Trap water diary
Part 6 - Sixth and Seventh Month

March 3
1:30 p.m. I have been asked at different times why I started drinking the m-state water and why I endured the pain through the healing crisis and did not just stop. I have told before how I came across m-state, the articles that I found and how one thing led to another. My hubby and I kept thinking, what if everything that we had been reading is really true? What if a better spiritual awareness and understanding could be obtained as well as better health to go along with it? Then as now, m-state held or holds a promise of nothing but better things to those who were or are willing to use it providing one is willing to go through what's called the healing crisis.

It just seemed foolish to us both to not at least try taking m-state to see if it really could help improve everything all the way around!! I kept reading and printing out things that I could find. It was like some kind of driving force from within. It felt right for some reason, like a traffic light turning green giving the ok to proceed. The first thought and concern was of possibly ensuring my hubby's health. The second was possibly finding some answers about some spiritual things. The third thought which we both had was how wonderful it would be if we could actually be together forever and never be parted in any way. My last thought was never being plagued again by the un-diagnosable painful, pesky, unknown rash and sores that I have endured for so many years.

As for why I continued when the different types of pain started and then became so bad. I would never really have known for sure what would have happened if I had of just stopped the whole process. Why be a quitter when one feels that they are right in the middle of something? I needed to know for sure what would happen; would it really fix or make things better? For me, only one way to find out was to keep going and enduring whatever may come. I wanted to know. I wanted results and I wanted them now; no lingering, no messing around. Rome wasn't built in a day, it might have burned in a day but the smoldering probably didn't stop in a day!! <G>

I had a couple of times I felt like just breaking down and crying with uncertainty, some things hurt so bad, but the tears wouldn't come. I would think to myself why did I want to cry anyway, I was doing this to myself, stop thinking and acting like a big baby!!

Then I'd ask myself why did I feel that way and answer myself with, I think I have had enough pain in my life, period!! Then very strong thoughts would come to mind, this may very well be the last time this pain and illness ever happens again, this will be the last of it, stick with it, it will be better!! Always the darkest before the dawn!! Hope kept me going, without hope what is there?

The wanting to be free of what felt so much like a life long nagging illness, the will to endure what ever may happen just seemed to be there. Maybe the will is the wanting? Sometimes my mind would just go around and around in circles, but there always seemed to be an answer or thought that would come, one that would make me feel better and help keep me chugging along. Once I did truly think about not drinking any more m-state water, but I just could not stop drinking it!! It not only tasted and still tastes better then tap water, for me it truly is like a craving; there is just something about it!!

It's going on about six months now since my hubby and I have been drinking the m-state water, we both have improved so much, especially for me. One other thing, I feel that I have gotten at least one answer so far to a spiritual question that satisfies me.


April 26
8:00 p.m.  I had my eyes examined today and they are no worse, which is good.  I feel that they are better due to the fact that I can still see 12 point Arial type without my bifocals at 24 inches from my computer monitor.  So, new frames I need, but new lenses I do not!!

April 28
5:12 p.m.  Since the weather has turned quite a bit nicer, my hubby and I have been busy cleaning up the damage to the trees from winter.  About the time we think we have it under control another storm with high winds knocks down more branches and trees, keeping us busy with having to clean up many deadfalls and leaving less time for my poor lonely microscope.  But I have not completely deserted it; I have been looking at some things off and on and have been saving them.

This past month I finally broke down and put a perm in my long hair, wrapping it with m-state water as I rolled up the perm rods instead of using regular tap water.  My hair takes curl very easy, usually 15 minutes is tops and the perm solution is rinsed out.  BUT, at 8 minutes processing time I really could have rinsed the solution out. I did over-process my hair slightly but not enough to be very damaging; a few hair trims and all will be fine.  The m-state water did make a huge difference in the way the perm took in my hair. I also was surprised to find that my hair was not tangle or knotted as it usually is after a perm--BIG plus!!

Last summer before we knew about m-state, we made a 2-foot high pyramid and kept a glass gallon jug of water under it down in our garage. I have mentioned this before.  About two weeks ago I brought the pyramid up into our living room and placed a glass container of m-state water under it.  After 24 hours of letting it sit there I took the container out, only to realize that I had forgotten to take the aluminum foil off.  My hubby and I both agreed that it probably would not be a good idea to drink the water, so I gave it to a plant.  Later that evening I noticed that the plant didn't look to good, so I flushed it with m-state water before going to bed and the next day when I looked it over it had picked right up again.  I am glad that I decided not to drink it.  <G>

Before going to bed I got out a Rubbermaid pitcher, filled it with m-state water and placed it under the pyramid which was lined up with its flat sides east to west directions.  My hubby and I drank the water for two days, we found that the water was dehydrating--tasted very dry as if you had no water to drink at all, it would not quench our thirst and we felt that we were in constant need of a drink of water.  We would jokingly ask each other if we wanted another glass of mummifying water!  Then I placed tap water under the pyramid while it was in the living room and the water still did not quench our thirst as it did when kept down in the garage like last summer.  This could be due not only to the location of the pyramid, but also the container that the water was in and possibly sitting on cement floor verses a tile floor as well as being around fluorescent lighting.

What I would like to do now is find another glass container instead of using the Rubbermaid pitcher to put under the pyramid and set it in the same spot in the living room and try this again.  Then I would place the pyramid down in the garage back on the cement floor with the water inside as we did last summer and repeat the experiment using m-state trap water as well as doing this again with the tap water.

Another thing that I have been doing is learning about kombucha cultures and the tea that it produces.  When viewed under the microscope I find several helix strands or ribbons, the red, blue, and crystal that I have seen in many of the other things that are shown on the Trap Water Research pages.  I have been accumulating photos and will put the findings together later on, but first I really need to regain control of some things that I am far behind on--we need to get ready for planting this year’s garden, do house repairs, etc, etc.

 I am planning on experimenting with some different types of plants this year, feeding one kombucha, another m-state trap water and another tap water to see how the different plants respond and also with some garden plants to see how it affects taste.

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