Trap water diary
Part 7 - 2002

August, 4, 2002

Last year we spent the summer learning to fly ultra lights, my hubby and I did not drink as much trap water like what we had been. I started drinking even less due to the on going headaches, they were getting so that I could not stand to feel such deep pain that I could not crawl away from any longer. Yet I still drank a little bit once in awhile, but pretty soon that awful pounding in the head would start, I finally gave it up even though I still had what felt like a craving for it. I would use the olive oil trap water mix and still for some reason would get that deep awful pain in my head, so I stopped using it as well.

About three and a half weeks ago my lower back slipped out on me and it was very painful. My hubby who grew up with a chiropractor that was a friend of his family learned how to do simple back adjustments to help his mother's back. And a few years ago we also had a friend that was a retired chiropractor that showed us some simple things to do while sitting in a chair to adjust ones back.

I started using the olive oil trap water mix on my back to help the pain and after several adjustments over the past few weeks of getting my back realigned I began drinking the trap water again. After several days I realized that my head no longer got that aweful deep pain that I could not get away from.

When I first started using the olive oil trap water mix on the large bone at the base of my neck it did improve some but did not continue to get any better. But now with my back realigned the knot has improved even more and the rest of my spine is straight, I can now stand errect. I did not realize just how far out of whack my spine really was and how tight the muscle and tendons were around the surrounding areas.

Before the adjustments, my spine had two curves to it, I was sway backed and one shoulder hunched forward. I did keep at it no matter how painful it was, several times a day doing back exercises and rolling back on the hard floor on a tender back was no picnic or stroll in the park. I feel that I could not have accomplished this as fast in the past 3 1/2 weeks without the aid of the trap water and olive oil trap water mix, with the added plus of - no more head pain!!

Here is the first pic from 10-09-2000....At that time it was painful to touch and hard as a rock.


And here is today's, 8-4-2002 it has a more normal feel, not painful to the touch and has a more normal feel to it.  It did just like what my left shoulder did, I made a move only this time moved my neck, heard & felt quite a bit of crunching and from then on I have more freedom of movement & mobility plus the ability to hold my head & neck straighter.  It dosen't feel as if there is something blocking the area from the inside any more.  After feeling the crunching, I rubbed olive oil trap water mixture on it and within a few minutes I reached back to rub the area again and literally felt the top of the area move back into place.  So I rubbed on more of the olive oil trap water mixture and after about 5 minutes or so I rubbed the area again, and once again only below the knoted area I literally felt something move back into place again and my neck is straighter and free of pain.  I still have some crunching sounds when moving my neck but not as much.


 This should help others to know that things DO get BETTER with the use of trap water / ormus.  More to come later ~:>)

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