by Barry Carter

In mid August of 1999 I posted my first draft of an article on ORMUS geology to the ORMUS SWG forum. In this article I commented on an experience that my friend Jim had the previous winter:

Though these elements can be quite abundant in spring water right out of
the ground, their levels can drop by 50% within a quarter mile downstream.
We believe that this is the result of their traverse of the earth's
magnetic field. Since these elements are superconductors  and since
superconductors exclude magnetic fields, these elements are repelled by the
Earth's magnetic field from the spring water as it moves along in the
stream bed.

This article is available at:


In September of 1999 Kevin reported to the ORMUS SWG list on some experiments he had been doing in Australia to trap ORMUS out of the air:


In the summer of 2000 Jim did some experiments with a pulsed magnetic field and an ORMUS concentrate. You can read a transcript of one of our conversations about this at:


Based on these observations we surmised that there must be significant amounts of ORMUS already in the air.

The air trap seems to extract ORMEs from the air and the pulsed magnetic field seems to push ORMEs into the air.

On the WhiteGold list in April of 2001 I suggested the use of an air trap with a bubbler to extract ORMEs from the air:

It might be better to use an aquarium bubbler and bubble the air from the good
end of the trap directly through an oil like olive oil or grape seed oil. You
might be able to measure a change in volume or weight of the oil to verify that
you have collected something in it.

That same year Sharon Rose experimented with a bubbler and later reported to this forum:

The fountain I have isn't exactly a fountain but a bubbler that creates a fog. it's called a diffuser on one side of the box and a nebulizer on the other side and I bought it from a Philipino health store ($50), but could not find anything like it on the internet as all my attempts at searchs were met with things that had nothing to do with this little contraption. I thought another simple way to get it into the air would be a humidifier which is fine for home use, but I wanted something that would be appealing to take to classes.

Sharon did a lot of experimentation using the bubbler with various essential oils and ORMUS as well.

In 2003 Dr. John Milewski wrote up some experiments that he had been doing since 1998 which suggest that ORMUS is a gas. You can read more about his experiments at:


More recently Bo Long has been experimenting with bubblers to energize or concentrate ORMUS from the air into water. Many of his posts on this are in the recent archives of this group. Also see:


Some pictures of his devices can be seen at: