ORMUS Variations
by Barry Carter

There appears to be several ways in which different ORMUS materials differ from one another. Briefly, these differences seem to fall into several possible categories. Briefly the categories that we have identified are:

  1. Individual elements
  2. Concentration
  3. Level of Cooper pairing
  4. Energy level
  5. Coherence
  6. Information (resonance)
  7. Combination
The first, and most obvious, category would be the division of the ORMUS materials into individual elements with each of these elements having different physical properties and biological effects.

The second category relates to how much of the ORMUS material is in a given space. The premis being that more concentrated ORMUS will be more effective. The magnetic traps are designed primarily to concentrate ORMUS as are the chemical methods. These methods may also energize and program the ORMUS materials in some way (see below).

The third category is not so obvious and is not scientifically verified. Briefly stated, the theory of this category is that each ORMUS element can have different levels of Cooper pairing among its electrons ranging from having only four electrons paired up to having all electrons paired up.

According to this theory, the physical properties of the ORMUS elements would range between almost metallic at the low end of Cooper pairing to the magical properties that we associate with these elements at the high end of Cooper pairing. The intermediate stages of Cooper pairing would give a mixture of m-state and metallic properties.

The fourth category of ORMUS variation would be the charge or energy level of a given ORMUS element at any given level of Cooper pairing. The highest energy levels might only be available to the most fully Cooper paired materials. This category is theoretical and has not been scientifically verified.

For the fifth category of ORMUS variation we postulate that the ORMUS elements are quantum coherent structures which are capable of non-local communication with others of their kind. In this role there may be different types of coherence where they are in the same energy state or in the same spin state or perhaps in the same information state.

A possible sixth category of ORMUS variation would be a result of information, resonance or torsion field imposed on a given ORMUS element. Different resonances might stimulate different ORMUS physical and biological properties.

It is also possible that there is a seventh category of ORMUS variation which might relate to different properties in combined or conjoined materials composed of two or more ORMUS elements. Some people believe that the most potent alchemical materials like the Red Lion or the Philosopher's Stone are composed of two or more ORMUS elements conjoined into a single (atomic) structure.

Keep in mind that all of these potential variation categories are likely to interact with one another. I would suspect that the Philosopher's Stone would combine the "best" attributes of each of these variation spectrums.

Let's take a look as what is known and/or suspected about each of these categories of ORMUS variation. Please realize that some of these observed properties have only been observed by one person one time. Most have not been repeated by multiple observers and virtually none have been duplicated with proper scientific rigor.


A number of experienced researchers have converted the individual m-state elements to their metallic counterparts. A larger number have converted from pure metal to m-state. I would say that these processes are well enough known that they could be easily duplicated by any competent chemical laboratory. The only caveat is that the m-state to metal conversion processes are generally proprietary and closely held by those who have developed them.

David Hudson describes methods for separating each of the m-state platinum group elements in his patent.

I will go through the ORMUS elements one by one and describe what is known or suspected about the physical properties and biological effects associated with each.


Physical Properties:

There is not much information on the m-state of cobalt. Hudson reports its existence and that is about all. Other researchers are not even sure that there is an m-state of cobalt.

Biological Effects:

Bashar, a trance channeled entity, suggests that very small amounts (10-30 mg) of m-state cobalt "will build up within you a type of thermal regulation system that will allow your energy field to be greatly enhanced, greatly accelerated. More than that will actually engender spontaneous combustion."


Physical Properties:

This would be much the same as what is known about cobalt. Bashar mentions some physical properties; see below.

Biological Effects:

Again the only comments on nickel come from Bashar:

QUESTION: Does the nickel have a warning?

BASHAR: Nickel, nickel, one moment....You will find that in a variety of ways, nickel will be a difficult thing to sustain in monoatomic form unless combined again with the catalytic chromium. Even though they do not interact in the same way that many atomic interactions occur the presence alone of the chromic field will allow nickel to be maintained more adequately in monoatomic form. And when it has done so it is a very, very good enhancer for the idea of the learning capability of the neural net of the brain.

QUESTION: How come nickel and iron aren't able to retain their state very long?

BASHAR: They are as you would call it, too stabley connected to other forms of representation. If they were not grounded in this way and had the tendency to go back to their state of natural physical grounding matrix you would find that your world would fly apart. Thus they maintain the stabilization necessary for the other monoatomics to function in the same way again, as you need grounding effect to allow other effects to function. You need a foundation for the house to stand. And so only rarely do things such as Nickel and iron and a few other substances automatically shift into monoatomic state. In fact they almost never automatically do so unless they are in the presence of the chromic catalyst. Or some other catalytic energy that can allow them to do so in certain circumstances where it will not cause too much destruction. But they automatically and instantly re-stabilize. Otherwise you would have an instant chain reaction and a large section of the planet would all of a sudden convert into the monoatomic state and thus back also immediately almost into energy similar to the concept which you call matter and anti-matter but not exactly the same. But it would become highly unstable.


Physical Properties:

There are no known transcribed comments from Hudson on copper. One other researcher reports that copper is quite stable in the m-state.

Biological Effects:

This same researcher reports some biological effects associated with m-state copper. He says that the m-copper seems to have a less profound psycho-physical effect than the gold and that some people react well to m-state copper and some people do not.

He claims that m-state copper will put a person with Parkinson's disease into a severe reaction. He recommends that you not take m-state copper if you have a history of Parkinson's disease in your family. Parkinson's disease is a result of the body not handling copper properly. If you do not have tendencies toward Parkinson's disease, m-state copper is actually good for you.

He also alleges that most of the effects generally associated with aging; gray hair, wrinkles etc. have been linked to copper deficiency and that copper deficiency is what kills most of us. He says "people with a copper deficiency will convert m-state copper to metallic copper. You get a double benefit that way."

This researchers also suggests that m-state copper might be what gives chlorophyll its green color and suggests that your mother might be right about the importance of eating your green vegetables.


Physical Properties:

The only transcribed comments Hudson has made about ruthenium is that it occurred at the rate of 250 ounces per ton (about 10% of total PGEs or about 1% of the total ton) in his original ore.

Biological Effects:

Bashar is the only commenter on the biological effects of ruthenium. Bashar said:

"You will find that ruthenium has great advantages for thyroidal action. You will find that ruthenium has great advantages for adenoidal action. You will find that ruthenium has great advantages for thymus action as well. There will be a small secondary effect in the idea of the allowance of bone degeneration; marrow."


Physical Properties:

Rhodium is probably the most common of the m-state elements in mineral sources. Hudson reported that his original ore source had 1200 ounces per ton (about 50% of total PGEs or about 5% of the total ton) of the m-rhodium.

Another researcher claims that the Wet Method precipitate from Pacific ocean water and Great Salt Lake water is approximately 30% m-rhodium.

Hudson reports that m-state rhodium works more effectively as a catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells than metallic rhodium. Hudson also reported that the m-state rhodium is the material which would "disappear in a flash of light" if it was left out in the sun. Two other researchers have reported similar experiences with the m-state rhodium.

Hudson also reported that the m-state rhodium could appear to be other elements in different stages of the purification process:

"The only thing is, when he separates the pure rhodium from the blood red chloride solutions of rhodium, which for you people who know anything about chemistry there aren't many materials that form blood red chlorides, when he does the hydroxide neutralization, they precipitate out of solution as a hydroxide. He filters and dries it. We put that into a tube furnace where we have atmospheric control. We oxidize it at 800 degrees Centigrade which is red heat. We hydrogen reduce it and then we get this hydrogen reduced gray powder.

What he did, is he would take it in and oxidize it and get a red-brown oxide, which is the correct color of rhodium dioxide. He would cool it and take 1/3 of that sample and put it in a sealed vial. He then would take two thirds of the remaining sample, put it back in the tube furnace, re-oxidize it and hydrogen reduce it. He would then cool it down, take it out of the tube furnace, take half of the sample and put it in another sealed vial. And then he would take the remaining third and put it back in the tube furnace and anneal it at 1,400 degrees Centigrade and it turns snow white.

So we have three fractions here. We have a red brown dioxide. We have the dioxide reduced under hydrogen to the elemental material. And then we have an annealed material under an inert gas. Now one should be an oxide, one should the element and I don't know what the third material might be, but it still supposed to be the same stuff. When we sent them over to Pacific Spectrachem in California, which is one of the better, older spectroscopic firms in California, the red brown dioxide was iron. The only element detectable was iron. I mean, look at it, hell, it's a red brown dioxide just like iron. The hydrogen reduced material, now the iron disappeared, no more iron in this sample. Now it's been hydrogen reduced and it's become silica and aluminum. No iron, and yet the first sample had no silicon aluminum in it and now the second sample is silica and aluminum. And then the third sample, which now should be silicon aluminum, right, it's just annealed under argon, now becomes calcium and silica. No aluminum."

Another researcher reports that m-state rhodium sublimes (goes directly from solid to gas) if it is heated to a temperature between 1066 and 1250 degrees Celsius.

Biological Effects:

Each of the previously quoted sources have made comments on the biological effects of m-rhodium:

Hudson (paraphrases and quotes from various lectures):

80% of rhodium passes through in the urine.

Rhodium is associated with the thymus. When you take rhodium over a period of a month and a half, the thymus grows by 40%.

We took some calves brains and some pigs brains, and we did a destruction of the organic material and a metals analysis and over 5 percent, by dry matter weight, of the calves brains and the pigs brains, were rhodium and iridium in the high-spin state. And nobody in medical research knows that.

So we went down to A. J. Bayless and got ourselves some cow's brains and some pig's brains. We carborized these brains in fuming sulfuric acid. That was a really raunchy thing to do but it was the only way we knew to do it. We weren't organic chemists, we were inorganic chemists so we destroyed the carbon, carborized it, added nitric-nitric-nitric acid, kept taking it down to fumes of sulfuric more nitric, fumes of sulfuric, more nitric till we got rid of all the carbon. Then water, water, water till we got rid of all the nitroso compounds. Then we did a metal sulfate analysis. Did you know that over five percent by dry matter weight of the brain tissue is rhodium and iridium in the high spin state?

What I am telling you, last night, is that over 5%, by dry matter weight, of your brain and nervous tissue, is made up of rhodium and iridium in the high-spin state. And, literally, you have light flowing in your body right now.

Now I will mention, when we analyze the carrot juice, there's a high amount of rhodium in carrot juice. I've heard of people drinking macro amounts of carrot juice and curing cancer. Well rhodium is the cancer cure. The Acemannan is 90 percent rhodium, the product that's made here in Texas, the Acemannan. I believe Mr. McDaniels who was driving me around today, I plug his product because it's probably the best source of rhodium you can buy. And if you have cancer you need rhodium in your body. It's the cancer cure. And that is one of the best natural sources that we know of right now, is the Acemannan. Other than our material which is pure rhodium, but I, you know, I can't administer for cancer.

And probably one of the highest sources, natural sources of rhodium and iridium, is Aloe Vera. And one of the people who are concentrating on this particular material is this Emprise Corporation. And I don't own any of Emprise, I don't have any stock in Emprise, I don't make any money on Emprise, I'm just telling you that of the natural sources this is one of the best sources. There is a product called "injectable Ace Mannan", the original injectable Ace Mannan, that has been analyzed by us and we found that it's 90% rhodium. 90% rhodium. They tell you it's, what, glucopolysaccharide? Is that right? Well, I'm telling you it's not. I'm contradicting them there, you know, they can sue me, they can do anything they want, but it does cure diseases and illness. Any disease that originates in the DNA it has the potential to correct. That's what you have to understand.

They don't have all of the answers and we don't have all the answers yet. How much, how it should be administered, what dosages, how much you can stand, but it does correct the DNA. And you know, it's in Essiac Tea, it's in the sheep sorrel and slippery elm bark, it's, rhodium is in carrot juice, carrots that are raised in the southwestern United States, Texas, excellent source of rhodium, but the Aloe Vera is one of the highest concentrations and particularly the products being made by them, are excellent folks.

And you know, he picked me up at the airport, wanted to talk to me about it, I ... he's trying to convince me of something I totally accept already, I know it's good, it has to be good, it has the stuff in it. You know, that's why it works. And so, because I can't treat cancer, I'm not a doctor, I send you to them. This is where you should be going and you should be taking it in mega-doses. I have not found any toxicity even in mega levels, so if you got somebody who's really sick that's probably their best chance of recovery is the high amounts of rhodium.

Essiac tea. Sheep sorrell and slippery elm bark are high in rhodium and iridium. Plug for Vitali-Tea. "Is particularly great for people who have mouth cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer any cancer of the soft tissues. The one area it doesn't seem to work is cancer of the lymphatic system."

Carrot juice has high amounts of rhodium only. Rhodium is the cancer cure.

Products made by Emprise corporation: Manaloe and Acemannan DHEA precursor called Emprise Plus. All contain rhodium and iridium.

"The product that is made by Carrington Laboratories, it is called Acemannan is actually cleared by the AMA and FDA for cancer treatment in animals. It has not been cleared for cancer treatment in humans. However, they are selling more of it than if all the animals in the U.S. had cancer. So what they know is that the aids community has found out about it and is taking the material. When it is injected into the blood stream, which is the way it is administered, there are dramatic increases in white blood cells and T-cells. After injecting Acemannan, which is 90% rhodium, into the blood for a month and a half, the thymus grows by about 40%. The thymus is what produces the T-cells. The thymus grows. If you don't know this, from the age twelve on most peoples thymus begins to shrink. They have evaluated aids patients who have died and done biopsies on them and they find the thymus is unusually shrunken. This does increase the size of the thymus dramatically and it is the rhodium that does it."

"The iridium and the gold seem to speed up the metabolism of the body about 40% and they seem to not go into the bloodstream and not go through the kidneys. It seems to be taken into the acupuncture system of the body and it seems to be associated with the spinal cord and the thymus. Which, in fact, is the consciousness and the metabolic rate of the body.

Other products that you might be familiar with is the Kabuchi or the Chinese mushroom. That has rhodium and iridium. Not that much but it is in there.

Another excellent product is the aloe vera plant. The cold extract aloe vera. Now I want you to know there are cold extract aloe veras that are excellent. There is a product called R-Pur Aloe, made over in Colorado, that is an excellent product. I have actually gone to High Health and purchased cold extract aloe vera from High Health and there is absolutely nothing in it. And so just because the label says that it is aloe vera gel doesn't mean it is a good product."

Flax oil has rhodium and iridium. Almond seeds also have it. Apricot seeds have it. Grape juice has it as does grape seed. Water cress has a lot in it.

In his March/April 1996 newsletter Hudson wrote:

Cancer cells were placed in culture dishes and raised to maturity. When monoatomic rhodium was dispersed in the deionized water and added to the cancer culture they attracted to the cancer cells but did not affect the cells' activities.

However, when the rhodium is reacted with diluted hydrochloric acid and then introduced as a chloride into the cancer cells, the activities of the cells reduced by 45% to 55%. This truly amazed the researchers. They had previously seen materials which would kill cancer cells and they had seen other materials which had no adverse effect on the cancer. But they had never before seen a material that literally changes the nature of the cancer cells and made them normal!

The researchers were sufficiently impressed that they have engaged eight additional cancer laboratories to replicate these results. Researchers at N.I.H. (National Institute of Health) and Merck are now working with Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements - specifically rhodium. The researchers at these facilities of course do not understand what these materials are, where they came from, or how to analyze for them.

In his September/October, 1996 newsletter Hudson wrote the following about the effects of m-state rhodium on various cancer cell cultures:


The National Institute of Health has performed cancer cell testing. Six kinds of tests were performed on leukemia with no direct intereaction with rhodium. Nine types of non-small cell lung cancer were tested with direct retardation of only one type of cell by the rhodium. That was NCl-H23. There were seven varieties of colon cancer tested with no intereaction with the rhodium. There were six varieties of CNS cancer with no direct intereaction.

There were eight varieties of Irialanoma with one variety referred to as the LOX IMVI, showing a dramatic reduction of growth in the presence of rhodium. The LOX INVI cancer cells are a melanoma form of cancer.

There were six varieties of ovarian cancer, six varieties of renal cancer, two varieties of prostate cancer, eight varieties of breast cancer, none of which showed any direct intereaction with the rhodium. There was MD MID tests performed on Delta and also on the Range showing dramatic reduction in cancer activity.

Members should be clear that this was not a study on human patients. It did not measure any reaction with the thymus or other organs in the body. The tests did not measure increases in white blood cells, T-cells, etc. it was simply a test of the direct intereaction of one ORME (rhodium) in a cell culture.

Additional studies were conducted in New York on PC3 independent prostate cancer cells. At two, four and ten micrograms per milliliter the rhodium ORME promoted DNA synthesis (measured by the thymidine incorporation), stimulated cell growth and cell looked better than usual. Thus rhodium ORME is not toxic, but in fact seems to make the cancer cells more vigorous and robust and clearly does not retard PC3 cancer cells.

Similar results occurred with mink lung epithelial cells. Incorporation of tritiated thymidine increased from 7000 cpm to 20,000 cpm.

In PC3 cells, rhodium ORME caused cytokine, mRNA and peptide levels to fall. This correlates with the increased growth rates in these cells, since this cytokine is known to inhibit cell growth. It also is known to increase in inflammatory conditions, therefore it is possible that the decrease in the cytokine caused by the rhodium ORME could reduce inflammation.

At the university of Illinois, the rhodium ORME was tested in cytotoxicity tests using eight different cell lines. None showed toxicity at levels as high as twenty micrograms per milliliter. This shows that rhodium ORME is not toxic. Clearly Rhodium ORME does not act on cancer cells by killing them, but many other mechanisms which are not considered normal in cancer research are now being investigated.

In Summary:

Rhodium ORME is clearly not toxic, even at very high concentration. Thus its anti-cancer action can not be via a cancer cell-killing mechanism.

Its effects on growth of cancer cells is cell type specific. It inhibits growth of liver cancer cell lines and the prostate line H23, but not the growth of other cell types. It actually stimulates the growth of PC3 cells and mink lung epithelial cells.

It inhibits the production of cytokine in PC3 cell and mink lung epithelial cells, which suggests the rhodium ORME may have anti-inflammatory activity.

Another researcher said:

"When you dry rhodium in the sunlight it goes off like a million flash bulbs. No explosion, no implosion, just a brilliant flash of light and it's done. The Pharos in Egypt used to commit suicide this way. When they were ready to meet their god they would dope up real heavy on the rhodium and walk up this long hallway into the morning sunlight. They would last about ten minutes. And they would blink out of existence. Gone in a flash of light. This is a massive overdose. You couldn't afford to get this amount of rhodium unless you owned a rhodium mine."

This researcher also reports beneficial results when a mixture of m-rhodium (70%) m-iridium (15%) and m-gold (15%) is taken as treatment for the following diseases:


Alzheimer's disease

Bipolar disorder

Cancer - lymphatic cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer and uterine cancer



Heart disease

Hepatitis C

Kidney problems

Liver disease

Lou Gehrig's disease


Muscular dystrophy

Multiple sclerosis


Bashar said:

QUESTION: We wouldn't get that longevity in any other monoatomic substance?

BASHAR: Overall there will be some increased longevity with the iridium, with the rhodium and others, especially as connected to what you would call the natural diet and the removal and release of flushing toxins from the system. This alone will enhance your ability for increased longevity. The human body easily has the capacity within the next 15 years of beginning to lay the foundations for a life span of about 300 years.

QUESTION: The rhodium and the iridium are the powder that David Hudson has been providing to people. Would it be better if the iridium and the rhodium would be separate?

BASHAR: No, they know what to do when they are in your body. Sometimes they actually work better when they are in concert with monoatomic chromium. By adding the monoatomic chromium to the iridium and rhodium it would be even more efficacious.


Physical Properties:

Hudson reported that his original ore source had 5 ounces per ton (about .2% of total PGEs or about .02% of the total ton) of the m-palladium. Other ores have been reported with higher levels of m-palladium.

Another researcher reports that m-state palladium sublimes when heated to a temperature above 2700 degrees Celsius.

Biological Effects:

I could find no transcribed comments from Hudson about the biological effects of palladium.

The other main researcher claims that ORMUS palladium helps keep the skin young looking.

Bashar made this comment on palladium:

"Palladium is good for vision and reparation, regeneration of certain cellular structures that are, as you would say duty specific. Such as the cones and rods for the eyes, the taste buds of the tongue and other things that have to do with sensory apparatus."


Physical Properties:

Hudson did not report any silver in his original ore source. The other main researcher claims that silver goes back and forth from metal to m-state more easily than any of the other m-state elements. This would suggest that the greater abundance of metallic silver in the earth's crust is at least partly due to a relative lack of m-state silver. (Metallic silver is about a hundred times more abundant in the earth's crust than each of the platinum group metals.)

M-state silver sublimes above 1800 degrees Celsius, according to the other researcher.

Biological Effects:

Neither Hudson nor the other researcher have known comments on the biological effects of silver.

Bashar said that the biological effects of silver were somewhat similar to those of palladium and he added:

"But also it aids to some degree of reparation of bone especially the dental enamel but not the way that you use it in your dentistry but in monoatomic state. You see in many ways many of you instinctively understand that the silver is supposed to be applied to the teeth, but you don't know how to apply it. So not in fillings but in the monoatomic state it will aid in the reparation and the strengthening of such things as your dental enamel and other things in the body."


Physical Properties:

David Hudson got about 150 ounces per ton (about 6% of total PGEs or about .6% of the total ton) of m-osmium from his original ore. Other than this fact, Hudson has nothing to say about m-state osmium.

A mining company called Profit Technologies claims that m-state osmium can be used in a battery to store energy at incredible energy density. Another researcher claims that m-state osmium is too poisonous to use for this application.

Biological Effects:

Metallic osmium is the most toxic of the platinum group metals. One experienced researcher refuses to work with it because of its toxic effects. He claims that the m-state osmium is also toxic.


Physical Properties:

M-state iridium is probably the strangest of the m-state elements. It is second most common in Hudson's original ore at 800 ounces per ton (about 33% of total PGEs or about 3% of the total ton).

One researcher has mentioned that m-iridium, when completely dried out, will not redissolve in strong hydrochloric acid. This is also true of m-gold and partially true of m-platinum but is not true of the other m-state elements.

Another researcher claims that the m-state iridium sublimes above 5400 degrees Celsius. He also claims that the Wet Method precipitate from Great Salt Lake water is about 5% m-iridium and the precipitate from Pacific ocean water varies between about 6% and 9% m-iridium.

Hudson and a couple of other researchers have observed levitation effects associated with m-state iridium. One of these researchers reports gravity shielding effects above a piece of material which incorporates m-state iridium.

Hudson has also reported the visual disappearance of m-state iridium when it was repeatedly heated to about 830 degrees Celsius. This disappearance was accompanied by a negative weight in the sample.

I have observed phenomena which look like magnetic levitation and Josephson tunneling in materials which contain m-state iridium.

Biological Effects:

Here is what David Hudson had to say about the biological effects of m-state iridium in various lectures:


Iridium does not dissolve in HCl in the stomach. It seems to relate to the spinal chord and the pituitary gland. Hudson claims that he believes that it is connected to the acupuncture meridians and that it does not go through the digestive process like the rhodium.


"the Vibhuti, that Sai Baba manifests, in fact is iridium in the high-spin state." Also from Hudson's Dallas lecture:

"The iridium and the gold seem to speed up the metabolism of the body about 40% and they seem to not go into the bloodstream and not go through the kidneys. It seems to be taken into the acupuncture system of the body and it seems to be associated with the spinal cord and the thymus. Which, in fact, is the consciousness and the metabolic rate of the body.

(Question - All right, I was curious about, ah, how it came about that you found out about Sai Baba's Vibhuti containing rhodium?)

A lady in Phoenix just had some of it in a bag. She had been over there and seen him and she said here's the Vibhuti, you know, can you find out what it is. And so, it was the cinder material and apparently it was made by a burning process, it wasn't that that came out of his hands. Because we looked at it under our microscope and there was carbon ash in it, so there was some carbon ash, but the rest of the material was pure iridium.

And I believe that there's certain plants that they pick over in India that they put on the sacred pyres, that burn always and never go out, and I believe that this, they are burning all of the carbon out of this. And then they take that ash and water wash it, which gets rid of the alkali salts, the alkaline metals, and these plants just happen to be very high in iridium.

And that's how I think they come up with it. That's my opinion. Now I know Sai Baba claims, everybody claims he manifests it out of the air, well if so, his body is so saturated with it that it literally is coming out of his hands. That's the only explanation I have for it. Because I am, believe it or not, as philosophical as I sound, I really am my own worst enemy. I'm a very severe critic myself.

Iridium seems to be the metronome. Iridium seems to play a role of regulating the biological activity in the body. It seems to... if you take high amounts of iridium your biology speeds up about 40 to 45 percent.

Now, most people don't understand, they say, "I don't want to get old faster". No, life is the reverse of linear time. Linear time is like a river going downstream and you are like a boat on the river rowing upstream. When you are a young child and a teenager, you're rowing like mad and you're really going up the stream, as you get to be an adult you're lucky to hold your own, and as you get older, even though you're rowing, you're not rowing fast enough and you now are getting downstream where the water is slow. We're speeding up your metabolism with iridium. Iridium is like the Elixir of Life. Iridium is what makes your metabolism run faster, which in turn allows your cells to be corrected and to divide faster. Unfortunately iridium does speed up cancer growth also, and so you don't want the iridium if you are fighting cancer. You want the rhodium for cancer. Iridium is more for the healthy person who then has the cancer under control and then is looking for the Elixir of Life. Iridium works just like gold. Both of them seem to effect the, what's called by the acupuncturists, the meridian system. Over 80% of the rhodium passes directly into the urine and out each day. The iridium doesn't, the iridium seems to be absorbed into what they call the meridian system, for what that's worth. (question) Yes it is.

(Question - Since you're a farmer and we know that a lot of things like the cell structure of plants and so forth like that grow on this kind of electrical type energy. Is it possible then to take a piece of this, treat it like a homeopathic preparation, spray it on the fields like bio-dynamic type farming and so forth, and have just absolute abundance of food crops available in very small pieces of land?)

I know that iridium can control the vibrational frequency of 56 molecules of water. But I don't think it goes much further than that, and so I don't think that it is like mostly homeopathic preparations where you can dilute, dilute, dilute, dilute and get stronger and stronger and stronger. Ah, the interesting thing is though that when you distill water, you assume you have purified water, the oroides, the iridides, the rhodides act more like iodide than they do like metals and they actually will distill along with the water. And so what you think is high purity, what you're observing and studying as water may in fact not be pure water. Something to think about anyway. Another question?"

Here is what another researcher had to say about the m-state iridium:

"Iridium has the greatest interaction with the Meissner field of an individual than any of the others. I (the researcher) saw a table levitated by a monoatomic iridium sample (from Hudson's lab) when people placed their hand under it."

Here is what Bashar had to say about the m-state iridium in response to some questions:

QUESTION: For those of us who are making the choice of taking more of the natural foods that contain rhodium and iridium , I am just wondering what we can expect from them, I know we can expect better health and better being.

BASHAR: Feeling lighter, more energetic, needing less sleep, so on and so forth. Better ability to heal, knit tissue so on and so forth in case of injury. Better enhancement of all sensory apparatus in the body so on and so forth. More, overtime, psychic sensitivity and sensitivity to other higher frequency energies and so forth is what you can as you say, expect.

QUESTION: We wouldn't get that longevity in any other monoatomic substance?

BASHAR: Overall there will be some increased longevity with the iridium, with the rhodium and others, especially as connected to what you would call the natural diet and the removal and release of flushing toxins from the system. This alone will enhance your ability for increased longevity. The human body easily has the capacity within the next 15 years of beginning to lay the foundations for a life span of about 300 years.

QUESTION: The rhodium and the iridium are the powder that David Hudson has been providing to people. Would it be better if the iridium and the rhodium would be separate?

BASHAR: No, they know what to do when they are in your body. Sometimes they actually work better when they are in concert with monoatomic chromium. By adding the monoatomic chromium to the iridium and rhodium it would be even more efficacious.

QUESTION: I have heard that the iridium stimulates the metabolism and could be detrimental if you have like cancers and tumors etc.

BASHAR: Only if the body contains certain kinds of toxins as it does in most cancers, will too much of a monoatomic element, including iridium cause a discordant out of phase vibration. Minor amounts at first until the body adjusts. Then more can be taken later if necessary. Too much at first can cause too much of an out of phase discordant clash within the frequencies which already exist within the body which is representative of the toxics within the cells.


Physical Properties:

M-state platinum is the third least common m-state element in Hudson's original ore. He reports that it was found there at only 12.5 ounces per ton (this would be about .5% of total PGEs or about .05% of the total ton).

Biological Effects:

I have not been able to find anything from Hudson or Bashar on the biological effects of m-state platinum. Another researchers had this to say:

"M-state platinum causes strong Anabuse type reactions to alcohol if you eat the m-state platinum and try to drink alcohol. Several people who took m-state platinum for allergies seemed to recover from the allergies. The whole group went out to a New Year's party to celebrate. Right after they started to drink they got so sick that they thought they were going to die."


Physical Properties:

While he often called his "product" "white powder gold" David Hudson did not get very much m-state gold from his original ore; according to his latest lecture, about 14 ounces per ton. This would be about .6% of the total PGEs and about .06% of the total ton.

Also according to Hudson, the m-state gold sublimes at a relatively low temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. Another researcher says that m-gold sublimes between 450 and 600 degrees Celsius.

Hudson also claims that if you heat m-gold in the absence of oxygen, it will sinter into a clear glass at about 1160 degrees Celsius.

The other researcher says that the Wet Method m-state gold precipitate occurs in the following amounts for the following water sources:

Dead Sea water: 70%

Great Salt Lake: 19%

Pacific Ocean: 8-14%

Biological Effects:

David Hudson also mentioned physical effects of the ORMUS gold in several lectures:


Gold is associated with the pineal, Hudson believes.


"The iridium and the gold seem to speed up the metabolism of the body about 40% and they seem to not go into the bloodstream and not go through the kidneys. It seems to be taken into the acupuncture system of the body and it seems to be associated with the spinal cord and the thymus. Which, in fact, is the consciousness and the metabolic rate of the body."

One other researcher commented on the gold. He said:

"One with a spouse or close relationships should not take this material unless they all do. It will change you. You do develop a sense of knowingness about what other people are thinking and feeling."

He also mentioned that it is not good to eat m-state gold alone as this would "stick" you in your current mental and physical state.

Here is what Bashar had to say on the m-gold:

QUESTION: I am aware that in order to provide to us rhodium and iridium we can go to carrots and grapes. Are there plants which can provide gold, the monoatomic gold?

BASHAR: That which exhibits the highest color in your visible spectrum. (Violet?) Yes, therefore, eggplant so on and so forth. Flowering kale etc. However if each of you had what is called a broad spectrum diet that was basically vegetarian in nature you would thus encounter everything that you would need in that broad spectrum diet and you wouldn't necessarily have to focus on one particular

QUESTION: You've mentioned before that the iridium of the white substances will open up our psychic abilities but white powder gold will give us the longevity.

BASHAR: Specifically it is strong in that direction. Even the energy field itself, around the monoatomic gold will impart the idea of increased longevity.

QUESTION: We could then use the mind, tuning into that frequency to then have longevity and reverse age?

BASHAR: Yes, but it will take adequate practice for the single mind of your species to do this. It may not come very easily for most of you to do it that way. Therein the ingestion of the material is like a booster symbol for many of you to help your body remember what frequency it needs to be on.

QUESTION: So do we really have to take the gold to have longevity? And does that correct the DNA giving us the 20-year-old body again?

BASHAR: It may not do that exact thing for every individual but it will have the tendency to generalize the traits of your human form so that there would be a range somewhere between your 20 and 40 year, averaging out to about your 33rd year. This is what happens generally when you become spirit, when you die, most spirits snap back to the etheric form of about their 33rd year of life.

QUESTION: Would the gold be more powerful in developing our spiritual nature, our electromagnetheric qualities? (yes) You also mentioned the violet colored foods have more gold. Would beets for example have more gold?

BASHAR: It would have a combination of things in that it also exemplifies a little more of the red coloration than exactly the violet.


If the m-gold is abundant in Dead Sea water (and salt) then it is the most easily isolated of the m-state elements. Many people have eaten the m-state gold as retrieved from Dead Sea precipitate. Most of these people report effects related to memory and motivation. Here is one such report from a man who took m-gold made from metal:

"Yes I drank them. Caused a fusing of left and right hemispheres, so that I had complete control over my dreams. It made dreamtime and daytime very much closer together. I would recommend it to anyone who had the luxury of taking a few years off. Meaning that I cared a lot less about day to day business affairs and getting to the office when I took it. Since I am self-employed, it makes a big difference when I don't show up. So I stopped taking it when it was done. Since then my business has skyrocketed. I would say I experienced an increase in intuition that lasted for a year or so."

Here is another articulate report on the same subject from a woman who was taking the Great Salt lake precipitate:

"I experienced -- am experiencing -- something very strange and, well, I guess people might label it as "mystical," whatever that far-off word seems to mean to me right now. So I wanted to sit down and let some words flow out about it. As I was going about doing my chores this morning it seemed like I entered a dream -- or like my dream state entered my "reality." This state goes behind the normal human emotion/expectation/anticipation -- all that which makes us "human" -- to a completely non-discriminatory, experiential state. When you are in a dream, you don't really personally identify like you do in waking consciousness. You are abstracted from the images and the drama, even though you are in it.

This is not a thing of "effort" -- it is something you allow. Everything that you hear, taste, feel, see, smell becomes equal to everything else. So scrubbing tile grout is the same as eating a piece of pie is the same as looking at the sunlight on the grass is the same as hearing the strange drone of the vacuum cleaner. It's all different "colors," but it's all the same -- like seeing the canvas behind the painting, and knowing the moment right before the painter lays down his brush; that's always the same moment -- but you can't "catch it" with your senses. Everything is the same, but everything is "different than it was." But nothing is mediocre or "un-special" -- in fact, just the reverse: every moment is pure Potentiality, pure wonder, pure and ineffable, never to be exactly duplicated again.

Language, attempts to describe such unique, personal, moment-to-moment experience is completely inadequate. Nothing has "meaning" -- it is like a baby experiencing all that is around it; you are really that "dumb and fresh" about everything you are doing and that is happening around you. This "world," the "reality" as we think we know it, becomes as foreign as twilight dream. And yet, in this weird, fascinated state, it felt like there was "another way" to communicate. Like there were "foreign voices" somewhere. This must be where people start to think they are going "crazy," but it's the bridge to full and true sanity. One thing I understand is that there are many, many dimensions surrounding us, right here with us. Sometimes we are pulled into these dimensions (I've had this happen before -- but differently), "yanked out of our bodies" so to speak. This is a real gentle, suspended experience. I'm not confused; it's very focused but at the same time completely open-ended."

Gary described similar effects as a byproduct of kundalini awakening. He wrote:

" At the present time, I have not gone through ego death, but have come close enough to that point to know what it is, and that it is an unavoidable part of the process. My ego has been crippled, but is still basically functional. I found the partial loss, and prospect of total loss, of my ego to be very discomfiting. The "ego" (in the sense I am using it) controls (I have discovered) my will, memory, passions, desires, goals, aspirations, hopes, motivation, functions that have to do with planning, future projections, - anything that is in some way a "want" and/or is not related to the Here-Now-Present.

The semi-disconnection of memory is the worst thing about it, for me as an engineer. It is a growing forgetfulness or absent mindedness, a recall problem, rather than forgetting. The info is still in there. It is not very severe so far, but I can see long term memory would be affected worse with more progress. I have not identified just what is going on with memory, to have figured out just how to handle it, and that is the main problem. My mind doesn't work in past and future modes like it used to. It is becoming more present-tense oriented, and that affects memory access (as well as perceptions of the future). It is kind of hard to explain.

I have compensated somewhat by using tons of post-it notes and making lists of things to remember. I usually try to write things down immediately and not rely on casual recall. It has not affected my organizational ability, and only affected my analytical skills to the extent that memory of details are concerned. It is not as bad as it probably sounds. Just inconvenient."

These effects were echoed by a woman who experienced a kundalini awakening in India:

"It's funny, ever since I returned from my trip to India to see Sai Baba in 1992 (a very intense spiritual experience), my memory has not really been the same. While I do have good recall of facts when I need them (in fact it's spooky the detail I can recall sometimes), I'm not very well focused on the past or future events and tend to be quite "absent minded" about time and appointments. In fact, time goes by very fast for me. I am very much "HERE" in the present, and it's like there's nothing in my brain until I need it for what I'm doing. Sometimes when people ask me simple or broad questions, my mind is really blank and I have to stop and think about what the answer is, but it almost always comes to me after a few seconds (definite time delay though--sometimes misunderstood by others). It's like stuff is in storage somewhere on a hard drive--but it's not in my RAM memory, and I need to access it from somewhere deep in my brain. I always thought I might be suffering from some weird form of dementia, but given what other people are saying here, perhaps it's something of a spiritual development instead. (I also experience the "energy rod" emanating from out of the top of my head going up about maybe 1 1/2 to 2 feet and an associated "pressure" in my head--especially when I'm writing or meditating. I feel it now as I am writing this.)

There is, however, a distinct difference between being "fuzzy-headed" and being "absent-minded" in this way. I have experienced both, and I attribute the fuzzy-headed, unfocused state of mind to poor health or fatigue. The absentmindedness, on the other hand, allows for clear thinking and sharp focus."

It appears that these memory and motivation effects are much more pronounced with the m-gold than with the mixed m-state materials. It also appears that these effects are much less pronounced if a person is in a state of ill health. The m-gold does not seem to have the health benefits associated with the other m-state elements or, at least, to the same degree.

Some researchers claim that the m-gold might stagnate the healing process if it is taken alone. They suggest that if you wish to take the m-gold for its kundalini effects, you should be sure that you have taken the m-rhodium and m-iridium for a sufficient length of time to experience the healing process before starting on the m-gold.

The mental effects of the ORMUS elements seem to be strongly related to our perception of time. Another "trance channeled" entity, Seth, claims that time is a local phenomenon within our physical reality and does not necessarily apply in other states of awareness. This concept is also being echoed by some modern physicists. Here is some of what Seth says about time in "The Unknown Reality":

At 9:45 PM 2/27/74, Seth said:

Now: Basically, the cell's comprehension straddles time as you think of it. Period.

Mankind's consciousness, however, experimented along time-specific lines. As he developed along those lines, various biological and mental methods of selectivity and discrimination were utilized. When in historic terms mankind became aware of memory, and recalled his past as a past in your terms, it was possible for him to confuse past and present. Vivid memories, out of context but given immediate neurological validity, could compete with the brilliant focus necessary in his present.

Though the past is actually quite as immediate, alive, and creative as the present is, man made certain adjustments, on several layers, that would focus definite distinctions and set past and present experience apart. While your particular kind of consciousness was developing, it began to intensify selectivity, to concentrate specifically in a small area of activity while blocking out other data. This was necessary because the particular kind of physical manipulation of corporal existence required instant physical response to immediately present stimuli.

(9:55.) Such selectivity and specialization therefore represented a pertinent method, as consciousness familiarized itself with earthly experience. Hunters had to respond at once to the present situation. In time terms, the "present" animal had to be killed for food--not the "past" animal. That animal--the past one--existed as surely as the one presently perceived, yet in man's context, physical action had to be directed to a highly specific area, for physical survival depended upon it.

(Pause, and slowly:) The cells' basic innocence of time discrimination had to be bypassed. At deeply unconscious levels the neurological structure is more highly adaptable than it appears. Adjustments were made, therefore. Basically, the neurological structure responds to both past and future data. Biologically, then, such activity is built-in. The specialized "new" kind of consciousness in one body had to respond pinpoint fast. Therefore it focused upon only one series of neurological messages.

These became more and more biologically prominent, so that man's consciousness rode them, or leaped upon them. These particular pulses or messages became the biologically and mentally accepted ones. They were clued into sense perception, then. These pulses or messages became the only official data that, translated into sense perception, formed physical reality. This selectivity gave an understandable line of reference from interior to exterior existence.


Using Seth's model, the m-state elements would appear to adjust our perception of time to a more holistic one without so much of the division between past, present and future. If your lifestyle requires that you must regularly deal with linear time to a great extent, you might find that this will become difficult after ingesting the m-state elements (particularly the gold) until you develop new strategies for recalling commitments. On the other hand, if your lifestyle is more present moment centered, you may notice little change.


Physical and Biological Properties:

David Hudson did not mention that his original ore contained any m-state mercury.

Hindu alchemy seemed to focus more on m-state mercury than on gold or other m-state elements. Hudson mentioned this in several of his lectures. In his Portland workshop he said that the Maharishi sent him a Vedic text from 2500 BC which talks about the white powder of mercury. He said that they checked the mercury by heating it in the air and changing it into gold. He mentioned that he has done this and it works.

Here is his discussion of m-state mercury from his 1995 Dallas lecture:

"It's interesting to note that the philosophical text . . . over in the Ayurvedic text, I was sent a copy by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who knows of this work, and he had it translated into English and sent it over to me. These are about 2,000 B.C. that this information comes from supposedly, and it says you can take mercury and divide mercury, and divide mercury and divide mercury, until you divide it into it's essence and you actually get a white powder of mercury. And the way you test that mercury to see if it's ready for ingestion, is you heat it in air and if it turns to gold, then it's ready for ingestion. And they knew this 2000 B.C. Did you know that superdeformed mercury, when all of its electrons are paired in the high-spin state, if you heat it in air in 78% Nitrogen, in air, that when you get up to around red heat, that the outside electron pair will annihilate with itself. It actually will withdraw it's screening potential enough that outer pair annihilates, and that electron pair doesn't produce 510,000 electron-volt photons like electron annihilation normally does, it produces a 1 million electron-volt photon that is always absorbed by the binding nucleus.

So here your mercury atom now has a 1 million volt photon that comes flying into the nucleus, in the binding nucleus of the mercury, and that's the energy it takes in a high-spin state to knock off a proton and several neutrons. Coincidentally. Now you have a low spin gold, and it goes right immediately to low spin gold. Now low spin gold, if there's other gold atoms near it will aggregate as a metallic material, and once you got diatomic gold, you got it, you're on your way home now, you got metal. So you could actually take mercury to the high-spin state and the way you check it is heat it in air, and if it goes to gold then don't heat the rest of it, consume it, it's a medicine. And that's something that miners and metallurgists have a real hard time with, they say, 'Why don't they want the beautiful yellow valuable metal?' Because the white powder is more valuable, that's why.

And that's the test to see if you got it, and they knew that 2,000 B.C. and we're just now figuring it out now in physics. Isn't that amazing? They claim that the gods taught them this. Okay, next slide."


At our current stage of knowledge about the ORMUS elements it is uncertain which of the following theories about ORMUS variation is true and which is responsible for specific variation observations. All could be true or any one of these theories could account for the variations which have been observed.

Until these theories are tested scientifically it will be difficult to say which are most likely to be true.


Gary postulated that some of the differences between different samples of the same ORMUS element might be attributed to variations in the level of Cooper pairing in that element.

Gary's description of his theory about this type of ORMUS variation is fully described in the appendices of his Paranormal Observations article which is available at several places on the web. See:


In brief, Gary says that the strength of the ORMUS properties is related to whether all of the electrons in an ORMUS diatom are Cooper paired or not. Diatoms with fully paired electrons will exhibit strong ORMUS characteristics and no metallic characteristics while partially paired electrons might exhibit more metallic and less of the ORMUS characteristics as the pairing level decreases.


It is fairly obvious that all ORMUS materials from the same element are not equal. David Hudson patent makes this distinction where it describes the difference between ORMEs and S-ORMEs. His patent states:

"The limiting condition of the ORME state is defined according to the present invention as an "S-ORME". The S-ORME is the lowest state in which monoatoms can exist and is, therefore, the most stable form of T-metal elements. The ORME is electronically rearranged and electron paired, but relative to time has not reached the lowest total energy condition of the S-ORME.

Detection of doublets does not provide an analytical method for the identification of ORMEs per se, but rather detects the presence of the electron pair or pairs which all specifically prepared ORMEs possess and which T-metals do not possess under any condition. It is the existence of the doublet that is critical, not its exact location in the IR spectra. The location can shift due to binding energy, chemical potential, of the individual element in the ORME, the effect of adsorbed water, the variances of the analytical instrument itself, or any external magnetic field."

If the ORMUS elements are superconductors, they would have a Meissner "field" which might encompass billions of atoms if they were in close proximity. This Meissner effect might even expand beyond the group of atoms as energy is added to the superconducting system.

Individual researchers have described evidence that energy can be added to such a system via a variety of means including chemical action, microwaves, heat, electrical resonance, sound, light and spin. When heat energy is added to ORMUS iridium, for example, the m-iridium has strange weight fluctuations.

It is possible to collapse the Meissner effect by adding too much energy. When this happens, the Meissner field collapses and the ORMUS material can convert to metal or to energy. This would account for Hudson's observation that certain ORMUS materials will disappear in a flash of light if left in sunlight. It would also explain why the m-state platinum group metals do not read spectroscopically till they have been "burned" in an electrical arc for almost 300 seconds. In both of these situations it would appear that energy is being added to the ORMUS Meissner field till that field is overloaded and it collapses. Other researchers have made similar observations.