Spin Coherence
by Barry Carter


In November of 1998 I wrote an article for YGGDRASIL: The Journal of Paraphysics titled ORMUS and Consciousness. In this article I related the observations and speculations of several scientists that have been involved with ORMUS research over the years. These scientists hypothesized that the ORMUS elements form quantum coherent structures at a macro scale and that this quantum coherence may be the key to consciousness and our connection to spirit.  This article is at:


In August of 1999 I wrote another article titled Patterns of Motion which I published on my web site at:


In this article I proposed that the quantum “spin coherence” of ORMUS di-atoms may be the key to the levitation phenomena that we have observed in ORMUS gold and iridium.

In 2004 I found out that I was not the first person to propose this hypothesis. I read a 1999 article in Popular Mechanics in which I learned that Ning Li had proposed a similar hypothesis in the 1980s. This article can be found at:


I first learned about Ning Li when I read an article about her that was sent to me by a colleague in June of 1997.

Through correspondence with Dr. Alexandr A.Shpilman, an ORMUS and spin field researcher in Kazakhstan, I learned that spin fields can function as an instantaneous communication medium. He referred me to an article by Yu.V.Nachalov and A.N.Sokolov titled “Experimental investigation of new long-range actions”. In this article they wrote:

“From the mid-50s to the late 70s, N.A.Kozyrev (with V.V.Nasonov) conducted astronomical observations using a receiving system of a new type. When the telescope was directed at a certain star, the detector (designed by N.A.Kozyrev and V. V.Nasonov) positioned within the telescope registered the incoming signal even if the main mirror of the telescope was shielded by metal screens. This fact indicated that electromagnetic waves (light) had some component that could not be shielded by metal screens. When the telescope was directed not at the visible position but at the true position of a star, the detector then registered an incoming signal that was much stronger. The detection of the true positions of different stars could be interpreted only as detection of star radiation that had velocities billions of times greater than the speed of light.”



It was clear too, that this instantaneous (or near instantaneous) spin field information transfer had implications for consciousness if a mechanism for them could be found in biological systems. A recently published paper (Spin-Mediated Consciousness Theory: Possible Roles of Neural

Membrane Nuclear Spin Ensembles and Paramagnetic Oxygen by Huping Hu & Maoxin Wu) on spin coherence as a major factor in consciousness can be found at:


Here is a quote from the abstract of this paper:

"A novel theory of consciousness is proposed in this paper. We postulate that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum spin since the latter is the origin of quantum effects in both Bohm and Hestenes quantum formulism and a fundamental quantum process associated with the structure of space-time. That is, spin is the “mind-pixel.” The unity of mind is achieved by entanglement of the mind-pixels."


The experiments described in this paper remind me of experiments by Dr. Alexandr Shpilman in Kazakhstan. I have been corresponding with Dr. Shpilman for several years regarding his experiments with a "spin field generator" of his own design. Alexandr has done numerous experiments which suggest that spin coherence induced by his spin field generator can transfer the effects of alcohol into water so that drinking the water will give some subjects an experience of drinking alcohol. You can read about some of these experiments at:


For several years, Alexandr and I have been sharing information about ORMUS as the "carrier" for the quantum spin coherent information in water and in the body. You can read about some of Alexandr's experiments with the ORMUS or m-state of the transition elements at:


In my lectures and workshops in the past couple of years, I have been speculating that “spin coherence” is the factor that allows quantum coherent communication between every cell in the body. Here is an excerpt from the transcript of one of my lectures on this:


The great physicist David Bohm postulated that the “Explicate Order” (reality as we know it) is the projection of the “Implicate Order”, which could be thought of as a non-physical or spirit template for physical reality. I like to think of this as a sort of Internet through which we connect with each other and the source of life. I like to call it the “InnerNet”.


If there is such an InnerNet, then what is the connector between spirit and matter? What is the modem we use to connect to this InnerNet?


We would expect this connector to have certain properties. Chief among these properties would be “quantum coherence” or “non-locality” (also known as being “everywhere at once” or “omnipresence”). In my model, the implicate order or InnerNet would provide an instantaneous communication medium and energy source.


Scientists have identified very high levels of quantum coherence in the body but they are mystified about the substances that are bringing it about. Here is a quote from The Field by Lynne McTaggart about this:


“What was even more amazing was that Popp was witnessing the highest level of quantum order, or coherence, possible in a living system. Usually, this coherence - called a Bose-Einstein condensate - is only observed in material substances such as superfluids or superconductors studied in the laboratory in very cold places - just a few degrees above absolute zero - and not in the hot and messy environment of a living thing.”


The ORMUS elements look like they might be this connector for information and energy in the body. They seem to function as the keystone in the bridge between spirit and matter. They appear to be a physical substance which accesses properties of spirit, like quantum coherence.


These spin-coherent resonances might also be responsible for the effects of biodynamic and homeopathic preparations through stirring and succussion as described at:





What I am proposing is that the ORMUS di-atoms are “hiding out” inside icosahedral water molecules and acting as quantum resonators which change the structure of the water molecules by resonant nodal effects.


Here is how I think this might work.


In the fifties and sixties a Swiss physician named Hans Jenny researched the effects of sound waves by vibrating a plate with sand and other materials on it. Dr. Jenny found that many of the structures of nature could be replicated using different frequencies and interference waves. Dr. Jenny called his observations “Cymatics”. You can read more about Cymatics at:




The patterns that he generated in two dimensions bear a striking resemblance to the three dimensional shape of the icosahedral water molecule postulated by Dr. Martin Chaplin of London South Bank University. Dr. Chaplin describes several different geometric shapes that water molecules can take but does not provide what I think is an adequate explanation about the mechanism that causes these water molecules to change shape. You can read more about Dr. Chaplin’s water theories at:




He certainly does not provide any mechanism to describe how ice crystal formation might be influenced by thought as has been observed and described by Dr. Masaru Emoto. See:




Imagine, if you will, a three dimensional water molecule like a spherical geodesic dome. The intersections of the dome correspond to individual H2O molecules that are connected in a lattice structure around the empty center of the dome.


Now imagine that there is a spherical sound transducer in the center of the dome and this transducer puts out a sound at a specific frequency. The frequency produces standing waves in space and these standing waves form nodes of interaction with everything that surrounds them in space. Wherever these nodal interactions are strongest become the most likely places for the water molecules, that make up the icosahedral dome, to hang out.


If the frequency emitted by the sound transducer changes then the shape of the molecular structure surrounding it will change to fit the new standing wave nodes. Now, suppose that the sound transducer is actually an ORMUS di-atom hanging out inside the icosahedral water molecule. The ORMUS is in instant spin-coherent communication with all of the other ORMUS di-atoms hanging out inside other water molecules.


I imagine that it is like a fleet of radio controlled taxis in a city. If the dispatcher called all of them and told the drivers to change lanes they could all change lanes at once. Our thoughts and other resonances trigger the ORMUS radios hanging out in the centers of all of these water molecules and get them to all change molecular structure at the same time.


But, why would ORMUS di-atoms “want” to “hang out” inside these geodesic water molecules? For a possible answer we need to look at some of the observations of my friend Jim.


Jim was working with ORMUS made from metal using a very energetic form of ozone. Here is Jim’s description of this form of ozone from a conversation that I recorded on 1/25/97:


Jim - Ozone Generating Techniques.  The whole thing comes down to the ozone or energized oxygen is only as active as you pump it up.  So if you use a black light to pump it up, the best you can do is take the oxygen, which is already ionized favorably, and convert it to ozone.  That's all the energy you have to pump into it.  That's roughly 105 kilojoules per mole of energy.  If you want to make a pound of ozone that way it will take you 47 kW of electricity to build a pound of ozone with UV light.


Now, corona discharge technologies - the way that there is now some 2400 drinking water plants in the world for cities - uses dry air in order to use the technique to stop nitrogen oxides from being formed.  So you have the energy of drying the air and then the energy of generating the ozone.  That ozone is typically two to six percent in concentration, maximum.  It has ozone up to 147 kilojoules per mole.  It is the recognized disinfectant ozone and that is the type that you can make a label claim of disinfection in the U.S. and other countries.


Now [my ozone generator] hits the next plateau which is at 247 kilojoules per mole, easily.  You can get up to in excess of 30% ozone and the ozone is ten times more active than the one before.  Ten times more active than CD ozone.  CD ozone has a D value.  In these test papers, the EPA rates your disinfectant quality on what is called D value; Death value of bacteria.  They take a known bacteria and inoculate so much pure water with it and how quick can you kill it with a known amount of ozone.  With other ozone generators, the best around, they have a D value of 4-5 minutes.  We have a D value of 40.7 seconds for the same test, to sterilize that water.  That is how much more energy we pump into that oxygen molecule than any other technology.


Barry - Ok, that energy translates into what?


Jim - That energy translates into energy to form a reaction to get it back to regular oxygen.


Barry - Ok, well what's the difference between that ozone and other ozone?


Jim - It is eager to react.  It's unstable.  It's been pumped up to the point . . . It's a balloon that's over inflated and it wants to pop.


Barry - Ok, is it because you've got O4, O5 and O6 or is it because . . .?


Jim - No.  That's a different issue.  This is because it's just ozone.  This is something we can measure today and demonstrate today vs. the other which is difficult at best.


Barry - But what I am asking you is what is the difference between that ozone?  Why is the ozone more energetic?  What's happened in that ozone molecule that is more energetic about it?


Jim - The process that we use . . . We focus the dielectric lenses, a groove with a lens, if you will, on the bottom of it.  The gas goes around and it focuses the electric discharge onto the gas thereby getting a higher energy discharge into the gas so it gets pumped up.  Other ones just allow it to flow through and meander as it will along a tube that's homogenous.  It's straight.  Instead we focus it on a gas track and make it follow.  It's like having a continuing magnifying glass all the way around.  It would be a similar type arrangement.


Barry - Ok, I understand how you get it energized, but what's different about the molecule that's energized?


Jim - Ah, don't know.  We just know that we can react with PCBs and that means that you have to have a sufficient energy to break the benzene ring.  Which takes 187 kilojoules per mole of energy and 147 kilojoules per mole stuff won't touch it.  Which means that we are the only ones that can do that type of toxic waste destruction.


With Jim’s ozone we were able to convert metallic gold into the grey powder that “jumps” away from a moving magnet as seen in the movie at:




While Jim was making ORMUS rhodium, iridium and gold from metal using his special ozone he noticed that this energetic form of ORMUS would often escape from the containers he was working with and show up in other places. He would find ORMUS between the layers in a nearby roll of plastic sheeting or he would find it inside a sealed bottle of aluminum oxide desiccant beads.


Jim and I postulated that ORMUS “likes” to “hide out” in tight places. The inside of an icosahedral water molecule is a very tight place.


We speculate that these “tight places” allow the ORMUS to not move in relation to magnetic fields by providing a bit of shielding; like a molecular Faraday cage.


The Meissner effect is described as a force generated by a superconductor which excludes or repels magnetic fields. If ORMUS is a superconductor at biological temperatures as we believe, then the magnetic repulsion of the Meissner effect would tend to move it into any place where it might find shielding from those magnetic fields. We postulate that the tight spaces in water molecules provide this magnetic shielding to a small extent and that salt water provides a greater amount of shielding.


Once he understood these concepts, Jim started designing magnetic traps to trap ORMUS out of water. These traps would spin the water in a magnetic field while providing a “quiet place” for the ORMUS rich portion of the water to retreat into. You can find several of these magnetic trap designs at:




Thus Jim’s hypothesis that ORMUS is a superconductor that "likes" to "hide out" in "tight places" away from magnetic fields was verified experimentally.


There is also some evidence that increasing ORMUS in the body increases the coherence of the body and mind.


Modern leading edge physicists have postulated that all things are connected. The great physicist David Bohm called this connection the "implicate order". As I mentioned before, I like to call it the "InnerNet" because the Internet provides a great analogy as a global communication system. In the say way as the Internet uses a modem to connect to this global communication system, I am convinced that the InnerNet uses something like a modem to connect to the universal communication system.


It is reasonable to presume that the "modem" for the InnerNet would be a substance (or substances) which have properties of both spirit and matter.


Quantum physics describes substances with such properties. Quantum non-locality and quantum coherence would be equivalent to the theological concepts of omnipresence and omniscience. Josephson tunneling would be the equivalent of teleportation. The Meissner effect and spin field repulsion would be the equivalent of levitation and force field effects.


I believe that the ORMUS elements function as this quantum modem that connects every cell to the InnerNet. Evidence of this has been observed by a group of researchers in Hungary who are working with the antigravity properties of ORMUS. On their web site they describe this:


"During the development phase of the propulsion system it was observed that two separate plasma powered prototypes exhibited identical and simultaneous plasma field discrepancies when operated simultaneously. These simultaneous resonance couplings persisted regardless of the shielding used to separate the two devices, including Faraday cages." See:




Several other ORMUS researchers have measured coherent states in the human body, immediately following the ingestion of ORMUS, which appear to be related to this quantum coherence effect. These EEG measurement experiments are described here:




Here is a description of one of these EEG sessions conducted at the Monroe Institute:


"I attended the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute in June, 2005. Robert Monroe wrote several books about out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and copywrited the process called HemiSynch™ binaural beat technology. He discovered that when two different tones are played in the ears, the brain will literally create a third tone from the difference between the two original tones, and that the brain comes in to full synchronization as a result. This is to say that the left and right hemispheres and frontal lobes produce synchronized rhythms in unison, and that this effect spreads to the midbrain and brainstem as well, such that the entire brain is lit up and harmonized energetically. Two different tones can be produced for combinations, such as “mind awake, body asleep.” Advanced meditators and psychics, healers and out-of-body all could be “recorded” doing their thing, and through reverse engineering a customized whole brain state of synchronization could be produced at will. But this is not a story about The Monroe Institute or out-of-body experiences, except to say that I state without a doubt in my mind, ORMUS enhances and facilitates such experiences.


I recently was “recorded” with a 22 lead EEG while I ingested a 12 ounce glass of my magnetic trap water run through Dave Schneider’s Rare Earth Activator tube. Within minutes of ingestion of a glass of trap water I was in a deep alpha rhythm with spikes of beta. Alpha is associated with deep relaxation and beta with alertness; in Monroe parlance this “mind awake, body asleep” is called Focus 10. Rather than producing such a state in a darkened isolation booth with my eyes closed, I was sitting at the table preparing to get in to the booth, and I was having a conversation about my intention in the session.


We decided to continue with eyes open, sitting at the table. With some concentration, I was recorded in deep delta rhythm in both hemispheres and my frontal lobes producing minute-long spikes of gamma. Delta is the rhythm of deep sleep and meditation, and gamma spikes (even faster than beta) have been observed in individuals who have meditated for forty years, eight hours a day. Such individuals produced twenty or thirty second-long spikes of gamma. I was able to carry on a conversation simultaneously, though I felt somewhat phased out of my physical body as if I was having awareness of both my physical self and my energetic self at the same time. Such rhythms persisted for as long as an hour, with spikes of gamma lasting for as long as three and a half minutes. This has recently been repeated in another individual (39 year old female) with similar results from 12 ounces of trap water run through a rare earth activator tube.


It is my belief that such expanded energy states are transformational. Such expanded states produce out-of-body experiences and great clearings and healings, both for the individual and for those inclined to share it, and finally for the planet, too. I am not sure if the ORMUS improved my experience with HemiSynch™ at Monroe or if the HemiSynch™ improved my ORMUS experience, but I feel truly fortunate to have discovered both."


Though neither of these examples proves that ORMUS is the modem that connects all living things to the InnerNet, they do seem to be evidence that supports this hypothesis.


These concepts also have tremendous implications for our interactions with others and with the Earth’s natural systems. In April of 2000 I completed an article titled ORMUS and Quantum Evolution. This article is available at:


In this article I link concepts from the writings of Mae-Wan Ho, David Bohm, Philip Callahan and Glenda Green into a strategy for changing the paradigms that control our society.