Shape Power
by Barry Carter

Things we experience vary in many different ways but all of the variations seem to have some common features. It is well known that color is a variation in the frequency of light and that a given note is a variation in the frequency of sound. Many scientists around the world have also postulated that variation in the "frequency" of the "aether" or the "zero-point field" is the basis for the shape and size of everything from atoms to galaxies.

Astronomers and astrophysicists have noted that all motion in the universe is spiral motion. Planets spin and orbit stars. Stars spin and orbit galaxies. This recursive spiral movement also appears to be universal at the atomic and subatomic scale. The illustration of subatomic structure from Occult Chemistry at:

has been used by physicists to illustrate super string theory. See Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan's article on this at:

If you try to represent a section of a spiral in two dimensions it looks like a sine wave. You can see an illustration of this that I just made by taking a picture of my stretched phone cord at:

In the top picture there are enough shadows and highlights to make it clear that this is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional object. When these features are removed, we are left with what looks like a two dimensional sine wave. This principle was described more elaborately by Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in 2003:

You can see how a two dimensional image can be used to represent a three dimensional object. In a similar way, many modern physicists have proposed that three dimensional objects are actually just the visible portion of things that really occupy four or more dimensions.

Similarly, sound "waves", "colors" of light and electrical "frequencies" are often represented as two dimensional sine waves while cutting edge physicists are saying that they are actually more like spirals in three (or more) dimensions.

Dr. Hans Jenny and others as far back as Robert Hooke (July 8, 1680) have demonstrated that three dimensional geometric structures can be created by sound vibrations. See:


Based on these and other observations, many physicists have proposed that all matter is a similar vibrational organization of the "zero-point" (aetheric) field. According to this theory, the subatomic particles, of which atoms are composed, are the intersection of ripples in the multi dimensional zero-point field. You can see a video which illustrates how this might happen at:


you can view another video which relates the Cymatics shapes to shapes seen in biological structures like the sunflower and a tortoise shell.

The above can be seen as a model for how vibration from sound, light and other things can effect the structure of matter.

Recently research has been published by Dr. Dean Radin which supports Masaru Emoto's claim that thought can also effect the structure of matter. You can read the summary of this paper at:

You can find an image reproduction of this paper linked at:

and a video of Dr. Dean Radin describing his experiments at:

The "hidden" implication of all of the above is that light, sound, electromagnetic fields, shape and even thought can influence the structure of matter. In regard to plants, the most likely influence of these phenomena is on the structure of water. At:

you can find an article I wrote in March of 2006 on this very topic. In this article I postulated that spin coherent, resonant interactions of the ORMUS elements may be the carrier and distributor of thought in the body and throughout nature. Since then, there have been many new observations and discoveries which might support this hypothesis. A few days ago I got the following note from Dr. Alexandr A. Shpilman:

Subject: International scientific conference "Torsion fields and informational interactions - 2009"
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 12:51:20 +0600

Hi Barry !


Best regards,
Alexandr A.Shpilman

This international scientific conference is set up to explore the instantaneous communication capabilities of multi-dimensional spin fields. Thus we can see that new research continues to provide support for the idea that light, sound, electromagnetic fields, shape and even thought can influence the structure of matter and, therefore, the growth of plants.

In the model I have presented above, ORMUS is an instantaneous, multi-dimensional carrier of information and energy. I like to think of it as the wire that carries information and energy from the "implicate order" that David Bohm described.

If this is true, then we might also postulate that more ORMUS ,which is more coherent, would provide a better conduit for information and energy.

Above I mentioned that shape also seems to influence the structure of water. One of the best illustrations of this is the nine foot tall geranium that Dr. John Milewski grew using Magnetite Effect Ormus Water (MEOW). You can read more about this at:

Similar shape related biological effects have been documented by Rochelle at:

by Dave Schneider at:

and by Vinny Pinto at:

As near as I can determine from the observations of Dr. Milewski, Rochelle, Dave Schneider and Vinny Pinto, the use of various mineral materials, not in direct contact with water, can dramatically and measurably effect the benefits and qualities of that water.

Note the "Pyramid Grid" at:

This pyramid grid was patterned after a pyramid grid developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan back in the seventies. One of the ORMUS providers, Priestess Alchemy, used to sell pyramid grids based on Flanagan's design at:

The use of a pyramid to make ORMUS gold was even mentioned by a questioner in David Hudson's first Dallas lecture:

"Well, what happened is, is we called Marion and Dean and said since you have this 24 foot square pyramid out in your back yard, why don't you take a piece of pure gold and hang it at the king's chamber exact location in your pyramid and see what happens to the gold. So Dean went out and said, "Well we're not using the pyramid right now for anything", so they took a glass of distilled water and they hung the little piece of gold, they actually took a gold Krugerrand coin, and hung it over the glass of distilled water, and left it for three days, and when Dean went back out there, it had this honey dew on the Krugerrand. So he dunked the Krugerrand in this glass of distilled water and drank it. Well he actually overdosed on it as you well know. It gave him a thorough cleansing, but Dean says now he feels like he's about 18 years old. And they're actually treating some people, friends of theirs who are ill, and they're having good results from it. I'm sure that they may have related this to you."

You can read more about this experiment and a replication of it at:

These shape effects on ORMUS have also been associated with other shapes like the Vortenna developed by Dr. Chris Duffield in 1988:

and the Pat Flanagan experimental Sensor II developed in 1976:

You can read more about Dr. Flanagan's Sensor at:

(I have even speculated about the possibility of building a space ship using a levitating iridium disk with an imprinted Flanagan Sensor pattern on it but I fear that moving about on something called a Sensor Ship might expose me to something else that sounds the same.)

David Hudson also speculated about the conical shewbread in his lectures:

Alchemists are often depicted wearing conical hats. One reason often cited is that their thinking becomes clearer and more coherent when wearing these hats.

I suspect that these shapes and more may influence the ORMUS in water toward greater coherence and specific structure. I also suspect that we will find that shapes can have a profound effect on plant growth and health.

Here is a link from a recent post to one of the ORMUS forums:

At 16:16 into this video you will see the following crop circle image:

Notice the similarity between this image and the pattern in Dr. Flanagan's Sensor linked above.

Patrick McEachern, a researcher in Portland, Oregon, has been experimenting with another version of crop circles. Since 1992 he has been using innovative shapes to enhance his garden production. One of these garden shapes emulated an ancient earth-labyrinth like:

Here is a picture of Patrick standing at the opening of this labyrinth garden:

Another garden was more circular:

In each case Patrick got exceptional production from these organic gardens even before he used any imported ORMUS on them. For the past five years he has been working on the Eduen project which you can find at:

With all of these examples as illustrations of the ways in which ORMUS might be energized, enhanced or informed by sound, light, shape and thought, I am eager to encourage people to experiment with various combinations in their gardens.