Trap water diary
Part 5 - Fifth Month

February 5
8:00 a.m. We are still bouncing out of bed in the mornings and feeling better than ever. It still feels like there are teeth trying to come in where I have none in the back behind all of my teeth on both upper and lower areas. My hubby told me that my hair looks richer in color, I looked in the mirror and don't really see what he is seeing.

Last night we drew two gallons of m-state water with our two-stage sink trap and then poured it back through the second stage trap two more times making what I call 4x m-state water. We ended up with a half a gallon of strong m-state water and then we mixed in 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil with it. The extra virgin olive oil is greener in color, but after we mixed it with the m-state water, the color turned more of a yellow. My hubby shook the jug really hard to mix it up and then I poured some into a clean empty olive oil bottle that has a really nice top on it that allows just a little bit at a time to come out. Something else that we both noticed beside a slight color change is the texture of the olive oil bubbles after shaking became more like what is called mother in vinegar.

We gave each other a good rub down with the m-state olive oil; it was really COOL and refreshing!! The olive oil bottle we found wasn't the thing to use for this as we kept spilling it on the sheets, which didn't make me feel to happy at the time. But the darndest thing happened, when it dried we could not find any residue or oil spotting from where it had been spilled!! The oily m-state water had not only soaked into our skin really well and left no oily or greasy feel on our skin, but it left no trace on the sheets either!! Before, when I had tried to use olive oil alone on my skin, it never really soaked in totally and left my pj's as well as the sheets feeling awful and with a slight odor. This does not happen with the virgin olive oil and m-state water mix.

The first thing that I noticed after our rub down, the m-state did penetrate better, I could REALLY feel a tingling in my jaw and literally inside some of my teeth where I do have some cavities. It also gave a warm tingling sensation in the gum areas where it literally feels as if teeth are trying to come in. My hubby said that he could feel a warm tingling sensation across his back a little ways below his shoulder blades; I had the same thing as well. Even though we slept really well, it seemed as if our minds were active during the night. Can't wait until tonight to do this again, it's really GREAT!!


February 6
8:30 a.m. My hubby and I agree that our skin feels so much better, smoother just after the first use of the m-state water oil mix. This morning I found a couple of spray bottles and fill those with the m-state oil mix so we can have better control of use and wrapped the spray bottles with aluminum foil. I remembered that I have a small jar of collagen elastin cream, so I put that on my face, neck and hands then sprayed on the m-state oil over it and rubbed it in. The cream seemed to absorb more quickly than usual which is really nice and it did not leave my skin feeling greasy as the cream usually does on its own. It usually leaves my skin feeling as if the pores are plugged and I would end up washing it off to get rid of that smothering in plastic feeling. Again though, I could feel the warm tingling feeling in my jaw and teeth.

5:20 p.m. I decided to try a little experimenting with my hair and the m-state oil mix today. First I'd like to say that I sort of accidentally on purpose got the m- state oil mix in my hubby’s hair last night during our rub down. <G> Then I sprayed a little bit on the dry ends of my hair before I went to sleep last night and found that the ends of my hair did not feel oily this morning. I asked him if his hair felt oily, he said no, like he never knew that I had gotten it in his hair. My way of thinking is, it is easier for him to wash his short hair, since it dries fast, than it is to wash, curl and dry my long hair.

So, today I figured what the heck, I sprayed the m-state oil mix all over my hair and found that I could comb my wet hair easier. Then gave it what I call a slop set with some plastic hair clips, thinking that if my whole head of hair turned out oily looking, I sure didn't want to go to a lot of trouble messing with it only to possibly have to turn around and wash it. But, if it came out nice I would at least have some curl and it would look pretty decent.

Three to four hours later my hair was dry. I yanked out the clips and ran a large toothed comb through it, the top looked a little oily, not too bad though. The rest of my hair looked pretty doggone good!! Instead of washing it, I just let it be.


February 7
10:15 a.m. I remembered what my hubby said about my hair looking richer in color a few days ago. This morning I got my little mirror, went out to the sunroom where there is good natural lighting and started looking my hair over, he is right, I can see what he was talking about. My mousy brown hair with its shinny platinum strands is turning to a deep rich brown with auburn strands, the platinum strands that I see the most of on the top front near the forehead are even shiner.

I picked out some of the auburn looking strands and found that the platinum ones are getting some color back, yet the ones near my forehead are still platinum even right down into the scalp making it look as if I frosted or streaked that area of my hair. It's kind of cool looking, but I'd still like to loose those platinum strands to a nice rich brown though.

When I was born and until I was 2 years old, my hair was all platinum and then it started turning brown. In my teens to about 30 years of age, my hair was a golden red brown; it went down hill from there. My hair has never really had this kind of richness to it until now and I just LOVE what is happening to it. THAAAAANK YOU M-STATE!! <BBG>

The top part of my hair that looked a little oily to me from yesterday, does not look that way this morning, nor does my hair feel oily or greasy, even the curl is still good, my brush and comb goes through it nicely, hardly any tangles at all. I think from here on I am going to start spraying the m-state and virgin olive oil mix in my hair each time I wash it.


February 8
9:15 a.m. This morning I noticed that my lips have a much richer pinkish color to them, I thought they were looking as if they had better coloring before, their is even MORE coloring to them now!! I gotta tell ya, this is getting better and better all the time!! The changes are so subtle, but all of a sudden either my hubby or I will notice a change and wonder, when did THAT happen?


February 9
I got to thinking a little more about my hair today and was wondering what could possibly make those little knots in my hair that seem to come out of nowhere, even after brushing it really good. So when I found another one of those knots in my hair I just went ahead and pulled it out, put it between two glass slides and popped it under my Intel Play microscope that I got for Christmas (it is hooked up to my computer). I was really surprised to find a very long blue strand like the ones that I have been seeing in many other things. It was twisted around the hairs that made up the hairball, and it even had a loop around itself and appeared to possibly have started as one of the long clear crystal strands that I find in many other things.

Then I remembered a couple of other larger knots of hair that I had brushed out of my hair a few days before I had put the m-state and virgin olive oil mix in my hair. Those other knots are bigger and more tangled unlike the smaller one after the application of m-state and olive oil mix. Anyway, I put the larger ones under my microscope and sure enough, they also contained very long blue, crystal and red strands as well. It makes me wonder if they come out of the hair that is damaged and they are responsible for hair snarling and tangling?

As I was looking the knots of hair over, my hubby had just washed his hair and comb and was standing by me looking at the knotted up hair under the Intel Play scope also. The he became curious to know what might be in the little piece of knotted up hair that he had in his comb, so we put that under the microscope to view too. Sure enough, he had the same type of long blue strand along with crystal and red strands as mine did. We both noticed how the colors of red and blue are a different shade than the ones that are in mine.

The Intel Play microscope is GREAT but it only goes to 200 power. I really like the time lapse and .avi features, I can also use it in a hand held mode. Moving things under the lense of the scope is wonderful, I don't have to move things the opposite way as with a regular microscope. But as I said, it only goes to 200 power, so my hubby and I went to Toys R Us and purchased a Edu.Science microscope that goes up to about 1,200 power.

The only problem is, we cannot make avi's nor will it take photos like the Intel Play microscope does; so my hubby got very inventive!! This microscope has a detachable image projector that can be slipped into place once the main eyepiece is removed. Once that is in place, he takes the 10 and 7 power close-up lenses that we got for our digital camera and screws them together as well as into the lense of our video camera. Next he connects the video camera to the Snappy Video Capture that is in my computer, which is connected to our television set. When we see something that we would like a photo of, then I can take a Snappy Shot to use up to about 1,200 power.

Then we wanted to get a closer look at one of the platinum strands that are in my hair, so I clipped one off, brought both ends together and used scotch tape to tape it onto another clean glass slide to look at under the more powerful microscope. We both got a real surprise as to what we found within just a few seconds, we found a crystal strand that lay under both sides of the looped hair strand. On the top loop of the hair, it looks as if the crystal strand has 3 maybe 4 finger-like strands sticking into the hair shaft!!

To see how we have our video camera set up and what is in the knots of hair, just click on:


February 11
5:00 p.m. My hubby made a new type of vortex sink trap for us today, that has two strands of polypropylene rope inside of it, which acts as an oil collector and there is no restriction on the output flow. The m-state water is definitely stronger; we see more oil floating on the water in our glasses. When we hold our hands under the stream of water we both feel more oil and the inside of our mouths have a slicker feel when drinking it. Before I could finish my 16 ounce glass I began to feel as if I had more energy, it also made me feel as if I was vibrating slightly all over for about 10 to 15 minutes. I would like to connect this new trap to the second stage of our older sink trap to see if the water will come out any stronger. But first I need to get busy and look at the water from each trap so I can compare them all.

This has been quite a week for seeing things under the microscope. My hubby and I have gotten quite a surprise with what I have always called dried ear wax, the loose skin on my lip and the stuff that accumulates in my navel. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought of these things as having any other color to them besides what I physically see, let alone that they might pulsate on their own!! Yet on second thought, why not? I have seen many bubbles from the containment dishes that I have mixed soda, charcoal and 4x m-state water in, but nothing like the ones that I saw this time!! I am wondering if there is anyone else that could duplicate this? Has anyone else ever seen these things? These things can be seen at:

My curiosity is really growing!!


February 13
12:45 p.m. Time is going by so quickly I can't seem to keep track of the days and time. A few days ago I bought a hormone cream that has the wild yam, vitamin E and aloe in it. I have used this before and it seemed to work pretty well for me, but I had a difficult time trying to use it especially during the summer. It would make my skin feel as if I had plastic wrapped over it as if it was plugging the pores and not letting my skin breathe. But now I put it on and apply the 4x m-state water and virgin olive oil mix over it and rub it in thoroughly. I have not had one single hot flash and my energy level seems to be even better and no more feeling like I have plastic on my skin.

I am still in awe over how the m-state water and olive oil absorbs so well and especially how it helps creams to be absorbed into the skin and helps them to work even better, this really does help me.

5:30 p.m. My hubby says that he feels like a pressure in his ears, like what happens when changing elevation, this lasted for about 30 seconds. Then the nada sound stopped completely and started up again, he said that it was louder than it has ever been in a very long time.

Also, while at the grocery store I found a toothpaste called, Enamelon, it is supposed to deposit a thin layer of enamel on the teeth as you brush. I hope this tooth paste really works, along with brushing I spray the m-state olive oil mix on my teeth and on my gums as well. The areas behind my teeth where it feels like new ones trying to come in is still the same, puffy and the areas get a stinging or burning sensation but nothing bad.


February 14
10:30 p.m. This evening my ears have the same feeling that my hubby said his had the other evening. It felt as if there was pressure in my ears. It seemed to have lasted for about a minute or so and then let up. I really didn't notice when it stopped. The nada sound is really loud and I have been hearing some different sounds like crickets, birds chirping, tinkling sounds and a sound close to what a lot of red winged blackbirds make.


February 15
12:45 a.m. Today we drank the last of the water from our two-stage sink trap and I drew water from our new one and have been drinking it starting today. I feel it is definitely stronger; this is the first time in a long time that the back of my head and forehead ached a little. I feel even more alert and energetic but not hyper. I did hook this new sink trap up to the second stage from the other two stage sink trap, but could not get the second stage one to completely fill so gave up on it for now until my hubby can do something to see if it will work with the newer sink trap.

I never thought I would ever live to see the day where I would have to cut my fingernails back due to their length!! I can't get over how quickly they have grown out and so nicely. They seem to be a lot tougher too; I even used my thumbnail like a screwdriver without breaking it!! While doing dishes I accidentally bent a nail forward over the tip of my finger and it did not break or split as they used to. My nails have also stopped splitting and peeling. What another wonderful improvement!!


February 16
11:25 a.m. Earlier this morning I decided to put on some makeup for a change, I have not worn makeup in a long time. I applied the foundation to my face and then lightly misted the m-state olive oil mix on over it and spread it over my face on top of the foundation. The foundation spread over my face more evenly and made it looked better. Even the mascara, the eye shadow and everything I applied went on smoother. It seemed to add or give a richer looking texture or tone to my face. I wished I had tried this before now. Then I decided to put on some nail polish, even that seemed to go on better.

10:30 p.m. This evening I finally figured out why my head has been aching off and on, I reached back to itch the back of my neck and rubbed down across the large bone at the top of my spine. As soon as I rubbed across it the pain from it shot straight up the back of my head. The area is swollen on one side; it feels hard and inflamed like it has a big knot on it. I can't help but feel that the stronger m-state water is letting me know that it is working more on the dowager's hump. I'm not saying that it hasn't been right along, I just didn't feel it working, but with the stronger water now I really know it's working. I did rub some m-state and olive oil mix on it and it helped to calm it down some.

The make up that I put on today stayed really nice all day long, usually it fades out a little and doesn't look as good. Even the lip pencil I used under my lipstick stayed on longer and nicer.


February 18
8:20 p.m. The m-state water still seems to be working on that big bone on my spine, the area is puffy, sore to the touch and gives me a headache. I’ve found this time sitting helps more than moving around which seems to make the pain worse.


February 20
8:45 p.m.  Late last Sunday night just before going to bed I was rubbing some extra m-state olive oil on my hands.  When the vein across the knuckle of my little finger on my right hand started to burning like mad, it swelled up and turned bruised looking just like when a vein breaks, which is what it looks as if it did.  I'm not really sure why it did this unless the m-state is getting rid of some impurities in that area.  Today I noticed that the knuckle has a scab on it as if I had skinned the area like a rug burn type of thing.  I keep applying the m-state and olive oil mix on it when it starts to hurt, otherwise it's like it isn't even there.  I'm still drinking a gallon of m-state water a day.


February 21
9:30 a.m.  I decided to put some makeup on again today and spray the m-state and olive oil mix over it again as I did before; the makeup really seems to last longer.  As I was applying the lip pencil, I realized that my lips have become slick, this helped the color from the lip pencil to go on smoother.  I have been spraying the m-state olive oil mix on the toothpaste after I put it on my toothbrush and then I brush my teeth.  I feel that it is helping the toothpaste to work better and my teeth seem to be shinier.

6:30 p.m.  I just realized that I have been licking my lips off and on today due to the sweetness from the m-state, it's kind of funny how they have a sweet taste at times and sometimes they don't.  In spite of licking my lips, the lip color that I applied earlier today is still nice looking!!

10:15 p.m.  My cat and even my dog have been licking my hands and fingers more than usual this evening, so I tasted the fingers they hadn't licked only to find that they do have a sweet taste.  And here I thought they were telling me that they love me!!  <G Even after I washed and dried my hands, after a few minutes I taste tested them again and sure enough they do have a sweet taste!!


February 23
3:30 p.m.  The back of my neck and the area at the top of my spine still aches off and on, especially when I apply the m-state olive oil mix, I can really feel it working!!  Somehow and I'm not real sure how to explain it, but the lower part of my back feels as if it is even straighter then before.  I know my back feels stronger in spite of my aching neck, but I feel that eventually this will also stop and the m-state will fix that hump.

7:30 p.m.  Something that I just realized is that both of my little fingers no longer have a curve to them, I never realized they had straightened up until a little while ago as I was filing my nails.  The curve that was in both of my little fingers was due to accidentally getting them shut in the car or truck door so many times as a kid.  Once I even shut my own hand in the door of our car and broke my little finger again!!  Before when I went to close my fingers around something in my hand, my little fingers would bow out sideways, they no longer do that and I don't know when they straightened up!!


February 24
7:30 p.m.  Today I mixed up some lemon ammonia water in a plastic bowl and went around washing the windows, mirrors and my pretty glassware that I have sitting around.  Then I decided to add some to my dishwater when doing the supper dishes tonight.  I just realized that in spite of my hands being in ammonia water most all day, they are not dry and the ammonia did not affect them like they did before I ever heard of m-state or mixing m-state and virgin olive oil.  Even my nails are still holding up good along with the nail polish I had put on a few days ago; this is REALLY GREAT!!

1:30 a.m.  Today it seemed as if I could not get enough m-state water to drink, but after 2 1/2 gallons I think I finally got my fill and began to really feel good.


February 25
9:00 p.m.  Today was a pretty good day and I felt really good when getting up this morning.  But as the day wore on the head and neck pain started coming back again and it also feels as if I've been hit with a board right square between the eyes.  I feel that the m-state is clearing out some blockages, especially since the water is stronger now.  Something that my hubby and I have noticed is that when we drink a glass of m-state water, especially when it is freshly drawn, we get cold.  Then pretty soon, about 5 to 10 minutes later, we feel hot like a prickly heat or more like what is called the niacin flush type of prickling heat that is very similar to having a hot flash.   But this does not last long, just a few seconds and it's gone.

Something that my hubby noticed about me today is that I no longer shake and shiver really hard, nor do my jaw and teeth chatter when going out in the cold weather.  I used to get so cold that the muscles in my back would tighten up into knots and it would be all I could do to walk from the store to the car without his help.  Then it would be several hours before I could get warm enough and to get the muscles to relax, this was a very painful thing when it happened.


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