Trap water diary
Part 2 - Second Month

October 24
10:00 a.m. Woke up feeling just fine and bounced right out of bed like I was a kid again only better. Still something going on inside the right cheek area to the inner ear, but there is no pain and it doesn't really bother me.

8:24 p.m. The area where my foot was broken off at the ankle started poking and burning. Like quick electrical shocks, lasted off and on around 10 minutes. Other than this, the day has been really great.


October 25
8:15 a.m. Got up still feeling really good this morning. The right cheek still has that strange lump, but it has moved or collected more to the bottom corner of my lip. The whole area is mushy-like, with a harder lump in it and puffy. There is no pain in it, but part of the right side of my head aches above my ear and on an angle. But it's not enough to slow me down. I'll just be glad when it disperses or does what ever it has to do; it's been a pesky on and off kind of thing.

12:22 p.m. While at the table eating lunch today, my husband and I were talking about many different things; I had been saying something to him while looking right at him. As I looked away from him my mind was kind of blank, not thinking about anything, and looking outside at one of my rose bushes, I noticed this spot while looking outside though the window. It look something like a tornado laying on its side that appeared to be just above and slightly to the left of one of the branches of the rose bush. A vortex with the opening facing me, looking straight into it and seeing a swirling or rolling inside of it. Maybe this is what is called the third eye, or chakra beginning to function?

But after a few seconds I blinked and it was gone. This appeared to be about the size of a 50-cent piece. It was a whitish gray but not really a gray. This appeared to be at a distance of about 15 feet from me and at eye level while sitting down -- it wasn't right in my face. It wasn't a frightening to have happen. I really can't say that this was literally outside the window from me, or inside the house, I'm only using that as a reference point and area that I saw this happening until I blinked. The only way that I can really think to describe this is, it was like looking into two places or dimensions at the same time, but it felt like it was a natural thing.

11:p.m. Things are still the same.


October 26
8:53 a.m. This morning the lump in my cheek is a little smaller as if what ever is in there is gathering. Right shoulder hurts across the top of it, don't know what I did if anything to cause it to hurt so.

12:15 a. m. Right shoulder hurts more, slight pain across the back from shoulder to shoulder but nothing real bad. Lump in cheek is the same. Head hurts again, this time the pain is different, feels deeper and more inside rather than surface. Right ear is tender and feels like I have a wad of cotton stuffed in it.


October 27
8:10 a.m. Right shoulder hurts so badly itís all I can do to raise my arm up over my head to set my hair. Lump in cheek is smaller. Back of head is still painful, also had that deep pain across forehead this morning, but it lessened slightly after being up for about a half hour. Have been feeling something like electrical shocks in my right hand, just below the thumb and little finger side.

9:26 p.m. Lump in cheek is spreading out again, feels hot off and on.


October 29
1:25 a.m. Things have been so hectic around here with so much that needs to be done. Right cheek area is still acting up, the lump that flattened out acts like it is moving to the upper right side of my lip. For the past two days there has been what looks like a canker sore on the inside of my upper lip that comes and goes. The outside area of my lip on the chin, corner of mouth and now upper lip, turns bright red, lumpy with bumps that act like they will form into blisters then go down; never really doing anything but they make the whole area feel warm to hot. This doesn't hurt but is a nuance; it goes from feeling hard to soft and mushy.


October 30
8:10 a.m. Woke up feeling pretty good, it's really nice to wake up and hop right out of bed and not have to just sit there for a bit before getting up. This problematic area around the mouth has me puzzled as to what is really going on with it. My shoulder is better, but the muscle in the forearm and across the top of the shoulder is still a little painful -- still makes it hard to use it. I really don't know what I did, if anything, for it to be this way. Maybe these are all impurities working their way out. Other than those two pesky things, I feel good.

4:45 p. m. Pain from inside right ear and down into cheek area.

7:30 p.m. Inside of right ear stopped hurting.

12:30 a.m. Right side of cheek burns and stings a little.


October 31
7:30 a.m. Cheek feels better, no burning sensation. The swelling is down, inside of cheek is a welt again that angles from the ear and where jaw hinges down towards corner of my mouth. Upper right side of lip near corner of mouth has cracked open and has been draining. When I sprayed m-state on the whole area it stung, but after a few seconds it calmed right down.

11:30 a.m. Have a slight numbing sensation again on right side of face like before, but not as severe as before. This only lasted for around a half hour and stopped.

3:35 p.m. Feels like all my get up and go, got up and went, really tired and sleepy. Ringing in ears changed tone but did it differently this time; first it lowered and then rose. My husband just told me that both of his knees, right in the joints, feel as if there is some one in there with a pick-ax mining for calcium. This lasted for about 15 minutes. When he was 15, both of his knees felt that way; he was told that it was due to soft knee joints -- they were developing faster than they were hardening.

12:02 a.m. Face is better feeling, still red and angry looking around corner of mouth and my shoulder is feeling better too, the top of it feels soft and squishy as if there is fluid in it.


November 1
7:30 a.m. Woke up feeling so-so this morning, face is doing better, swelling is down. The upper side of right lip is still weeping where it's cracked open. But my dang right shoulder is swollen and puffed up and the bone feels really hard; it looks funny. Still have a difficult time raising my arm and just before the wrist bone on the thumb side, there is about a 2-inch area that burns and stings when I try to pick anything up.

7:30 p.m. Shoulder and area near wrist bone still the same, right hand is beginning to swell a little, hand feels like it's swollen more than what it really is. My whole torso feels bloated. I'm really tired, feels like I could go to bed and just stay there for a week or so. Don't know what's going on, but the m-state is chasing something out.

8:45 p.m. Ears changed tone, this time it was like a quick chirp and they are ringing with a much higher and sharper tone that seems to quaver as if there is a slightly different sound in each ear, this is really different. Did drink a gallon of m-state today.


November 2
8:45 a. m. Don't feel real bad, but don't feel real good this morning. Shoulder is a little better, still aches; I can raise my arm a little higher now. Sprayed m-state water on shoulder about 4 times, fifteen minutes apart before going to bed last night -- that helped. Head ached then seemed to fade back. Pain from down back of neck, across to right shoulder. Coughing up yellow phlegm. Lip is still cracked and draining, still have what feels like a welt inside of right cheek; burning and stinging sensation still comes and goes but not as bad as before.

10:18 a.m. Feel like I'm sick with something, yet I'm not really sick. Have a feverish feeling but no fever. Knees feel achy; muscles in legs feel wobbly when I walk. When I use my right arm, the muscles feel weak; fingers are slightly puffy and stiff feeling. On the outside I feel like ick, but on the inside I feel fine; part of me wants to go back to bed, the other half of me doesn't. I'm noticing that much of what is happening right now seems to be all on the right side of my body.

11:46 a.m. My husband said that he is experiencing the same kind of muscle weakness and his knees are also aching, but his shoulders aren't swollen like what I'm experiencing.

9:43 p.m. Right ear just chirped again like it did before.]

We had to tear down some fencing today. We worked for an hour and the pain in the shoulder was more than I could stand. So decided to keep the right side of my shirt over the shoulder area soaked with m-state water while we worked. This did help a great deal so I could swing a hammer and pull the big staples out to free the fencing. I did have some trouble trying to reach up overhead to work, so I had to switch over and work left handed. But I feel that if I had not kept the m-state water on that shoulder I would of never been able to do the work I did today.

This evening the shoulder still hurts but not like it has been; still hard to lift my arm up Ė I can raise it about half way. It's not as angry looking or as swollen, but still has that hard feeling; the pain feels now like it is more in the backside of the joint.

While we worked, at one time or another we both did hit our hands with the hammer where the thumb joint meets the hand, I whacked mine about 4 times; it swelled up real good. My husband hit his in the same area of the hand about 6 different times, then to make matters worse, the ladder gave way with him as he was stepping down. He grabbed the post for support and the ladder came down on top of the area of his hand that he had hit with the hammer; the area swelled up with a pretty good knot on it. We both kept spraying the m-state on our poor hands as we worked, which was often for about an hour or so and didn't really notice when we didn't need to use it any more.

This evening, neither one of us is sore from the blows we took, nor do we have any swelling or bruises like we normally would have before we even knew about m-state. We were not aware of when that feeling of muscle weakness left us that we both had earlier today. Something that my husband noticed is that he had to move 5 full sized sheets of treated plywood; he could handle them with much more ease than he ever could before. With the exception of my shoulder, which is better, we both don't have that dragged out feeling and muscle soreness from the work we did; our strength and endurance has improved greatly since we started drinking the m-state water. We both drank a gallon of the water as of now and are going back for more.

12:12 a.m. Inside of right elbow is itching and burning like mad.


November 3
7:45 a.m. Off and on through the night I woke up with the inside of my right elbow still burning and stinging. This morning when I woke, my right arm was up over my head, I've not been able to do this since the shoulder started acting up. All the heavy pain and inflammation is gone. I can raise my arm all the way up with no problem and the shoulder looks normal. The inside of my right knee has a red patch about the size of a silver dollar. It stings, burns and itches; the knee joint is achy but nothing real bad or like what my shoulder did. Both of us are coughing up more yellow phlegm again this morning.

We have no aches, pains or muscle soreness from the work we did yesterday (normally we would be feeling it) nor do either one of us hurt from swinging a hammer. We are really surprised at all of this, but also, to find that the area where we had hit our hands with the hammer several times does not hurt at all either. It's a good thing, because today we have to go right back at it again to finish tearing down the rest of the fencing. I needed only 5 hours of sleep, my husband slept for 8 hours.

12:40 a.m. While finishing up pulling the staples out and taking the fencing down today, my shoulder ached only a couple of times while using the hammer, but after applying the m-state water it stopped and did not bother me at all the rest of the day. There is no more pain in it at all, it does not look angry, but it does look swollen and feels hard again, I probably aggravating it by doing the work I did. I can still raise my arm with no problem or discomfort whatsoever. I still feel really good with plenty of energy; my husband and I both still do not have any muscle soreness or aches. I didn't notice when the red patch on the inside of my knee stopped itching and went away. Tonight my first and second fingers on my left hand, below the knuckle where the fingers bend are red and itching with a slight burning sensation, but they do not hurt or ache. So far today, we both drank 3/4 of a gallon.


November 4
8:45 a.m. Woke up with the back of my head and eyes aching, right shoulder is fine and back to looking normal, the problem with the first two fingers on my left hand is gone. Ears are ringing really loud at a higher pitch that has a hissy like quavering to it. My husband and I both still do not have any muscle soreness from the kind of work that we have done the past two days and our energy is good. We both slept for 6 hours.

2:10 p.m. Head and eyes don't ache quite so bad, feel tired and dragging.

6:30 p.m. Beginning to feel really good now, head and eyes don't ache, that dragging feeling is gone.

10:15 p.m. Right shoulder has been doing really good until now. On the front in the center of the joint, there is a knot that feels like a ball bearing that's in it. If I pick anything up it hurts like a son of a gun, itís a sickening type of pain. A few years back I had to break down and have a shot of cortisone in the left shoulder due to bursitis in it and in the left hip joint. It had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk or move the left arm. I've never been troubled since and I've never been troubled with it on the right side, if this is what the problem is, but it didn't start out like it though. I feel that if it were due to bursitis that it would surely have been the left side to flare up. Spraying m-state water on it does help to relieve it.

11:30 p.m. Top of head itching like crazy. Out side corner of left eye is itchy and burning.


November 5
9:45 a.m. Last night when I went to bed I laid right straight down from a sitting position -- flat on my back. After a few seconds, I realized what had just happened. Ever since I had rheumatic fever and had to spend all that time in bed, there has always been this painful little catch in the arch of my back/spine that's prevented me from laying down flat from a sitting position. It has always crunched and felt like it was grinding bone on bone with sharp piercing stabs, so it's always been a habit to roll off to one side and lay down, something that I've just lived with and became accustomed to. I cannot express the joy I felt and feel over this, it's " AWESOMELY WONDERFUL"!!!!

As I laid there thinking about how awesome this is to me, a very wonderful and relaxing warmth began to come up from about my waist, up and over my back and shoulders as if I was cradled into a goose down filled mattress or comforter. I wondered if this is how a little baby must feel when it's all wrapped up warm and comfy; that's the way it made me feel and so peaceful inside. I just lay there and soon drifted off to sleep. This morning I literally feel as if I really am standing and sitting straighter, even when I walk my legs feel different somehow, there is definitely a difference in the lower part of my spine.

The outside corner of left eye is still itching, the skin is red and slightly flaky/scaly looking, but it's a very tiny spot. Right shoulder feels a lot better, that ball bearing feeling in the joint is gone, just feels a little tender. The itching on the top of my head has stopped; I did wake up a couple of times through the night with it still itching like crazy. Other than those minor things, I really feel GREAT this morning.

6:08 p.m. Still feeling really good and going strong, been outside all day working on my flowers, the cold wind didn't seem to bother me. Corner of left eye is a bit scratchy feeling; the bad itching has stopped. Right shoulder isn't bothering me at all.

11:35 p.m. Still feel good, but sleepy now. Drank one gallon of m-state water today.


November 6
8:45 a.m. Woke up feeling good, slept like a log last night. Right eye doesn't itch or bother me.

I'm still in awe of how I can just lay right down flat on my back. I left out a little of what else happened. As I lay in bed with this wonderful warm glow like feeling that was so cozy warm, I literally felt like I was 25 again only better. When my husband came in to go to bed that night, I had left the little light on the bed stand turned on so he could see. He told me the next day that when he walked in and saw me laying there so peacefully that, to him, I looked like I was 25 again. My cheeks had a nice rosy color in them, my face looked so free of stress and any blemishes and he said that I looked as if I really was glowing. I remember when he got into bed and I said something to him, I thought that I did tell him all about how I just laid down right straight back on the bed. He asked me the next morning what I was mumbling about -- what was I trying to tell him -- he said he only caught the words ďmost wonderful thingĒ as I just dozed right off to sleep. So when m-state says you need to sleep and rest so it can help you, you sleep and rest!!

3:45 p.m. My husband accidentally clipped me in the jaw with his elbow, dislocating it while at the vetís office. When we got home I sprayed m-state water on it and held the m-state in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it and also drank 32 ounces of it. With in 20 minutes time or less, the pain was totally gone.

11:15 p.m. Still feeling really good and no problems with anything, not even my jaw. My ears are ringing with two different tones the right one being the highest. We are still eating lots of purple grapes as we have been from the beginning and our eating habits are improving. Instead of the usual one meal a day that we used to eat before my husband and I started drinking the m-state water, we are eating something for breakfast, whether it's toast, eggs or pancakes and bacon. I also put back on those two pounds that I said I lost earlier in this diary, but did loose them again. We both have always disliked having to stop and eat, yet we both know that the body needs fuel to run on and to try and stay as healthy as possible, but there are many times that neither one of us think about stopping to eat, for some reason we just don't seem to get very hungry.

For me, eating has always been a problem, I just don't like to eat, and then with added thyroid problems this hasn't helped through the years. My weight has always been like a yo-yo all my life, mostly due to a thyroid that has never worked properly which, in turn, doesn't help the other bodily hormones.

Last year my weight soared up to almost 200 pounds and on a five foot three inch frame, that was way out of hand and dangerous. Now I am about only twenty pounds overweight and I feel that the m-state will give us added help in not only correcting many other things, but is also helping us to eat more like we should. But eating is still a nuisance.

I know this isn't my imagination, not sure how to put this, so just gonna spit it out!! I've noticed that my bust line is different!! I had 2 1/2 days where my breasts were swollen, as if my bra was more than over flowing, more like a bloating. This was uncomfortable, not painful or any thing; felt like I needed a wheelbarrow, just stuffed feeling, my husband even noticed it. From the under arm down to midsection on the sides is trimmer, it's like things shifted more forward and there is more of an up lifting and firmness that's happened, and now my bra is too big, not that it breaks my heart any!! I know that m-state will fix things and make things better, but I'm still blown away over what's happened!!


November 7
8:15 a.m. Shortly after going to bed last night my right ear chirped, this time it was one high pitched chirp instead of two, a high and a low high pitched chirp. This morning the ringing is the same. I have a small pointed blister like spot on the outside of the left knuckle of my first finger, where the finger meets the hand. It stings more like a little cut rather than like a small blister of some kind. Spraying m-state on it took the sting out of it. My right ear had a wax like scaly scab with three blood spots on it. There are no sores or scabs in my ear that I can feel or tell; this has to have come from down inside the ear. Other than those minor things, I feel pretty good this morning.

When I left the bedroom, I realized that I had left my glasses on the bed stand so went back to get them, I have done this two different times now. I got curious to see if my eyesight is improving any and I do believe that it really is. I took my bifocals off and tried reading 12-point Arial type on my computer screen, only when I was seven inches from the monitor and squinting slightly, not real hard, could I focus in on what was typed. As I looked across the room at an 8 by 10 photo that is about 22 1/2 feet away, the face is fuzzy, but no longer does the person in the photo have six blurred eyes, if I squint, then the photo looks clear and sharp. Before this, I could see absolutely nothing but a fuzzy blur.

11:15 a.m. Sensations of 3 short bursts of electrical shocks in the corner of my left eye where it was itching a few days ago. This did not last long and was very quick, over and done with before you could say ouch. The small blister on left knuckle is still there, but does not hurt if I don't bump or touch it.

1:20 p.m. The muscle just below the right shoulder feels as if it has a knot or catch in it when I raise my arm or pick something heavy up, like the jug of m-state water. It doesn't hurt real bad, but enough to get my attention.

2:35 p.m. Short little stings or shocks on corner of mouth on right side and on side of tongue. I did spray m-state on the upper part of my arm and shoulder and got instant relief.

10:04 p.m. Shoulder feels a little tight but nothing like it was earlier. The blister on the left knuckle is smaller; no pain in it at all, things are fine. Drank 1 1/2 gallons of m-state today.

11:54 p.m. I was sitting at my computer answering email. To my left I really thought there was someone standing about 2 1/2 feet away from me. What caught my attention was what seemed to be someone making a motion with their arm to come here to another person that was in front of or at a distance from them. When I turned to look, there was nothing physical to be seen. This was not frightening and seemed natural.


November 8
8:15 a.m. Slept really sound last night, feel really good this morning. The little blister on left knuckle is down, looks like just a little red spot, no pain in it and it's smooth feeling. Right shoulder is fine, but an area of a muscle from the neck bone, at the top of the spine across to the shoulder has a deep ache and feels tight. About 7 minutes ago I sprayed m-state on the area and it's fine now. A few seconds after spraying m-state on my hands, I felt quick little stings and pokes that stopped as quickly as they began. When spraying it on my face, the same quick little pokes were felt on the left side of my chin. This happened so quickly that I almost didn't pay any attention to it.

1:08 p.m. Right ear had a quick little chirp sound that was so quick I almost didn't notice it. Left ear ringing the loudest. I can barely tell if my right ear is still ringing; itís so soft or else the left one is drowning the right one out. So far have drunk half a gallon of m-state, feeling really good and no problems of any kind.

5:00 p.m. That muscle that was bothering me earlier has not acted up at all again today; still feeling really good. Some thing that I have been thinking about is back when I started this diary, I did make mention that I was going to stop smoking. Well, shame on me, I haven't done it yet. But, I have noticed that I am smoking less, I was going through five cartons per month, last month I went through 4 cartons. Two times today when I started to light a cigarette, I really didn't want it, and it tasted terrible. I found it to be objectionable and it made my throat sore, so I just laid it down and let it burn in the ashtray beside me as I have done so many times before without thinking. I drank another glass of m-state and this did away with the sore throat.

I don't know how many times that I have done this without even really thinking about it until now. I feel that when m-state starts fixing things in your body that you become more aware of things like this. I probably would feel even better yet if I did stop smoking, regardless of the kind of cigarettes. These may not have additives like the store-bought brands, but tar and nicotine really doesn't do your system any good and I very well may be fighting against what the m-state is trying to do for me. So I think I will work a little harder at quitting.

8:30 p.m. Another observation came to me this evening. A couple of friends called me today and I realized that I was hearing their voices better and not asking them to repeat themselves as much as I used to in the past. I could hear, but at times their voice would just go all too much and I would miss what they had said. I do not have TV, radio or anything else as background noise to interfere. This does not seem to be happening to me as much as it used to. Drank 1 1/2 gallons of m-state today.


November 9
8:30 a.m. Woke up feeling really good. No problems of any kind, but I did discover some thing that I hadn't really been paying attention to. As I lay in bed this morning, I was running my hands through my long hair to push it out of my face. As I rubbed my hand across my forehead, I noticed that some how it felt different to me, I started feeling my head and scalp and realized that the areas on the sides of my head, where there has always been several deep indentations on each side are GONE!! These dents that I have always had were due to the use of forceps the doctor used to pull me out when I was born. Those indentations are just GONE!!

I wished I could get my hands on my old x-rays and tests and also have new ones done. The doctors that I used to see have all passed on now. The people that handle the medical records that are archived don't seem interested enough or even want to try and find them. Others that I talk to want to charge an arm and a leg for any kind of search and I am getting the royal run around. We don't have a family doctor anymore and haven't had for several years. I have one doctor that I see only once a year to give me that little slip of paper so I can get the blood drawn for the thyroid level check so I can still get the medicine. I was a referral to him and the office girls still give me a bad time of it when I make that yearly appointment; they feel I should go elsewhere.

This doctor is nice enough, but he is a rhumatologist and he always tries to talk me into getting tests and taking medications that I know I do not need as a so called "preventative" due to my age. These medications are not only expensive, but very hard on the stomach and body and are very well known to cause ulcers and internal bleeding. One of them is a nasal spray that is also known for literally eating a hole through the sinuses and outward through to the outside of your face. When I refuse them, the office nurses always remark to me that I don't want to try to help myself by taking them, even as a so called "preventative".

Last year I saw the doctor; he gave me the slip to get my blood drawn. I told them that I would not be able to get it done right away; it would be two and a half weeks. I was assured there would be no problem. A week and a half later they called me stating that they could no longer hold the doctor's orders for the blood testing. I politely reminded them of our financial situation. This didn't seem to make any difference so I said "fine" and never got it done. Doctors are a dime-a-dozen but just try to find a good one, especially one that isn't afraid of helping a person that has no thyroid!

1:30 a.m. The day was hectic but a good day. It's taken me nearly all day to figure out exactly what it is I have been smelling off and on, m-state! I kept getting whiffs of this musk-like odor, just about drove me nuts until I remembered reading that m-state can have an odor. It didn't matter if I was out side in the cold or in where it was warm, I could still smell it. Drank a gallon and a half of m-state today.


November 10
6:54 a.m. Woke up feeling really good again this morning. I don't remember when that little blister that was on the right knuckle of the first finger went away. My back still feels good and I am more aware of my posture; the shoulders seem to be fine now. That pesky area in my right cheek seems to have cleared up. My lip is all healed and my jaw is still fine.

9:30 a.m. Early this past spring, the dentist had to put a peg in a tooth that is two teeth to the left of my front ones. And he rebuilt the upper part of the tooth; this lasted for only a month. The area he fixed broke. It also took a sizable piece of good tooth with it, leaving the upper part of the peg exposed. It took a good two months or so for it to stop being so sensitive to hot and cold, and when brushing my teeth. If I werenít careful, once in awhile it would give my tongue a good sharp poke while eating. This morning while brushing my teeth I noticed that the peg is disappearing. I can't see where it goes down into the tooth so much now and there is new tooth growth over the top of this peg!!

Broken tooth on 10-9-2000

Broken tooth on 11-11-2000

Broken tooth on 12-29-2000

Broken tooth on 1-8-2001

The other cavity that I mentioned earlier in this diary, that is to the right of my two front teeth is changing and is smaller. The minor little cavity that is on the right front tooth still looks the same. I know I have said it before, but I'm going to say it again, this is totally astonishing!!

3:30 p.m. I have been busy working on a Christmas present for a family member. I know there is nothing unusual about that, but there is if you haven't been able to crochet for a year or so. This is really great; no little sore knots rise up on the knuckles, no burning and no inflammation. Another thing, after two years of not being able to play the organ, I decided to give it a try. To my delight I could take right off as if I had never stopped; my hands never hurt me once. I did get pretty aggressive with the way I played some of the music and it made my hands swell a little, I just sprayed m-state water on them and, within a few seconds, I was right back at it again.

12:50 a.m. The day has been great! Drank one and a half gallons of m-state water today.


November 11
6:30 a.m. Woke up feeling good this morning for only having three hours sleep, my cat woke me up. I could have slept a little longer, I was so cozy and comfy warm, but thought what the heck and got up anyway. Usually when I have not had enough sleep, I feel dizzy, sick and can barely move. To my surprise, I didn't feel that way at all this morning. I just rubbed the sleep from my eyes, stretched, got up and started my day. To my delight, I have lost another pound.

3:30 p.m. My left eyelid started itching a little bit, when I reached up under my glasses the skin feels dry, rough and scaly. I checked out the right one and the same thing is happening, but that one does not itch. Makes me think of a snake shedding its skin. It's the same as what the corner of my left eye did a while ago. I sprayed m-state water on them both as well as my face too; can't do one without the other. The eyelids soaked the m-state right in and dried before my face did, the itching stopped right away, but it still feels like dry snake skin.

4:10 p.m. Just under right eye and to the right but not to the corner, had slight quick electrical shocks or pokes. Didn't really hurt. Muscle from right shoulder to half way down the arm is achy as if tendonitis is trying to set in for some reason. I might have slept on my arm wrong or something and just didn't notice it this morning. I have had trouble with tendonitis in the past. It could also be from crocheting as well. But its not slowing me down or preventing me from using my arm. I sprayed m-state on it and viola, all better feeling.

5:37 p.m. Shoulder and arm are still ok. When washing up the glasses that we use to drink m-state from, I noticed that the running rinse water when poured out would flow like an oil as if it still has m-state water in it. The glasses are twice as clean looking as the other glasses that are just like them. The water spotting that was on the m-state glasses we started using to begin with has gone, leaving them just as sparkling clean as when new. I feel that this may be due to the tunneling that the m-state does and possibly not totally leaving the porosity of the glasses.

7:30 p.m. I am not sure how to really explain this feeling or sensation, but my spine, yet not in the spine, more like inside of me, an area equivalent to the length of the spine, feels as if it is flexible. The only way I can think of to explain it is, if one could be really aware of when they are a tiny baby when the bones are still soft and flexible, not yet hardened or set. This is not right in the spine, but as if there is a jelly like spine behind my own. There is no pain or discomfort, just a slightly odd feeling. Perhaps this is the spiritual body rebuilding or becoming stronger? I keep finding myself slouching and slumping as if I can't really sit up straight, yet I can and do when I become aware of the fact that I am not sitting or standing up straight. Again, there is no pain or discomfort in this.

12:20 a.m. Right shoulder still all right, have not had to reapply the m-state. Top of head itching again and both eyelids are still dry and scaly.


November 12
7:30 a.m. Woke up feeling just fine. Both eyelids are still rough, dry and scaly, to look at it, it really doesn't look like much of anything. Still applying m-state and it still absorbs right in. The eyelids feel softer and better but as soon as the oiliness is absorbed, they go right back to feeling the same as before.

2:30 p.m. About an hour ago a friend called me, while talking on the phone I became aware that I had or could hear a third sound along with the ringing in my ears. It seemed as if it was literally coming from the inside of the back of my head, about the area where the occipital bone is. My left ear changed tone to a sharper and higher sound, some time soon after this the third sound disappeared.

3:10 p.m. I'm having the most wonderfully profound sensation. It feels as if I am standing in or like my whole body is in a whirlpool of energy; more like I am the flow.

A feeling of what it would be like to stand inside a vortex. Things around me are not moving or spinning. I have no feeling of dizziness, just a pure flow of energy. Not a surge, but a smooth flowing feeling, that is felt from both legs individually starting at the feet, spreading upwards and then becomes a feeling, as one flow, where the legs join the torso. Then it continues to flow upwards to the head but not above or beyond. What seems a little odd to me is that this feeling was in both legs, separately, yet not separately with the arms. I think that what is happening is that I have become aware of my own energy flow or vortex, same difference, I think.

This started as I stood up from the table to take the plates back out to the kitchen after we ate. We still felt as if we wanted something more to eat, so I got out the toaster and was making us some toast to eat with some hot French vanilla cocoa. It was when the toast popped up that this feeling really became strong. It lasted about 45 minutes, even while I sat to eat the toast and drank the cocoa.

4:45 p.m. Left eyeball feels as if there is cool air blowing across it. The area around both eyes, more the left one though, feels as if it is starting to become dry. Yet this is a slightly different feeling. I still have that flexible feeling behind the spinal column inside, there is no pain or any discomfort with this, it's just an odd flexible kind of feeling and I am still aware of myself slouching.

6:48 p.m. There is a feeling of energy inside of me, but not a hyper kind of energy, the kind that makes one feel that they have to get up and move around or do something. It's a busy feeling as if there is something going on inside of me, it feels kind of warm, but yet it is not warm as in heat. In fact, right now I am sitting here typing this with goose bumps and a chill. Left big toe feels as if a needle was quickly poked straight into the end of the right top side of it. It was over and done with before you could say Jack Robinson.

Something that I have been noticing this past week is that when I urinate, it feels as if it is oilier. I also have times when there is an oily or slick feel around my lips and on my cheeks, some times the palms of my hands have an oily or slick feel. My hair is changing, it is shinier, takes a curl better and for long unpermed hair that's almost unheard of. My hair is fine but I have always had a lot of it, meaning that it is not thin and scanty, that is until my thyroid totally quit working. Then my hair became limp, dull and dry; no life or body to it and started coming out and breaking off badly. But this is changing now, my hair is feeling thicker and even has coarser feel to it at the back of my head to where it hangs at the back of my neck, the rest of the way down needs to catch up though.

When we started drinking m-state water, before we could drink the full 16 ounces down from our glass, it would seem to go straight through us. Now we can drink about two to three 16 ounce glasses full before we need to head for the bathroom.

8:10 p.m. I kicked off my mocs to put my slippers on and realized that my boot cut jeans are now hanging on the floor at my heels, so I know that there is some trimming down in the legs going on. Also my waist is down to 35 1/2 inches now from 40 1/2 inches when we started drinking m-state water.

8:30 p.m. The chilly feeling and goose bumps finally stopped and I am warm again.

10:25 p.m. That smooth flow of energy that I felt earlier has stopped or perhaps I have gotten used to it and do not notice it now, I'm still feeling good.


November 13
8:15 a.m. Woke up feeling what I would call normal. By this I mean no more dragging my back side out of bed or that oh-groan-I-don't-want-to-get-up feeling. Even as a child I never really experienced what most kids do, the ability to just spring up out of bed and feel all right or really good, but now I am. I wholly believe that it's here to stay, a fixed and permanent thing, with no doubt about it. My right eyelid no longer feels scaly or dry; it was slightly itchy up under the arch of the brow, but it didn't last long. There is a subtle difference to the skin; it's become smoother and softer. The upper half of the left eye lid and down into the corner of the eye is scaly and dry. When spraying the m-state water on and rubbing it around, some of the dry scale rubbed off of the eyelid leaving it smooth and nice. My spine does not have that totally rubbery or un-calcified feeling to it, but I do have a feeling of better flexibility, better movement.

3:15 p.m. Had a slight sensation of something that felt like a warm energy in my abdomen, this only lasted for about 15 minutes. Shortly after that I REALLY felt good.

6:58 p.m. Something that I have not had happen to me in years, cramps! I have not had menstrual cramps since the hysterectomy was done due to cancer. I will admit that I did NOT like that feeling one bit at all!

12:42 a.m. My tummy burns like it did when I was a kid and had an ulcer, but other than that, the day went by so fast it seemed unbelievable. Drank a gallon of m-state today.


November 14
7:45 a.m. Slept really good last night and feel alright this morning, but not as peppy as yesterday morning.

5:46 p.m. My left side aches like it did when I had infectious mononucleosis. I still have energy and go power, but at the same time I feel tired. So far today I've only had 1/2 gallon of m-state water, we ran out, the weather went from heavy rain to snow and back about four different times and couldn't make more water for a while.

7:15 p.m. The ache in my left side is turning into more of a pain, starting to hurt a little more. I'm really drinking the water down, this evening I can not seem to get enough, I reach for my glass and it will be empty, I'm drinking it down and not even aware that I drank the last from my glass. I have a thought that possibly when the body really needs the water that it lets you know about it, in the last half hour I have finished a gallon of m-state water and am still drinking and wanting more.

7:45 p.m. My nose feels as if it's frozen, it aches and I am very cold, have goose bumps but not actually to the shivering stage. There is a salty taste in the back of my throat where sinus and throat join. I still cannot seem to get enough m-state water to drink. I have drunk another half gallon as of now; I will admit that I do feel slightly bloated. That has never happened before; this could be due to the pain in my left side, from the spleen. I need to get up and move around to see if this will help.

8:15 p.m. Moving around didn't seem to help, my nose still has that frozen-in-a-block-of-ice feeling, pain in the side is still just that.

8:47 p.m. My nose finally thawed out, I am warm now, the salty taste is gone, my side does not hurt anymore and the bloated feeling has left. And I have also made about 6 trips or more to the bathroom, possibly infection rapidly leaving? I am honestly fine now and feel as if I have been recharged. I feel a warm but gentle energy flow that seems to start from my tummy, goes up into the chest area and spreads out like subtle fingers and then fades away. That reminds me, my tummy doesn't hurt now either.

9:02 p.m. There is a slight warm feeling that I can feel going up the sides of my head just in front of both ears; I can feel it go up into the top of my head as if it is joining. Now I feel a slight pressure, this is not uncomfortable. There is another surge of warmth that is coming up from my ribs straight up the side, into or by the lung area, into the shoulders and then down my arms into my hands.

9:10 A warm sensation went down both legs, I feel as if I could float, or am floating inside myself, there was a dull but hard ache in my head that did not last long, felt like it was between my eyes, but deep inside. I feel warm all over like I did the night I found I could lay right straight back. I don't really feel tired, yet I really want to just go lay down and rest. This is very pleasant. I can't help but feel that this is the light body growing and becoming stronger.

11:30 p.m. Think its time for bed, tried laying back in the easy chair for awhile, but as I was just getting comfortably relaxed, and felt as if I was beginning to drift or float while still being fully aware and not asleep, some kids pulled up at the end of the driveway got out of the car and started shouting and hollering. Then got back in the car and drove off as fast as they could, just for the fun of it I suppose. Thinking we might have company of some kind, I rushed to get out of my pj's and back into my clothes.

The point of telling this is that my body was really relaxed and almost had that limp dishrag feeling, yet on the inside of me, I felt energy, like an inner driven power source that held more strength or stamina that guided my movements as I redressed. This has got to be the light body becoming stronger or at least I am beginning to become more aware of it or both.


November 15
7:30 a.m. Slept really good last night, woke up laying in an odd position on my right shoulder and it feels like I have pulled the muscles that go over the top of the shoulder. I applied m-state; this helps a great deal. The dry skin on the eyelids has finally all sloughed off, no longer dry, scaly and itchy. For a while it reminded me of a turtles neck. I do have a little spot that feels like it might be some kind of impurity, I can't really see it, but I feel it. This doesn't bother me and I would never know that it was there if I had not of rubbed my eye. Other than that, I feel fine.

3:30 p.m. There is a mint taste when inhaling through my mouth.

1:15 a.m. The day was a busy one and nothing new.


November 16
7:00 a.m. Had a really good nights sleep, feel real good this morning. I have noticed that some of the spider veins in my face are leaving and some are lighter. Also the skin across my forehead, up next to my nose and a little out into the cheek area, the coloration is changing. It has a pearly pinkish look and is very shinny. It looks as if I have a pearly-essence make-up on in those areas.

5:35 p.m. We had something for supper that included biscuits. I glanced down at the microwave instructions for the length of heating time. This is what I saw: heat 2 biscuits for 30 seconds. Ok, nothing unusual about that, but when I put them in to heat, and actually started doing it, for some reason I felt confused and thought it said this: heat biscuits 2 minutes for 30 seconds. HUGH! I thought it over for a second, started laughing and knew that is not what it really said and had to go back and reread it. That's like saying you bought something for a dollar two ninety-eight! I have done things like this all day long, look right at it, see it for what it is, but my brain isn't keeping up with what I see. When I told my husband about it, he said we made a fine pair. He has been doing the same thing all day too.

9:30 p.m. All of a sudden I feel more alert as if a cloud has left my mind. I feel as if I have been walking around in a fog. I think I've been aware of the things I am doing, yet I have been making many mistakes with things and having to redo them. I haven't really noticed or been aware of this until now.


November 17
7:45 a.m. Woke up feeling really good.

9:00 a.m. While my husband was shaving this morning with his glasses on, his vision started to become blurred. When he took the glasses off he realized that for about a minute he could see extremely well, then it started blurring again, so he had to put the glasses back on so he could see to keep from cutting his nose off! This is the first time that this has happened to him.

2:30 p.m. There's that mint taste again.

3:15 p.m. I went to reach out for something with my left arm, when I did there was a very loud cracking sound with a crunching that went with it on the inside of the shoulder joint. It literally felt as if something became ground up, I have more movement now and did not even realize that I did have a lack of some mobility in it before this. I feel that the bur that was in my shoulder that gave me so much trouble a few years ago is now gone. It really did not hurt much when this happened, just a slight sting that came and went quickly.

1:25 a.m. Nothing else happening, left shoulder is doing better than ever.


5:50 a.m. Woke up feeling good, left shoulder is fine as if nothing was ever wrong with it. Right shoulder could be better. Whatever the problem is feels to be in the muscle and joint. But I have no doubts that it will get better given time too. Have also lost another pound. I have noticed when I take a multivitamin after breakfast and with the m-state water, it does help to make me feel better and gives a little extra go power. When I don't take one, I do all right though the day, but not quite as good, so it does seem to make a difference for me right now.

10:30 a.m. While I was eating some nuts, I kept thinking that there was some stuck in one of the crevasses of a bottom tooth on the right. When I looked in the mirror, there literally is a new mound of enamel formation right on top of or in what was the crevasse of the tooth that was worn down to the dentine.

The enamel lump is in the center back of the tooth.

When I put my teeth together, I can feel the lump of enamel, It has the appearance that there is a rounded point of a new tooth building up through the old one. This does help enhance chewing for the tooth was badly worn in that area, but I can feel it when I chew. The tooth does feel a little funny right now. There is a cavity on the outside of this tooth close to the gum line, but I wonder why it isn't repairing the cavity first instead of rebuilding the top, maybe that is next?

9:12 p.m. I have a very strong mint taste when inhaling through my mouth.

11:20 p.m. From edge of left shoulder blade near spine, outward to the outside and down, prickly feeling. Feeling as if a flat board with a lot of needles is poking me, covering most of the area of the shoulder blade.

11:45 p.m. While working at the computer, I saw a swirling movement that was going counter clockwise. At first I thought it was astigmatism and blinked, then realized that it was like the vortex that I had seen a few weeks ago.

12:05 a.m. I have a feeling of being double, sensations of moving twice. My voice almost sounds like an echo. Also a slight feeling of being misaligned, but that isn't quite the right word for it, as if it is a resonating energy, a resonance with a slight delay.

1:10 a.m. Feels as if there is a clump of something inside my throat and am having to keep clearing it.

1:50 a.m. I have been hearing four different tones now for the past hour or so. Its like the tones are out side of my head and not in my ears.

2:00 a.m. Just under the beginning of the eyebrow on the bone is a burning sensation as if I had a hot pepper on my skin. This does not hurt bad, itís not a true burning feeling, more of a sensation, I don't know how to word it quite right.

2:10 a.m. Top of head itching again, but not as bad as before.


November 19
8:10 a.m. Slept really good, somehow I feel like I'm stronger in some way. Every now and then I see a little white spot or dot of light to the left that is just off center from where I see the swirling. I blink automatically and it goes away. This morning I hear only two tones, with the loudest being on the left side.

7:00 p.m. The outside corner of my left eye, right in the crease of the corner of the eye has a small split like a paper cut but is not bleeding or weeping. The outside corner of my right eye is dry.

12:40 a.m. Off and on all day long I have been so cold, then hot and back to cold again. Finally this evening I'm warm again. Still drinking a gallon and a half of m-state water.


November 20
8:00 a.m. Woke up feeling just fine.

2:43 p.m. Right cheekbone from corner of the outside of the eye has a dull ache down towards the corner of my nose, leaving the right side of my nose feeling numb. From both cheekbones and upwards on the sides of my face it feels as if there are lots of little needles poking me; a very prickly feeling. This lasted for about 15 minutes. I haven't thought much of the sneezing that I have been doing for the past three days including today. I get slightly feverish, nose runs a little and eyes have been watering off and on, very slight diarrhea. It almost feels as if a cold is trying to set it in. Now I don't think so. A tooth on the top right, second one over from the center big tooth is aching. A year ago I had to have a root canal done. All of a sudden it has dawned on me that those are also symptoms of what a child has when teething.

11:56 p.m. Eyes, right side of jaw aches off and on, this doesn't last for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Outside of that, I still feel good.

12:35 a.m. The incision from when I had cancer surgery has a sting to it, almost feels as if it's split open in the center of it. This is a bit uncomfortable.

12:45 a.m. I sprayed m-state water on the incision and that calmed it right down.


November 21
7:35 a.m. Woke up feeling A-OK! Corner of left eye still has that little split, corner of right eye is itchy and feels as if it is going to crack but does not.

2:35 p.m. Sharp stabbing pain on the left side that went sideways from right to left, starting about an inch from the navel. It only lasted for about 10 seconds.

7:13 p.m. My husband just finished a new vortex trap for the kitchen sink, after drawing some fresh m-state water and looking down at all that swirling oil, I dipped my finger just into the glass so I would have more of the oil than water on the tip of my finger. Then held it up and let it drip into my eyes and repeated this 3 times in a row with each eye. It did burn and sting slightly, then it felt as if my eyes were wind burned. For about 2 hours steady it was like looking through fog, a lot of matter started coming to the surface. The skin around my eyes felt tight and drawn for only 1 hour. I didn't think there was any matter in my eyes and could hardly believe how much was coming to the surface and in such big globs. The water from this trap seems to be stronger, more oily; we can see the oil right away.

It did make my head ache for about one half hour, the sides of my face started tingling and prickling as if there were tiny needles poking me. That only lasted for 45 minutes.

9:35 p.m. Again I poured another glass of m-state water, as soon as I saw the oil at the surface I repeated putting the oil directly into both eyes 3 times in a row. This time there was less burning and stinging sensations. My eyes still became foggy and it took a little longer for any of the matter left to surface so I could clean it off. This time it came out more like stings instead of clumps of goo.

2:15 a.m. There is less fogginess now and can blink it away, not as much matter seems to be surfacing. Left eye feels as if there is something in it like an eyelash, but I canít see anything there when I look. But I must say that my eyes literally feel cleaner and better. I have had a gallon and a half of m-state water today, but I feel as if I cannot get enough to drink. Maybe its because this is stronger now. What my point is, I am still drinking down the m-state water as fast as I can and have lost count at 20 plus, sixteen ounce glasses full at a time.


November 22
7:15 a.m. Last night when I went to bed and closed my eyes, there were a couple of times that I saw a small bright flash. Before going to bed last night, again I dropped the oiliest part of the m-state water into both eyes as before. It did have a burning and stinging sensation mostly under the right eye this time, then this spread towards the temples on both sides, became more of a warm sensation and then faded out after lasting about 5 minutes. This morning my eyes were slightly glued shut with and were full of dried gritty matter, but this wiped away easily. The skin under both eyes has a drawn appearance. It is dry, the skin is slightly reddish looking and both eyes are slightly blood shot, but I have noticed that this sometimes happens to skin in small patches or areas and usually does not last long. Once this stops happening the skin is usually smooth, soft and supple and this does not happen again. There is definitely an improvement in my eyesight. Before. without my bifocals and squinting, I could focus and read what is on my computer monitor from 7 to 7 1/2 inches away with Arial 12 point type as I stated earlier in this diary. Now, without my glasses and still having to squint to focus in, I can read the Arial 12 point type from 19 inches away from the computer monitor.

10:55 a.m. Center of incision from the cancer surgery that goes from hip bone to hip bone, is stinging and burning again as if there is a open spot in it. This sensation was over as quickly as it came. Some thing that I have notice about my teeth and jaw, my under bite is changing.

It used to be that when I put my teeth together, the lower teeth hit the roof of my mouth, now the lower teeth are no longer touching the roof of my mouth. They hit the back of my upper teeth, just slightly down from that little piece of skin that lies behind the 2 upper front teeth. I am totally unaware of when this actually happened.

Another observation that my husband and I both have noticed. Earlier on I mentioned that urination seemed oilier, now this is what we didn't stop to think about before. When we have taken a vitamin mineral supplement in the past, what the body does not need or use is excreted through the urine. This we all know as fact and there are times that we could literally detect a vitamin odor as well as coloration in the urine. Now, when taking the same vitamin mineral supplement, there is absolutely no odor or discoloration of any kind at all, it is totally clear. We feel that this tells us that the m-state is helping our body's to utilize the vitamin mineral supplement 100 percent.

3:15 p.m. I saw that vortex again; this time it was about 5 1/2 feet from me. I sat still to just watch it, but automatic blinking makes it disappear.

1:53 a.m. I put the oil from the top of my m-state glass of water in my eyes three different times again today. There is still a slight burning sensation, but along with that there is a warmth within the eyes. I am still getting stringy matter coming from my eyes but not as much. I have a slight headache but know this is due to putting the oily m-state in my eyes, each time they feel cleaner after wards. The paper like cut that was in the corner of my left eye has healed up. The lower tooth that has the new enamel in the center also has a sharper point now on the back side of its crown.


November 23
7:55 a.m. For some reason I slept wrong and woke up with a bad kink in the muscle from the neck to my right shoulder, the pain goes down the arm and down into the side of my back. I applied m-state and it helped some.

6:15 p.m. Had to be gone all day Thanksgiving. I sure missed my m-state water. I'm not sure if this is due to the lack of the m-state water today, don't really think so, but the pains that I woke up with have been increasing all day. The bones in all my fingers hurt and ache, the bone on the left hand down where the wrist meets the arm on the little finger side hurts; real deep pain in it. The muscles across the upper part of my back, in the shoulders and down my arms keep knotting up, as if tendonitis is acting up all at once.

I am having trouble with trying to stay sitting and standing straight, I feel hunched, bent and pulled over. I literally feel as if osteoporosis, rheumatism, tendonitis and everything else is acting up all at once. This makes it difficult to type or do much of anything. I'm glad I took some Doans pills with me today; this helped to take the edge off the muscle knotting and spasms at times, but did not stop it completely.

The last time I had this hunched, drawn and bent over feeling was when my spine literally had that un-congealed flexible feeling.

1:10 a.m. Since we got back home I have drunk 3/4 of a gallon of m-state water. I feel really tired almost like I've been drugged or someone turned a switch off on me. My jaw on the left side is ache, have a deep ache way in the back inside my mouth where I have a bridge. When I feel in my mouth, below the gum line, like where the roots of your teeth are below the gum, right down between where cheek and bone meet, there is a tender lump below where the center tooth of the bridge is; feels like it's the size of a small garden pea. I feel like I've been hit by a freight train!

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