by Barry Carter

Various ORMUS reseachers have suggested that the ORME elements can remain in a monatomic or diatomic state by "hiding out" inside of  a clathrate box or cage molecule. Here is a part of the Wikipedia definition of clathrate:

A clathrate or clathrate compound or cage compound is a chemical substance consisting of a lattice of one type of molecule trapping and containing a second type of molecule. The word clathrate is derived from the Latin clatratus meaning with bars or a lattice.[1] An example of a clathrate is clathrate hydrate, a special type of gas hydrate in which a lattice of water molecules encloses molecules of a trapped gas. Scientists believe that compounds on the sea bed have trapped large amounts of methane in similar configurations. Researchers have begun to investigate silicon and germanium clathrates for possible semiconducting and superconducting properties.

You can read the rest of the definition at:

In his 1995 Portland lecture David Hudson said:

"This little zero point frequency I showed you between the positron and the electron; if you follow that right up the electromagnetic spectrum, it agrees with the molecular frequency of hydrogen dioxide, or water. So there is an affinity for this material and water. That's why it is normally taken in water. When you come to understand that your body is, in fact, mainly water. That, literally, this material when you distill water it distills with the water as the oridide, the iridide, the ruthidide. Just like chlorine. And so if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water. And it literally changes the bond angles of the water. That one iridium atom controls 56 waters of hydration around itself. And all the bond angles of all 56 waters are altered when iridium is present. I haven't carefully studied the research work of people working with water but I strongly suspect that their water isn't completely pure and they are finding that the bond angles can be changed. There is something else besides H2O in the water."

This quote suggests that the ORMUS elements go with water when it evaporates. Hudson claims that "one iridium atom controls 56 waters of hydration around itself". This is a pretty good description of a clathrate and fits well with Dr. Martin Chaplin's postulates that water clathrates can hold various gas atoms. See Dr. Chaplin's articles on this at:

Note that the first link has the following statement:

"Dodecahedral clusters containing NH4+, K+ and Cs+ have also been found in ionized liquid water in the gas phase by mass spectrometry"

Clathrate or "box" chemistry has been my preferred hypothesis for explaining how ORMUS might interact with chemical and biological systems for quite a while. Jim and I first discussed this concept in June of 1997. On July 4, 1997 I posted the following note about one of our discussions on The Work which was one of the first technical ORMUS email forums:

I learned a great deal from Jim while we worked together for a couple of days. Jim says that the materials that the scientist is revealing with his m-state processes are always in the solution but that the scientist just builds a chemical box to manipulate them and make them visible. Jim also says that there are many other chemical and magnetic boxes that you can use to extract and manipulate these materials with.

I suspect that all of the methods we are using so far are only opening a few of the boxes that these materials are stored in.

On  October
17, 1999 I wrote the following to the ORMUS SWG forum:

I imagine that these elements are like greased bowling balls that you want to move around. While you cannot pick them up directly you can roll them into a box and pick up the box. They seem to "like" tight spaces. Might certain biological systems use their properties by capturing them in ring or box molecules?

On October 8, 2002 I wrote the article on "ORMUS Box Chemistry" at:

Note that Hudson said:

And so if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water.

This suggests that Hudson is convinced that ORMUS has a room temperature gas form.

David Hudson is not the only ORMUS researcher that has reported a gas form of ORMUS. In 1991, before I ever heard of David Hudson, my friend Jim told me about the gas form of the ORME materials he was exposed to at the mine site he was treating with ozone. (Jim did not call them ORMEs at the time. He generally called it the "snot".) Later, in 1995, I recorded Jim talking about these experiences and he often described situations that indicated a gas form for the ORMEs he was working with. Here is one small example from this recording that I transcribed:

[JIM]  I could ride in a brand new car one time and two days later I would see it going down the road and the side where I was on and right where I was sitting the glass would be fogged from condensate drops forming on the glass when the rest of the windows were clear.

[BARRY]  Two days later?

[JIM]  You know it's just when I happened to notice it. It was real weird. That's one of the things I definitely remember. Everybody goes "well big deal it's fog" and I said yea, go ahead and turn on the defroster. Cause once it started forming . . . even my Camero had some of it that would form; that clear gelatinous material right under the vent, right out of the output vents of the heater where it meets the windshield. And I would have that stuff literally lined up across it. You can't hardly wipe it off. It's like having Armor All on your windshield, only it doesn't stay fog free. It makes it fog up.

I saw this "fog" material on the windshield of Jim's Camero and it is exactly as Jim described.

Jim also converted metal into ORMEs using ozone. When working with Jim on these conversions I witnessed several things that suggested a room temperature S-ORME gas was formed. In one case I videotaped a conversation with Jim where a piece of glass placed over some ORME rhodium/iridium had a "fog" condense on it. This oily liquid had the same properties as the oily liquid that condensed on the windshield of Jim's Camero. You can see a video of this liquid condensate at:

Kevin, in Australia, figured out another way to make an ORME oil from air and water using ether to concentrate the ORME oil. You can read about Kevin's air trap at:

On December 5, 2006 I spoke with Jim about trapping ORMEs out of the air. On that same day I reported what he said about the air trap on the ORMUS Scientific Workgroup forum. Here is what I wrote:

Jim also built an air trap and converted the ORMUS he got out of the air into metal. He said the trap ran 23 CFM of air for several hours. The metal from this trap was 76% silver with most of the remainder being copper. He said there was also a trace of gold. He also mentioned that the metal took longer than usual to show up using his conversion methods.

I seriously doubt that metallic silver, copper and gold would float in the air as a gas. The S-ORME form of these elements, however, would be likely to do so.

In one of his conference calls, Michael Burbury described how he collected dew (from the air) and converted it into a white powder that floated away from his hand. You can listen to Michael's description of the behavior of this white powder, Jim's description of the behavior of the dried "snot" from his mine clean up process and David Hudson's description of the behavior of his white powder at:

In his lectures David Hudson said that this particular behavior was the indicator for superconductivity that was claimed in his patent. If Hudson's patent claim of room temperature superconductivity is valid it would make sense that Michael's levitating dew precipitate is an indicator that S-ORMEs are present in the air.

When I visited Kevin at his lab in Australia he also described how he used copper sulfate as a chemical trap to extract ORMEs from the air. Copper sulfate is highly toxic when dissolved in water but, after collecting ORMEs from the air for a few weeks, a water solution of copper sulfate supports the growth of mold. This combination of ORMEs from the air and copper sulfate also dissolves glass as you can see at:

Ordinary copper sulfate in water does not dissolve silica.

When Jim and I visited the Essene in August of 1999, Jim and the Essene talked about the "oil form" of the ORME materials. Here is a bit of that conversation:

The Essene: It is real easy to get the oil, and it won't evaporate unless you really work on it.
Jim: When I was doing the trap rhodium it was very much so like the gold, as he describes it. I had a vacuum chamber and I would put that trap mono in the vacuum chamber and literally pull a vacuum on it and the water would boil out and it would leave me with this oily stuff that’s like hi-vac grease. It’s thick, very, very tough to wipe off; to clean up. It went into plastics, it went into everything.
Essene: And glass like it was welded.
Jim: Exactly, it ruined the glassware. And when I did conversion it’s just like cutting the glassware right where my water level was when I [?][?]. Like neutron tunneling does…That’s exactly what this stuff does when I would pull it from that grease state into something that I could precipitate.

Kevin described an ORME like substance that would dissolve glass which he trapped from the air. Jim described a similar substance which would dissolve glass which he trapped from water. The Essene said that some of his ORME products made glass look like it was welded. This sounds like a repeated pattern to me.

During the same visit with the Essene Jim gave a rather long discourse on the potency of the ORME gas:

Jim: … he does it by distillation. He goes directly to a gas phase. He collects the gold gas by bubbling it through HCl as he pulls the fumes off. The higher its energy the more volatile it is, the more sensitive it is to magnetic fields, and the more intoxicating it is. And it is quite intoxicating. Before I started using magnetic stoppers on the glassware, whenever I hit it with ozone I would get nuked out of my gourd so that I could hardly think. I would have to leave and come back to it. Yeah, very, very intoxicating. I mean even micrograms of this stuff. When we boiled off some of the vapor in the shop the 2 who were with me literally had out-of-body experiences while walking back up to the house. They were watching themselves walk up the stairs from 5 feet up and 3 feet behind type thing. Scary.

John L, he's a kick boxer I knew a very good kick boxer who got his leg snapped off above the ankle. Being the bulldog he was he finished the fight. But he ground gravel into the bone in the process. Not only did he develop a severe limp down the road but he also developed bone cancer. He took the monatomic iridium. And uh, I think we also had some gold in that mix. He took it via a single dose. I had him hold a container of mono. He was interested in it, he took a magnet and went like this by the bottle once and it dosed him severely. Within 5 minutes he took a 20 minute nap, which was very common. He got up feeling good but still tired. Within a week his apprentice said, "hey, John, what happened to you; you quit limping!" He went back in, his bone cancer was definitely taken care of within 2 weeks. Pulse normal, the whole 9 yards. Within the matter of a month his leg was straight, he didn't walk with a limp, and he had feeling in his foot. Everyone who takes our mono for cancer has the 'sleepy' reaction.

I take that back on the time table. His cancer was gone and he was complaining about a dull ache in his leg. Then it was some 10 days later that he wasn't limping any more. Every one of the cancer patients complains about dull aches in their old injuries. It works on it chronologically. It's very strange. When they start complaining about dull aches in their old injuries, consistently the cancer was already gone at that point and it was working on something else.


Jim: If I hit the stuff with acid without salt in it you can literally see heat wave-like vapor coming off.

I also experienced some psychological effects of ORME gold gas when I heated the green liquid I made from gold using the peroxide method and raised the pH using lye and tri-sodium phosphate TSP solutions. You can see the green gold chloride I made at:

Here is a brief description of my experience from just breathing the ORME gold gas:

I continued adding TSP and started adding lye water (one half tablespoon of lye in a cup of water). I was adding these with an eye dropper about a dropper full at a time. As the solution got closer to pH 7 it started to loose the green color.

While I was stirring in the TSP and lye solutions I noticed that I was feeling quite high. It was a bit like a pot high, but without the distortion and memory loss that pot gives. I also noticed my lips were getting quite sweet and slippery. I asked the experienced person about this. The reply was that this is quite common when working with these materials. To avoid it you should put some pure, lab grade, sodium chloride in with your working solution. Without the salt, the m-state material will evaporate with the water and much of it will be lost.

When I reached pH 7 I slowed down to a drop by drop addition with the eyedropper. Despite my precautions, I overshot and took the solution up to pH 12 or higher. (Since there is not likely to be anything precipitating out of this solution but gold, I did not worry about producing a Gilcrest precipitate.) When the pH went up to 12 the solution quickly turned from a colorless transparent liquid to a candy apple red color which soon showed some red precipitate. I added some HCl to bring the pH back down to neutral but the color stayed. I gradually added lye water to bring the pH up to about 10 and then took the solution off the burner to cool.

During this process I was noticing that the "high" feeling was becoming more and more pronounced. It never caused any dysfunction but I decided that I should be very meticulous and careful to avoid doing anything clumsy.

This was the most profound psychological effect I ever experienced after ingesting any ORMUS product. I did not feel anything like this when I ingested David Hudson's product.

You can read the rest of my account at:

Other ORMUS researchers have also given us evidence that ORMEs have a gas state. You can read about August's observations and see his pictures of this at:

Don Nance's observations (with pictures) are at:

Dr. John Milewski's observations and pictures are at:

I think that the best description of the S-ORME gas is probably Jim's description of what happened when he hit some of his Hot Rocks material with a strong pulsed magnetic field. You can read about this at:

It seems that the ORMUS researchers who spend the most time working with the ORME materials consistently believe and consistently share evidence that ORMEs have a gas form.