredients are the same. But structure is not the `will 'which determines whether H20 will become steam or ice. That is determined by harmonic adaptations to the environment (love).

"All structure is derivative summarization, and is subject to revision, suspension, or development. You might say that structure is the conservational imprint which allows desirable creations to be stabilized, retained, and combined into larger aggregates of form and matter. Structure is what holds things in place.

"Laid upon this gridwork are many mind-generated patterns and structural models used by man for control. There are no 'sacred designs' which preceded reality. This idea has been invented to make you afraid to revise or to dispense with unworkable structures, and to give structures dominance over you."

"In society, structure is most protected by those who have attained what they want. Ironically, it is also blindly obeyed by those who have so little they fear any and all change, thinking that change will only bring more loss. This is the harmony between the rich and the poor. By contrast, those who establish and implement values based on moderation and mobility use enough structure to make life work without inhibiting growth.

"You experience the structures of life as blocking attachments, and they actually rob you of your true wealth. Your true wealth is on a much higher level. It is the harvest of love. You have to experience letting go in order to receive. Learn the power of letting go. This lesson is as important as loving your enemies, because when you let go of structure, the real wealth that is there will multiply many times.

"The first thing you will learn is that you simply cannot lose your true wealth. The only thing you ever need to diminish is structure. With that realization, you will make real steps toward overcoming your enslavement by structure and move into the greater reality of brotherhood."

If these ideas are valid (regardless of the validity of the source) then we cannot eliminate the problems caused by one structure by empowering another structure. Our action strategy must come from an intimate awareness of the field of knowledge which David Bohm calls the super-implicate order, which Mae-Wan Ho calls quantum coherence, which Philip Callahan calls "God in little things" and which Glenda Green calls love.

A simple technique for implementing this action strategy has been suggested in many great spiritual texts. The Bhavagad Gita says, "grounded in being, perform action".

The Tao Te Ching says:

The way to use life is to do nothing through acting,
The way to use life is to do everything through being.
When a leader knows this,
His land naturally goes straight.
Emmet Fox says in "The Golden Key" (http://www.hyattcarter.com/golden_key.htm):
"As for the actual method of working, like all fundamental things, it is simplicity itself. All you have to do is this: Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead. This is the complete rule, and if only you will do this, the trouble, whatever it is, will disappear."
To expand on this concept a bit, in the context of bringing change to structure, one can outline a desired outcome and the ways in which this desired outcome will feel different from the structure in need of change--our creative input involves the formulation of this desired outcome. Once we have defined what we want, we simply quit thinking about it and put our consciousness in as much coherence with the super-implicate order as we can manage.

When I do this, I notice that events conspire to show me my next step along the path toward my desired outcome. Of course I must be ready and willing to take that step. As I take the step I get a sense of value fulfillment because I can see how the step is leading me to my goal. When I am doing this, every task becomes easier and serendipitously fortunate events often happen.

In her book, Glenda Green wrote:

"Spirit must be understood as whole, continuous, and unbroken. Whenever a person views spirit as the opposite of matter he has entered the world of misconception and duality. It is not true that Earth is material and Heaven is of the spirit. Spirit is the unity of us all, and of Heaven and Earth. It is through the oneness of spirit that the miracle of prayer can work. It is through the oneness of spirit that the power of dreams, of visions, and of prophecies can work. In the spirit we are one. Therefore in spirit we live one life, unified in a state of brotherhood, in a state of common awareness and seeking-either enlightenment and uplifting, or darkness and down pulling-whichever way one chooses it to be. Regardless of how your experience unfolds, we are of one spirit, and your experience is shared by all.

"As a matter of fact, the greatest breakthrough of modern physics, the one that every other discovery hinges on, was the discovery of the unified field. Every development in modern physics would have been impossible had that breakthrough in consciousness not occurred. Scientists just have not realized yet that what was discovered is the physical presence of spirit."

I would like to help move society toward a greater awareness of the unified field of being. As this awareness becomes more and more widespread, structure will loose its power over people. Since science is generally the arbiter of truth in our society, the best way that I see to do this is to promote solid, scientific confirmation of this unified field.

Our work with the ORMUS elements holds the greatest promise for establishing that mind and matter are from the same source. When this concept is taught in our schools, it will have a profound effect on the dominant competitive paradigm.

You know what they say about paradigms: shift happens!